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Best Nails That Don't Chip

Is it even possible to have nails that don’t chip? So far, we’ve kept our gel or acrylic nice for two weeks, but by the second week, we always head back to the salon for touch-ups or an entirely new manicure. Since we got our first-ever manicures, we’ve known that those dreaded chips will come. Either our nails will crack, the corner will split, or the polish will fade or won’t hold up. 

What if we told you that our at-home manicure method is the solution for no-chip nails? What if we told you that your nails would look good from week one to week six without any  touch-ups or trips to the salon? 

If you haven’t heard about the dip powder process, welcome. This process is entirely chip-free for up to six weeks, and it takes about ten minutes to complete. Without the hassle of dry time or a messy clean-up, our at-home Nailboo dip powder manicure kit is the answer to your manicure dreams. 

We really mean it when we say that Nailboo dip powder is the simplest manicure method on the market, with no ‘catches’ and no extra costs. It’s the magic manicure you’ve always wanted. 

Why Won’t Dip Powder Nails Chip Like Gel And Acrylic?

Gel and acrylic are undeniably durable manicure methods. But guess what? They are too hard and don’t work with the movement of your natural nail. The problem is that gel starts to crack because it’s not flexible and stuck and hardens in one position on your nail. With acrylic, the fake nail starts to ruin your natural nail and needs constant touch-ups. 

Dip powder doesn’t chip because it dries with your nail and has flexibility that allows for your nail to breathe. The liquid essentials used throughout our dip powder process also helps keep them from cracking or splitting. Our process also dries naturally with an activating reaction, rather than being force dried by UV light.

UV light dries out nails and makes your nails more prone to crack. Since dip powder dries instantly on its own, there's no excess drying needed that harms nails and skin.  

Here’s a quick comparison of dip powder, gel, and acrylic:

The Pros and Cons of Dip Nails


  • Takes three steps
  • Vibrant color choices
  • Ten-minute total process
  • No UV lights


  • It’s hard to even think of any!

The Pros and Cons of Gel Nails


  • Quicker process than acrylic nails
  • Doesn’t use harsh chemicals


  • Requires UV light which is hazardous
  • Harmful removal process
  • It lasts only two weeks

The Pros and Cons of Acrylic Nails


  • It lasts up to six weeks
  • Less expensive than gel nails


  • Harsh application process with toxic chemicals
  • Not healthy for natural nails
  • Needs biweekly tending 

The Durability Of Dip Powder Nails

Without any maintenance, dip powder allows the nails to grow naturally, stays on for over a month, and is a manicure that’s done in minutes. Dip powder nails work with your natural nail, not against it. 

Now that dip powder is around, there is no other manicure method that is worth our attention. With our dip powder kits, the cost is lower, the process is faster, and you don’t have to leave your home. 

Don’t waste any more time waiting for your nails to chip or dry. Use our Nailboo DIY kits that make the process simple and durable, with no wait. Our kits make a salon-quality manicure finally affordable for everyone by letting you take control. 

Here are more benefits of dip powder nails that we still can’t get over: 

  • It features a simple and quick application that lasts less than ten minutes. You just coat your nails in the base coat and dip your nails in color powder. Then, wait seconds for activation and brush off excess powder.
  • You don’t have to be a nail professional or even good at doing nails to be successful at dip powder.
  • No nail chips, scratches, or scrapes for up to six weeks.

More Benefits Of Dip Powder Nails

  • No harsh UV light required for drying
  • Our Nailboo base coat and powder instantly react and activate into a smooth finish without any UV light. Did you know you should avoid UV light at all costs? Did you know that UV light causes skin complications? 

    UV light is so strong that you’re actually supposed to wear sunscreen on your hands when exposed to it. When you expose your skin to UV light, you face potential risks like premature aging and exposure to UVA radiation which is also harmful to your skin. Basically, if you don’t have to expose yourself to UV, don’t. 

  • It’s odor-free
  • Odor-free is vital. Why? For example, nail glues for acrylics, polishes, and harsh emollients are some of the reasons why nail salon employees wear masks with these more toxic methods. Have you ever thought of a manicure and not associated it with a harsh smell or a mess you have to clean up? Imagine a manicure without an odor and a mess. It’s worth the switch to dip powder simply for those factors.

  • No mess
  • The ‘messy manicure’ you’re used to from your childhood doesn’t exist with the dip powder process. No polish, no mess.

    What Is Dip Powder Anyway?

    Dip powder is a powder that reacts with our Nailboo base coat polish and immediately hardens. Our process has less harsh chemicals and doesn’t ruin your nail because it’s in a powder form that dries with a spontaneous reaction. 

    Dip powder manicures last up to six weeks without maintenance, compliment everyone's natural nail shape, and are highly durable without harming your nail bed or the skin around your nail. As though that wasn’t enough, here are a few more benefits:

    1. DIY friendly while still looking professional
    2. Affordable and save you money
    3. Vibrant and great for design 
    4. No more trips to the salon
    5. Save you time and money

    Dip powder nails require no prior manicure expertise, save money and time, and don’t chip. The process takes these three steps:

    1. Coat: Paint nails with a base coat 
    2. Dip:  Place nails into color powder of choice 
    3. Activate: Wait for nails to quickly harden  

    Dip powder nails also provide instant satisfaction and are the most convenient manicure on the market. Our Nailboo dip powder kits make for the fastest, safest, and easiest manicure method. Our DIY process gives a chance for everyone to give themselves a salon-quality manicure that is completely customizable. 

    You’re probably wondering, ‘What’s the catch?’ But there is none. What you have ‘caught’ is dip powder fever. Welcome to the club.  

    Dip Powder Resists Chips

    Dip powder is also the smartest manicure on the market. Why? The dip powder process adds an extra protective layer during application which allows for nails to grow naturally underneath, no breakage to occur, and gives you a whole lot of time for your manicure to look amazing. 

    Without the worry of messing up or having chipped nails in two weeks, the nail community is switching from visits to the salon to DIYing their nails at home. Since Nailboo works great every time, it’s easy to see why individuals would take control of their manicures and switch to dip powder.  

    With our Nailboo kits, the experience of a dip powder manicure is comfortable at home and empowering. Our method gives you a chance to pamper yourself with a quick manicure or relax and take as much time as you need. Since the drying process is not a factor, there’s no time constraint or limit. 

    We promise you that dip powder is the manicure method that requires zero expertise and results in a professional manicure. Except, there are no chips this time, and visits to the salon are obsolete.

    Dip powder nails by Nailboo are the best chance you have to get an at-home manicure that will last you up to six weeks with no chips and no pressure. The durability of this process is more modern than any other manicure method, to the point where it out-dates them. No chips means no more manicure worries. 

    Nail chips have finally met their match.   



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