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Beautiful Dip Nail Designs You’ll Love

These dip designs are simple and exciting to achieve. With endless colors to play with and the ability to master designs in minutes, you’ll love your manicure moments even more after you try each look.  

Dip powder nails are a simple process that brings beauty back into a manicure. With our dip powder kits at Nailboo, everyone now has a chance to take their manicures to a magical level at home. 

With our vibrant DIY dip nail powder, our community is celebrating creativity, self-care, and pampering every time we dip our nails into a new and inspiring color. 

Dip nail powder from our Nailboo collection is fast and affordable. While still delivering salon-quality results, you and your friends have a chance to try an endless amount of designs with dip powder. The Nailboo dip powder process opens the door for designs that are elegant, stylish, fun, and flirty. Below are simple and beautiful dip nail designs you’ll love. 

Ombre, Gradient, And Glitter Dip

Ombre Nails

Achieving an ombre dip nail with Nailboo is simple and comes out smooth and shiny every time. If you’re looking for a summer vibe, try to first dip your nail into our Ocean Glitz powder and then sprinkle on our Blues Clues color. This color combination perfectly captures the feel and look of an ocean wave. 

Gradient Nails 

Pick five different colors—one for each finger—and gradually move darker or lighter from thumb to pinky nail. For this look, our Here’s A Tip, Sweater Weather, Stormy Daze, Hollywood Hills, and Dark Dreams are the perfect five for a moody gradient look. 

Another gradient suggestion includes these dip color powders: Barely Blue, Blues Clues, Baby Blues, Boo Blue, and Ocean Blue (in that order.) These color dip options give a gradient look that reminds us of a refreshing pool or a beautiful blue sky on a summer's day.  

Glitter Dip Nails

This look is an exciting, bold statement that we’re all on board for! First, you pick a color for a base dip layer. Then, you accent it with a dip glitter color on top. We suggest Tuscan Tea with a light dip or dusting of our Solar Shimmer glitter powder. 

This look can also be a fun opportunity to contrast powders! Pairing our Modern Mint with our Soda Glam glitter option is a great combination for summer vibes and an epic day party.  

Glitter Accent, French Gradient, And Matte Dip

Glitter Accents

With the Feeling Extra and Cotton Candy dip powders, this design is totally achievable. All it takes is a solid first dip and then a nail of choice for an accent glitter. This look is simple and cute for color matching to outfits or party themes.  

French Gradient

Elegance and sheer grace are the best words to describe our Nailboo French gradient design. This design is a creative way to turn the classic french manicure into a modern french manicure. 

First, take all whites and pinks usually found in a French manicure and then apply them separately across all nails. There is more than one way to do the French gradient design because the order can be unique, but what matters here are the color choices. We suggest keeping it light with pale pinks and whites, like our Bikini Blush and Pale Pink dip powders.   

Matte Dip

You can achieve multiple finishes with dip nails, depending on what sealant you use, but one of the most exciting options is the matte look. Our favorite colors to see in matte from our powder dip collection are Lucky Lime, Violet Vanity, and Thunderstanding.  

Sparkle Dusting, Raindrop Dew, And Sparkle Tip

Sparkle Dusting

The simplest powder dip designs call for a light dusting. This process is beautiful for a holiday party, a hint of sass, or a magical manicure moment. 

If you want to highlight a specific nail, dust it with a chosen sparkle color. If you’re looking to dust just the tips of your nails or the beds of your nails, find a color that works with your base and lightning dust the tips or the beds. Two sparkle dusting combinations that work for us are Modern Mint dusted with Superstar Shine and Pale Pink dusted with Galaxy Glam. 

Raindrop Dew

This design is so creative and achievable—it looks more complicated than it is. All you have to do is dip your nails in a base layer—we suggest Ocean Glitz or Boo Blue—and then take a bit of top coat and drip it onto your nails. The effect will result in a raindrop look that is super cute for a themed party, a Halloween costume, or a bold choice for the day! 

Sparkle Tip

To achieve a precise sparkle tip look, first, dip your nails into the powder color you want as a base, then dip the tips of your nails into a second dip color. Lastly, re-dip your nails into a sparkle color powder, and you’ll have the cutest sparkle tip dip nails around. Sometimes nail tape helps in this process for precise tip dipping.  

Marbling And Vertical Dip


This process is slightly advanced, but it’s still an at-home look that anyone can do! First, apply the base coat and build powder—make sure to brush off excess build powder. Then scoop build powder into a plastic spoon and mix in our Dark Dreams color powder. The mixing here is important—you want to make sure that you don’t fully mix the powder, but only brush it around so that it creates a marble effect and doesn’t turn the base powder into a grey color.

After mixing, apply another layer of base coat onto your nail and quickly press it into the marble powder mixture. Make sure to brush off nails and add two layers of top coat with a five-minute interval in between. Voila! Marble dip design nails. 

Vertical Dip

One of the most popular processes with dip nails is the vertical dip. First, choose two colors for this design—we suggest Lemonade and Match. 

With these bright colors, all you’re going to do is grab some nail tape, place it on the spot where you want your colors to meet, and apply base coat to the first side of the vertical split. Then apply your base coat to the other side of the split and dip it into your second color. Always apply a top coat, and you’re good to go! 

Negative Space And Diamond Tip

Negative Space

Dipping into color powder makes it simple to create sharp lines, which is why the negative space process is a no-brainer. You can use nail tape for guidance and apply base coat to one half of the nail and not the other, and then dip. Or you can simply apply a base coat to half of your nail and dip. The tape might help keep the lines more precise, but it’s definitely possible without nail tape. 

Diamond Tip Nails

This design also calls for creating sharp lines. Nail tape is not needed here, but it helps a lot! 

First, choose and dip a base powder color. We recommend Purple Prestige. Then, use the tape to create a pointed shape heading towards the tip of the nail. Then, side dip the nails in a color that compliments your bottom dip. In this case, Purple Prestige pairs great with Barely Blue. This design can also be achieved with no bottom dip color and only an accented diamond tip color. 


Dip Designs Are Simple And Fun To Do At Home

A couple more design options that are worth noting are the vertical dip nails with sparkles, the broken glass look, and the picture design. All three options are more advanced processes but achievable with practice and patience. 

Every design mentioned above is stunning, fun, and made for the dip powder process. It’s simple to create your own designs with our dip powders from Nailboo, and it’s especially exciting to change up colors with every new design. 

Welcome to the club of dip design, where the process is simple, and the result is sleek. Dip powder designs are easier than other manicure methods to master, and they never require a long clean-up. With new powders dropping all the time, our collection at Nailboo keeps growing, making the design possibilities and color combinations endless.  

Instead of traveling to a salon and paying extra for a crazy design, finally master nail design on your own. If we can do it, so can you. It’s time to get creative and explore all DIY dip options with Nailboo.



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