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Can You Do Your Own Dip Nails At Home?

When we were young, we painted our nails on playdates or at sleepovers, trying to achieve the perfect salon manicure. We added sparkles, attempted French manicures, and even pre-soaked our nails to relax our cuticles. The thing is, we were about eight years old and had no idea what we were doing. With polish, our nails always came out messy, and the look we were going for wasn’t quite working out. As we got older, we started going to salons with our moms or older sisters and paying big bucks for the perfect manicure experience. 

With trips to the salon, the fun was taken out of painting our own nails, and the art of the at-home manicure was lost. 

Now, the at-home manicure is back, with a new and improved method that everyone can try. Dip nails are usually a salon process, but now a convenient at-home process is achievable. With our Nailboo at-home dip powder kits, a perfect manicure can now be sent directly to your door. 

In three simple steps and in the course of ten minutes, you can give yourself a vibrant manicure that lasts up to six weeks, with no harsh chemicals, and follows an easy removal process.

Can you do your own dip nails at home?... Is the sky blue?  

Dip Nails Are Done In Three Steps

Here’s everything you need to know about the dip nail at-home process. Dip Nails are the most durable manicure method available, and at Nailboo, we bring the dip powder to you. With our at-home dip powder kits, the salon is now in your hands. 

Dip nails last longer than any other manicure method and can be applied to fake or natural nails. The dip powder process costs less than a salon, and the powder itself contains super pigmented colors. Applying dip powder takes minutes, and your nails harden immediately without UV light. 

For a perfect at-home dip powder manicure with Nailboo, it’s important to follow these three simple steps: 

  1. Coat: Paint nails with base coat 
  2. Dip:  Place nails into color powder of choice 
  3. Activate: Wait for nails to quickly harden 

With our at-home Nailboo dip nail kits, there's no need to waste time waiting for nails to dry or harden in UV light. A simple dip will do. With our Nailboo kits, the process is easy and exciting for anyone who's ready to make their own salon-grade manicure a reality. 

Dip Nails Are Mess-Free

Our simple at-home dip nail process brings the fun back into DIY manicures. Below are the three kit options we have available:

  1. The Nailboo Dip Kit Starter 
  2. The Nailboo Dip Kit Essential 
  3. The Nailboo Dip Kit Pro

After starting with one of our kits, it’s always possible to get powders separately. Our color powder selection makes the at-home manicure feel like old times. Pigments like Orange Sherbert, Diamond Daze, and Cotton Candy bring the fun and childhood excitement back into our manicures.

Dip powder manicures are easy to do at home with our Nailboo kits. With no UV lights required for drying, and a manicure that lasts up to six weeks, it’s simple to take your manicure to the next level with dip powder. The dip powder mixed with the base coat creates a smooth nail surface, the colors and process from Nailboo are reliable and clean, and the dip powder method at home also saves you time and energy. 

With thirty nail sets per jar and a removal process of fewer than 15 minutes, dip powder nails with our Nailboo kits are beautiful, quick, and mess-free. 

Dip Powder Nails Are DIY-Friendly

At home, dip powder nails provide instant satisfaction, making the manicure process convenient as well as quick. Goodbye, lengthy trips to the nail salon and waiting for hazardous UV light to dry your nails, and hello, quick dip powder. Applying dip powder at home is the fastest and most convenient manicure method available. This process is seriously durable and keeps nails looking natural and clean. At-home manicures have never been so easy!

Our at-home dip powder Nailboo kits are safe, DIY-friendly, and stylish for everyone. With the ability to customize nail color at home, we at Nailboo provide everyone with a chance to take their manicures into their own hands. With the option to also build your own kit, there's a chance to add and mix and match powder colors for a professional manicure with your own personalized feel.  

We make powder colors for every style, mood, and age, and with the satisfaction of a quick dip, our Nailboo process is exciting, new, and compliments everyone’s at-home nail experience. Nailboo gives everyone a chance to get a vibrant salon-grade manicure without leaving the house. 

10 Reasons Why Dip Nails Are Perfect At Home

Need more convincing? Here are ten reasons why the dip powder method is the perfect at-home manicure:

  1. Quickest manicure method 
  2. The colored dip powder doesn’t stick to your skin
  3. No UV light needed during the process
  4. Dip powder is vibrant
  5. At-home dip powder kits are simpler than the old polish method
  6. It’s an odorless process (no more polish smells!)
  7. The process is affordable
  8. Dip powder nails are not as damaging to nails in the long run
  9. This kind of manicure lasts longer than acrylic and gel nails
  10. Professional manicure in three easy steps

At Nailboo, we believe the at-home process allows for everyone to reclaim their perfect manicure and make it personal. DIY nails have never been so simple!

The Dip Powder Method Let’s You Get Creative Again

We promise that we’ve tried it all. From polish to acrylic to gel, we know the struggle of getting a perfect manicure and then trying to maintain it. Polish and gel methods chip quick, acrylic requires frequent trips back to the salon, and no methods are DIY friendly. The mess polish creates, the UV light gel requires, and the toxic smells that arise from acrylics make these three methods difficult at home. 

All we wanted was a perfect at-home manicure that cut out trips to the salon but still kept our nails fresh, on-trend, clean, and maintainable. With dip powder nails, the process is quick, the color opportunities are endless, and the design options are stunning and exciting. The at-home dip nail process with our Nailboo kits allows for experimenting too. It’s fun to get creative with design techniques, alternating colors on every nail, and sparkles galore. 

Some of us at Nailboo dipped our nails into the Superstar Shine, Nail-Staligic, Royal Rose, and Monarch Pines and had the most festive holiday nails of the year. 

We also have the cutest color powder for a summer nail look that you can do at home. Here are three color combinations that are great for a summer season manicure:

  1. Bikini Blush with Solar Shimmer as an accent nail
  2. Cutecumber with a Lucky Lime sprinkled design
  3. Ocean glitz with Blues Clues as a double-dip design

There are endless design options and combinations, but these are our best suggestions for the perfect summer mani! 


At-Home Dip Nails Are Quicker, Cheaper, And Still Salon-Quality

Dip powder nails at home are more than possible- they are impossible to resist. Once you try dip powder nails with Nailboo, there's no turning back. And why would you want to? 

The Nailboo dip method makes a manicure last a few minutes, requires no professional skill or extra tools, and brings the fun and creativity back to manicures. Anyone can do their own dip nails at home, and with our Nailboo ‘starter’ to ‘pro’ kit, there are options for beginners and intermediate nail dippers. 

Dip nails are exciting and work like magic, which is half of the attraction. Dipping our nails into powder and having them instantly dry is a process we all wish we had when we were younger. It’s not every day that manicures dry in seconds, and it’s not every day that they get to happen in our homes. 

Nailboo promises that the dip powder method is more satisfying than any manicure method and delivers on a salon-quality manicure without leaving home. Dip powder is trending now and is growing to be the most popular method on the market. This brilliant and innovative process makes at-home dip manicures a breeze. All it takes is one coat, one dip, and a few seconds of wait time, and your manicure is complete. 

Don’t settle for messy at-home manicures with toxic smells and a final product that is nothing close to the quality you want. It’s time to stop wasting money at salons and take a dip into the at-home manicure world with dip powder nails and Nailboo.  



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