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Everything You Need To Know About Acrylic Nail Powder: A Makeup Guide

You’ve heard of the magical manicure trend by now—the one where you dip your nails into acrylic powder, your manicure dries instantly, and it lasts up to six weeks? The acrylic nail powder trend is so simple that it’s hard for people to believe. It actually feels like magic. 

Remember when your nail polishing skills had to be perfect, or your manicure wouldn’t turn out so well? Well, now, all you have to do is dip your nails into acrylic powder, and your manicure comes out salon-quality. 

Don’t believe us? With our expertise at Nailboo, our endless research with acrylic dip powder, and our highly beloved at-home process, we believe in acrylic dip powder more than anyone, and we’re here to tell you why this method completely shifted the manicure market.     

What Is Acrylic Nail Powder?

Acrylic nail powder is the simplest manicure method available. It comes in several vibrant colors, reacts with a base coat polish, and instantly hardens. Without the need for hazardous UV light, acrylic nail powder and our base coat work together to give you the perfect looking manicure. With our at-home Nailboo kits, acrylic nail powder does the work for you—with just one dip, your manicure is done. The process is simple and works in three easy steps, and makes anyone the master of their own manicure:

  1. Coat: Paint nails with a base coat 
  2. Dip:  Place nails into color powder of choice 
  3. Activate: Wait for nails to quickly harden 

Even though the process is quick, the results are long-lasting: acrylic nail powder manicures last up to six weeks without maintenance. Acrylic nail powder also lasts longers than any other manicure method, and they look good up until the sixth week. Acrylic nail powder is highly durable without being too harsh on your nails' natural health, shape, and bend. 

What Are The Benefits of Using Acrylic Nail Powder?

  1. Acrylic nail powder is mess-free and odorless: With an odorless and mess-free experience, dip powder rises above all other methods that use toxic chemicals and smell up an entire room. The fact that the process is quick-drying makes a messy manicure obsolete. With no polish to spill or get on your fingers, there's nothing to clean anymore! 

  2. Acrylic nail powder lasts longer than gel: There’s no question that gel is a strong manicure method. However, they just don’t compare to acrylic powder. By week two, gel starts chipping. The acrylic nail powder method lasts up to six weeks without any tending. 

  3. Acrylic nail powder is affordable and saves you money: If you do your nails at home with our Nailboo nail powder kits, you can save thousands every year. The money you would spend on the salon experience—with tip—isn’t worth it anymore. With a process that comes out looking professional, making you a nail professional, there's no reason to leave the house to spend more if you have the at-home Nailboo kit to do your manicure. 

What Are Some Other Benefits That Save Money And Time?

The removal process with acrylic nail powder is safe and gentle. How long you keep your acrylic dip manicure on will factor into how long the removal process will take, but it’s never longer than ten minutes. What’s great about this removal process is that there are no harsh chemicals involved, and there’s no machinery grinding your nails to remove your manicure. The acrylic nail powder removal process is simple and gentle, done in minutes. 

The acrylic nail powder method requires no previous manicure experience. Acrylic nail powder is so simple to use that there's no professional manicure experience required. Anyone with our at-home kit can finally get a salon-quality manicure from the comfort of their bathroom in three simple steps—the work is done once you dip your nail into the powder. 

Acrylic nail powder requires zero dry time: One of the reasons this manicure method is so popular is that it requires zero dry time. The acrylic nail powder process speeds up a professional manicure by minutes.

The acrylic nail powder method saves you a trip to the salon: With no touch-ups needed and a chance to do your own manicure, the acrylic nail powder method cuts out trips to the salon. With our starter kits and our powders, we’re here to make our at-home nail kit a household necessity. By spending less money on maintenance and less time traveling to and from a nail salon, Nailboo is the most convenient manicure option out there. We’re here to bring the salon to your home with our at-home acrylic nail powder kits. 

These are only a few of the reasons why thousands of individuals are switching from older manicure methods to the acrylic nail powder method. If you need more convincing, you’ve come to the right place. 

Can You Do An Acrylic Nail Powder Manicure At Home?

Acrylic nail powder is simpler to do at home than any other manicure method in the past, and it’s actually better to do at home. Since the process only requires three simple steps, you can get a salon-quality look in minutes without ever leaving your home. 

With this process, there’s no UV light needed: one simple dip does the job! Acrylic powder makes the most of your manicure by keeping the process convenient and quick and giving you the dose of instant manicure satisfaction you’ve always wanted. Applying dip powder at home is the easiest manicure method available, and it’s DIY-friendly. This is the only professional manicure on the market that is entirely achievable to do on your own.

An at-home manicure with Nailboo is not only simple, but it doesn’t stick to your fingers like other polish methods, it’s not as damaging to your nails, it’s affordable, and it takes minutes to finish. At Nailboo, we believe that our at-home nail method makes manicuring personal again. DIY manicures are finally real manicures because anyone can do it with no prior experience needed and get amazing results. 

How Does Acrylic Nail Powder Compare To Normal Acrylic And Gel Manicures?

Gel nails are popular for a reason and have stuck around for a while, but once acrylic powder arrived on the scene, the older methods didn’t make sense anymore. Gel nails require UV light. But many nail salons are straying from this due to the high count of skin problems that arise from UV light exposure. Did you know you’re supposed to apply sunscreen to your hands or wear fingerless gloves when placing your hands anywhere near UV light? After we found this out at Nailboo, we were appalled that no one ever told us UV light was this harmful. 

With acrylic powder, there’s no need to expose yourself to hazardous UV light. Acrylic powder solved a lot of the problems individuals were experiencing in salons with a quick process that anyone can do at home safely. 

The gel manicures are beautiful but tend to be expensive and don’t last as long, making our acrylic powder method a savior once again. 

Acrylic Nail Powder Is The Solution To All Manicure Mishaps

The acrylic powder nail method is a simple-to-master DIY dream that always looks salon-quality. It’s almost too good to be true, except it’s available for you to take home. 

There's no other manicure method that outdoes dip powder because there’s no other manicure process that is this simple and this rewarding. It’s not every day that a manicure solution comes around that changes people's minds forever, but when dip powder was introduced to the world, it started trending and is still trending for a reason. 

It’s as if manicures met magic and had a baby. 



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