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Dip Nail Ideas: Get That Perfect Design For Your Nails

What type of nail designs are you looking for? An ombre sunset look or a flower print? How about a modern French manicure? Well, nail designs just got a whole lot simpler with dip powder. At Nailboo, we encourage our community to get creative with their nail designs by using our Nailboo kits and experimenting with our endless color dip powders. 

For some people in our community, our earth-tone hues are perfect for their subtle design work. Other people that use our Nailboo powders love to dip into our bright reds, pinks, and sparkles for a statement manicure. 

With our at-home dip powder kits, there's no holding back on the type of designs you can create. From a marble look to a sparkling dusting to a cloud design, there are so many exciting DIY options. At Nailboo, we love to celebrate self-care, creativity, and beauty, and with the perfect design, it’s easy to fall in love with at-home manicures.   

All of the designs we listed below are simple to achieve and fun to do more than once with different colors. 

For the perfect design for your nails, make sure to choose colors that keep you excited, confident, and ready for wherever the day takes you. You can take our suggestions or test and experiment to find what suits your personality, special occasion, or day-to-day—it’s all about what makes you feel good.

Nail Designs That Fall In Line

First up is the Modern Line design, which is simple and fun to try at home. All you have to do is choose two to five dip colors and have nail tape handy. For this process, we started with a dark base dip (so that the lines popped) and grabbed three bright colors for the lines. 

We started with our Dark Dreams dip powder and then taped up our nails to create boundaries for our lines. Where and how you want your lines is completely up to you! You can cross them, keep the lines straight or have one simple line down the middle. 

After dipping into the Dark Dreams color powder and applying the nail tape, it’s time to add your color lines. Depending on the number of line colors you want, you’re going to want to add a base coat along one or all of the lines. If you’re adding the activator coat over one line, you’ll dip it into your first color, then brush off your access powder. The powder along the line will immediately harden to the base coat, and your first line will be done. 

If you have a different color selected for your other lines, you’ll simply move along the next line with your base coat and dip into a new color. You’ll continue this process for the number of lines you have, and by the end, you’ll have a Modern Line design!

Simple Designs For A Cute And Elegant Look

These designs only require two colors to achieve the full look, but you’re always welcome to get creative with it and add more. 

Cloud Nails

The Cloud Nail design is simple, quick, and doesn’t require nail tape. All you have to do is decide on your sky color and cloud color. We suggest our Ocean Glitz hue for the sky and our Blues Clues or Barely Blue for the clouds. 

Once you decide, you’ll dip first for your sky color and then sprinkle your cloud color. The powder sprinkle from the cloud layer will stick to the base coat applied on top of the sky dip and look like a beautiful blue and white skyscape.  

Gold and Silver Ombre Nails

For our gold and silver ombre design, use our Superstar Shine and Nail-Stalgic color powders to achieve the best ombre fade. 

Begin with this look by fully dipping your nails into the Superstar Shine color powder and then lightly dipping the tips of your nails into the Nail-Stalgic color. After the tips are dipped, you’re going to lightly dust the middle of your nail with the same Nail-Stalgic color to give the ombre fade a more gradual and natural feel.

Designs With A Pop Of Color

Tie-dye nail designs with dip powder are a dream. The tie-dye design is more simple to achieve with powder than with gel or acrylic manicures because powder is simple to sprinkle on and manipulate. 

For this look, grab four to six dip powders that you love. These dip powders can be colors of the same tone, like all cool blues or all fiery reds, or you can do a bit of every color in the rainbow. 

Tie-dye nails are simple to do but take a little longer than other designs. When we did our own tie-dye design, we used Feeling Extra, Date Night, Sunset Star, Princess Pink, and Power Plum. 

We decided to stick to pinks and reds for our tie-dye design, and the results were beautiful. We started with a base coat and then dipped into Pale Pink as a background color. Then we added sprinkles of each color to different spots on our nails, creating a tie-dye effect. On some nails, we included all of the five colors, and on others, we chose to do three to four colors.   

Another amazing design that includes a pop of color is an elegant and sophisticated gold flake look. Start by dipping your nails into a light color. We suggest Nude Attitude, Pale Pink, or Tuscan Sea. After your first dip, sprinkle our Nail-Stalgic and Solar Shimmer in a few areas on one accent nail, and you’ll have a gold flake and shimmer look!  

Designs That Are Out Of This World

Galaxy nails and crystal nails are more dynamic and edgy designs that require more imagination. We found that Galaxy nails take the longest, but they are still simple to do:

Galaxy Nails

  1. You want to start by dipping three of your nails into a dark-colored powder and two of your nails into a dark purple or blue color powder. We suggest trying our Dark Dreams powder and our Ocean Blue or Purple Prestige powder. 
  2. Apply the purple powder to two nails that are next to each other. 
  3. Then lightly apply a base coat on a small area of one nail and lightly sprinkle it with Superstar Shine, Lilac Attack, and Sunset Star.
  4. Repeat this for all nails, but switch the colors chosen and the area of each nail that is powdered.
  5. Add Day Glam sparkle for a star/milky way effect.

Crystal Nails

Cave Gem Nails are a shorter process and only require two colors to complete:

  1. Start by dip the nails into a dark color. We suggest our Nailboo dip powder color, Dark Dreams.
  2. Lightly drip a small amount of base coat onto tinfoil.
  3. Grab a small pointed tool. It can be the accessory tool from our Nailboo kit, but it can also be a nail design tool if you already have one at home. Dip the tool into the base coat on the tinfoil.
  4. Lightly transfer three to six small drops of base coat from your pointed nail tool to your nail. 
  5. Repeat this basecoat transfer for each nail.
  6. Pick a color for your cave gem (we suggest a vibrant color like Lucky Lime or Mint Kiss) and dip into this powder for every nail.
  7. Transfer a drop of base coat onto the gems again and add some sparkles to capture the gem essence. 

    Dip Powder Is Perfect For Nail Design

    Dip powder is a manicure method that makes designs simple, creative, and clean. There is no messy clean-up with dip designs, and the results are always vibrant and bold. Designs with dip powder are unique and look professional with nail experience or help from a nail technician. 

    With our Nailboo kits, you can achieve salon-quality designs at home, making your manicure the most affordable and exciting it’s ever been. 

    The designs above are for everyone to try and they can easily be mixed and matched with different colors to make new and creative looks. Dip designs are also amazing for holiday parties, weddings, and themed events. From a galaxy look to a simple cloud design, the possibilities are endless with our dip powder at Nailboo.   



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