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What's the Best At Home Nail Dip Kit?

If you are familiar with nail dip kits, then you probably already know that they are the longest-lasting type of manicure available. This highly durable nail technique is fairly new but incredibly popular, and for a good reason—they are easy to do at home and last for a whopping three to six weeks. 

Dip powders have become so popular recently that there are now several competing products—but which to choose? Dip powders used to be unique to just a couple of brands, but now there are many different brands to choose from. 

Lucky for you, we’ve been part of the dip powder game for a long time, and we are confident that NailBoo stands out as the clear best. We’re not trying to brag, but our popularity speaks for itself. We’ve been featured in Elle and Popsugar, and Style Magazine even called us the best thing to happen to nails—how’s that for a glowing review? We also have thousands of reviews from happy customers. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got to try this dip kit!

What Comes With Our Legendary Dip Kit?

Here at NailBoo, we have taken everything you need for a fabulous at-home manicure and packaged it up in one convenient kit. Our NailBoo Dip Kits have everything you need to get salon-quality nails at home in a matter of minutes. 

Our complete starter kit comes with our three-step liquid kit as well as a cleaner for finishing effects. All kits also come with build powder, colored powder, a brush, a four-way file, a cuticle pusher, and remover clips to help you safely remove your color once you are finished. It’s like a compact nail salon that ships straight to your front door. 

We have three different options for kits, our Starter Kit, Essentials Kit, and Pro Kit. 

  • Starter Kit- This kit is excellent for beginners. It comes with all the accessories you need and your choice of one color powder to get you started. Warning: once you try dip powder, you will keep wanting more and more colors. 
  • Essentials Kit- This kit is for anyone who can’t pick just one color—we get it. There are so many great colors that picking can be difficult. That’s why this kit is our most popular. With this kit, you get all the accessories and your choice of four different colors. With up to 30 sets in each jar, that’s about 120 manicures in one kit!
  • Pro Kit- If you already know you love dip powder manicures, then this is the kit for you. This kit comes with all the necessary accessories and six colors of your choice. With this kit, you can pick a range of colors to go with any outfit or suit any mood. 

No matter which kit you decide to pick, you can kiss the salon goodbye and say hello to amazing at-home results that will last longer, look better, and save you thousands of dollars.  

Dip Powder That Protects Your Nails

One of the main downsides of dip manicures is that they can be a bit harsh on your natural nails. But we changed all that. With all long-lasting nail techniques, there comes the risk of stripping your nail beds, but we thought that you shouldn’t have to give up fabulous manicures to preserve your natural nails. That's why we have created our Build Powder to help you keep your nails healthy

Our Build Powder is an essential step in our nail dip process. It works as a barrier to protect and even strengthen your natural nails. We created this unique product so that you can have the gorgeous, long-lasting results of a dip manicure without compromising your nail beds. After all, nothing beats the boost you get from having a fresh set of shiny new nails. 

An Easier Removal Process

It is essential that you remove your dip manicure properly to avoid any nail bed damage. That’s what our removal clips are for—to make your life easier. If you have ever removed a dip manicure without removal clips, then you surely know the struggle and mess of wrapping acetone-soaked cotton around your fingertips with tin foil. 

Our removal clips leave this messy DIY trick in the past where it belongs. These handy tools simply clip around your fingers to hold the cotton round in place while you kick back and relax—mess-free! The clips are durable and reusable for a safe removal process every time. 

If you're not sure how to safely remove your dip powder polish, then check out our helpful video guide for step-by-step instructions. We’ll walk you through everything from buffing down your polish to applying the acetone-soaked cotton rounds and our handy removal clips. 

Lots Of Colors To Choose From

Nailboo has a wide selection of colors to choose from. You are sure to find all your go-to colors and maybe even some new favorites. Go bold with Lucky Lime, keep it classy with Espresso Elegance, or get your glitter party on with Galaxy Glam. All of our colors are rich and shiny. No matter what color you choose, you simply can’t go wrong. 

With over 50 colors to choose from, the hardest choice you’ll have to make is which to choose. Sooner than later, you’ll probably be just as obsessed with dip powder as us, and you’ll have to collect them all. Good thing these manicures are easy to do at homethat way, you can change your color as often as you want. 

Nail Tips

Want to add some length to your nails without trekking to the salon for an expensive acrylic makeover? Try our Pro-Touch Nail Tips. These synthetic nail tips are made of a professional-grade, high-quality material that will last you weeks. 

They also come in all your favorite shapes: Ballerina, French, and Oval. If you want to customize your shape, simply file down these sturdy tips to the shape of your choice. 

These tips come in a large quantity with multiple sizes, so you can easily find the perfect size for you. 

Simply glue these tips on with some nail glue and apply your dip manicure as usual. Don’t waste any more money on expensive acrylic sets at the salon. Give yourself a fresh, salon-quality set from the comfort of your home. 

Gorgeous Nails For The Whole World

NailBoo is now shipping all over the world. No matter where you live, we want to help you get the at-home manicure of your dreams. With quick and reliable shipping, you’ll be on your way to a fresh set of nails in no time. We will package your order with care to ensure that your nail kit makes it to you in tip-top shape. 

Get the Nails You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Here at NailBoo, we are proud to be the premier option for dip powder kits. Since we’re all spending so much time at home during the pandemic, it has become more important than ever to take some time and space to pamper yourself once in a while. If you love a fresh set of nails, you know that there is no better feeling than the boost you get from a new set of shiny nails. 

We take great care in creating our products so that you can look and feel your best without breaking the bank. Having a sleek new manicure shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That's why we have taken the long-lasting dip powder manicure and made it easy and affordable. 

We’re on a mission to give everyone gorgeous salon-quality results right at home. With our starter kits, you’ll get everything you need to get started saving money on your nails without sacrificing quality. Choose from any one of our vibrant color powders for a stunning at-home manicure or pedicure. 

To learn more about how to use our products, check out our tutorial page for helpful videos. We’ll even show you how to create creative designs like these elegant marbled nails; it’s easier than you might think. With dip powder, the possibilities of expressing yourself are endless. 

Get ready to have a gorgeous set of nails year-round. No more hiding your nails until you can make time for a trip to the salon. You can get a fresh set of nails any time with the ease of applying dip powders at home. Take control of your nail routine and get ready for endless sets of gorgeous nails. 

Dip powder manicures are affordable, fun, long-lasting, and will have you looking like a million bucks while saving you money. Trust us. Once you start, you’ll never want to go back to the salon. Nailboo is the best when it comes to nail dip kits. We can’t wait for you to try it!



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