4 Tips for Dip Nails

4 Tips for Dip Nails

Are you getting started on your dip nail journey? NailBoo is the fastest selling dip kit and below are some tips and tricks to get started. Have fun and join our Facebook NailBoo Fam group to find a community of nail junkies just like you.


Tip 1: Mix the dip powder with the cuticle pusher before dipping to create an even color on nails. We'd even suggest giving your dip jar a gentle shake to make sure the color is ready.


Tip 2: The first layer of base coat should only cover half the nail to prevent cuticles from flooding. Start the polish from the tip of your nail to the middle.


Tip 3: Use a thin layer of base coat. Dip your nail in the white base coat powder quickly without swirling. The base coat is what helps prep the nail for the color powder.

Tip 4: Use a minimal brush strokes when applying top coat. Our super shiny toat coat will give you the finished look you need, but there is no need to gunk it on. A few easy strokes is all it takes.

Check out our #1 dip kit and or stock up on our finely milled powders.

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