Can You Do Designs With Dip Nails?

Can You Do Designs With Dip Nails?

When it comes to achieving long-lasting, high-quality, and personal manicures that really show off your favorite style, there’s nothing quite like dip nails. Dip nails are easy to apply at home and will give you salon-quality styles without the salon quality cost. You can even remove them yourself with a few simple tools, which makes them more accessible and easy to use than alternative nail options like gels and acrylics. 

You might be wondering if you can still enjoy all your favorite styles and designs with nail dip kits. Here at Nailboo, we’re happy to share that it’s easy to apply decals, tips, and many more unique and beautiful designs when you try out our nail dip kits and manicure supplies. Here’s a look at the best ways to get unique nail designs when you dip. 

What Is a Nail Dip Manicure? 

You have many different options to pick from when it comes to your next manicure, like gels, acrylics, Shellac nails, and more. If you’re looking for all the benefits of those nail styles with a method you can try out at home, then nail dip kits are a great choice for you. 

You’ll apply a base coat, dip your nail into the color powder of your choosing, and then apply an activator. They’re fun, festive, and they work for every shape and style of nail, from short nails to long. 

Nail Dip Designs

There are many benefits to trying out dip nail manicures, like a long-lasting look, shiny, chic styles, and plenty of opportunity for creative expression. Here are just a few of our favorite designs that can be added to nail dip manicures with ease. 


If you love the classic French tip or you like mixing up timeless styles with looks of your own, then consider adding a cute tip to your manicure. Try out neutral French tip manicures, or apply tips in pastels, neons, or an ombre of colors for a bold take on a beloved favorite. These looks are easy to achieve, even if it’s your very first time trying out a dip kit, and they’re sure to make your manicure the talk of the party. 


Here at Nailboo, we love a glitter nail look—and it’s easy to achieve with dip nail manicures. You can apply a full glitter set, use a glitter nail as an accent, or even try out glitter tips. With so many colors and shades of glitter powder to pick from, you’re sure to find a style and palette you really love. Mix and match cool glitter powders for your next dip manicure. 


It’s easy to apply an ombre or gradient look with classic polish, but dip kit manicures deliver on all the best in ombre styles as well. It takes a little patience to apply the cascading shades of all your favorite colors, but the end result is always worth the wait. 

Go for bold and dramatic designs in jewel tones or embrace the spring season with light and airy pastels. However you tackle your ombre dip polish manicure, it’s sure to look unique, lovely, and creative. 


What’s not to love about a little extra bling on your favorite nail styles? Decals like gems are a great addition to any manicure, and you can really make that extra little shine work for your personal style. They’re easy to apply to nail dip polish manicures after the powder has set, and they’re sure to elevate any look to something truly unique and stand out. 


If you just can’t get enough of the glittery shine, consider adding some foil accents to your nail dip manicure. They can be more subtle than glitter polish but still provide a really bold and creative nail look. 

If you want a style that can serve you at work or out on the town, then gold or silver foil is the perfect fit. Mix and match your favorite foil colors with the best dip powder shades for your wardrobe or next big event. 

Nail Base Design 

We’re accustomed to decorating and styling the tip of the nail, but you can have an effective and unique final look when you style the base of the nail, as well. When applying your dip powder, you simply want to make sure it’s isolated to the base of the nail, which means the process is relatively easy, even if you’ve never tried out dip polish nails before. 

You have lots of great options to pick from when it comes to base designs. Try out unique colors, cascading effects, a touch of glitter, or any other unique new nail style you can think of. 

Geometric Lines

It’s easy to get geometric lines and shapes with your dip polish in all your favorite colors. Geometric patterns can be applied freehand or with the use of manicure tape or other tools, and the final look is always very dramatic and unique. 

Pick out a fun palette of complementary colors or go for a bold contrast that can’t be missed. You can also mix and match your favorite geometric pattern with a unique tip style by creating a pointed or stylized tip design that adds a whole new spin to the classics. 

Designs and Drawings 

Of course, you can always add unique designs and drawings to your next manicure, the same way you would with acrylic or gel nails. Before you apply your final topcoat, add your decals or designs by hand or with gels. Stamps and frames will help you to achieve clean and polished looks from the very first time, and the opportunities are endless. 

We love a cute and stylish look for the different holidays, floral designs for spring and summer, or celestial and witchy vibes for when the fall chill is in the air. No matter what designs and styles you love best, you’re sure to find a great way to express your personal look with your next nail dip manicure. 

Make sure you seal the final pieces into place so your manicure is as long-lasting and high-quality as possible, and so you can continue to show off your favorite nail designs for a long time to come. 



For more information on the many nail dip designs you can begin trying out today, and to find the best tools for the job, turn to the team here at Nailboo. We’re dedicated to providing nail artists with the resources and guides they need to begin achieving their favorite looks right at home, whether you love glitter manicures, ombre styles, gems, decals, or stamps. 

When it comes to your next nail dip manicure, you don’t have to sacrifice when it comes to a long-lasting, low-impact style. There are many great ways to embrace your favorite nail designs with a dip polish kit, and Nailboo is making it easy from the very first step. 

Explore our wide catalog of color options and tools and check out our library of guides and manicure ideas to get started. Don’t forget to share your favorite looks!

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