12 Cute Nail Ideas for 2022

12 Cute Nail Ideas for 2022

Nail art has been used as a form of self-expression and creativity for millennia. Each new year and new fashion movement brings with it opportunities for unique nail designs and exciting trends in nail décor, and 2022 is sure to deliver on beautiful looks we’ve never seen before. 

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Cute Nail Ideas for 2022 

There are many great ways to create a new and inspired nail design, whether you’re drawing inspiration from previous eras of fashion or painting on a look all your own. You can embrace different nail styles, like dip, gels, acrylics, and Shellac, or try out a totally unique shape, from the squoval nail to the coffin nail. And, of course, you can’t forget about color. These are some of the nail looks we can’t wait to see in 2022. 

1. New Year’s Eve Nails 

What better way to start the new year off than with new nails? New Year’s Eve is one of the most fun and exciting holidays for nail designs, and there are endless opportunities and styles to pick from. You can create cascading gold and silver ombre manicures, draw on celebratory fireworks, or try out cute patterns like polka dots in all your favorite party colors.

Don’t forget about decals and illustrations. Write the new year across your manicure or draw on a vintage clock design to really get into the spirit. 

2. Waves 

1970s styles are coming back into fashion, and it’s not hard to see why. The beautiful, organic waves inspired by 1970s colors are a guaranteed hit with every manicure. Mix and match your favorite color palettes and spread the look across your entire set for a 2022 nail style that’s really in motion. 

3. Iridescent Nails

One new look that’s guaranteed to stand out in the new year is the iridescent nail. These incredible styles will make your set look like the inside of a fresh seashell at the beach. They combine light whites, silvers, blues, and purples for a nature-inspired design that will look elegant and truly unique. 

4. ‘90s Color Block

Another era we just can’t get enough of is the 1990s. Embrace the best of 1990s designs with color block patterns and bright shapes. What’s not to love about the pattern of your favorite vintage movie theater, right? You can elevate the look with a modern twist in the form of complimenting colors, organic shapes, and even a touch of animal print. 

5. Eggshell Speckle

2022 is all about nature-inspired nails, and you can’t go wrong with a beautiful eggshell speckle design. Begin by applying your favorite shade of light blue, grey, or green, and then flick the tip of your brush over the dried paint in shades of browns and blacks to create a speckle pattern. This look embraces all the best of cottagecore vibes while still coming across as chic and elevated. 

6. Modern French Tips 

The French tip is a classic for a reason, but 2022 French tip manicures have a whole new look. We’re all about the organic shapes this season, which is why modern French manicures are ditching the straight lines and neutral colors for bright and bold squiggles and splotches. Add a touch of Picasso to your French tip. 

7. Micro Designs 

Sometimes less really is more, which is why we’re digging new micro designs for the new year. Apply your favorite light pastel or a neutral tone, and then carefully add micro designs to the base, tips, and corners of your nails. Decals and stamps will help you get the perfect stars, hearts, or flowers every time. 

8. Royal Colors 

When it comes to color combinations, nothing stands out like purple and gold. This year, we’re all about treating ourselves like the queens we are. That’s why royal color palettes are a guaranteed hit. Mix and match dark blues, violets, and golds to create a truly royal look, and add a touch of gold leaf foil for a finished product worth crowning. 

9. Galaxy Nails 

Blues are definitely in style—and out of this world. Another way to bring your favorite blues and purples to life on your new manicure is with a celestial style inspired by the galaxy. Mix your favorite silvers, blues, purples, and blacks, and give the final product a white or grey speckle. This look is almost as inspired as the real thing. 

10. Botanical Nails 

Florals will always be in style, but this year we’re loving botanical garden-inspired floral designs straight from the mind of Beatrix Potter. Modern botanical nails are all about the thin lines and exquisite details, and the colors are soft and organic. You can even find beautiful decals that look just like the real thing.  

11. Bees and Honey 

Where there are flowers, there are bees, of course. One of our favorite new styles is the bee and honey set, which combines the textures of honeycomb, the patterns of bees, and the colors of springtime to tell a unique story. One way to really take this look to the next level is to apply a dripping design in yellow or gold, to represent all the honey made in the garden. 

12. Combination Textures 

If you’re really looking to make a bold statement with your new year manicure, consider combining textures. You can mix and match your favorites like matte, glitter, gloss, and more. The contrast in textures and designs will make your manicure stand out, and that’s even before you pick colors and patterns. 


A new year means new nails and 2022 is guaranteed to deliver. You’ll find exciting styles inspired by decades past, looks perfect for nature lovers, like eggshells, seashells, and bee-friendly gardens, and new takes on the old classics, like modern French tips without the straight lines. Mix and match designs and styles to create a look that really represents you in the new year. 

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