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Benefits Of Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are a trend you don’t want to miss. Luckily, they’re here to stay. Our favorite manicure method is the reason we started Nailboo, and it’s only getting more popular as the dip nail community realizes how convenient and effective the process is. 

If you’re not on board with dip manicures yet, it’s time to hop on this trend and save money, time, and a trip to the salon. With our at-home Nailboo dip powder kits, it’s simple to take a dip into a DIY manicure and get creative with the process. 

There are endless benefits to dip powder nails, so we decided to pull together our favorite benefits for you. Here’s why we adore dip powder nails.     

They Last Longer Than Gel And Acrylic

Gel and acrylics originally reached peak popularity because they outlasted polish manicures by weeks. There was no comparison and really no argument that gel and acrylics were better for a longer-lasting manicure. 

Now that dip powder is around, there actually is no argument. Dip powder nails last from four to six weeks without trips to the salon, touch-ups, or further treatments. In contrast, gel only lasts up to two weeks, and acrylics last up to six weeks. However, acrylics require visits to the salon for nail maintenance every two weeks. 

Without any maintenance, dip powder stays on, allows the nails to grow naturally, and looks good as new at about week six. Gel and acrylic might seem more durable because of their hard outer layer or the fact that they’re fake. However, because dip powder nails work with your natural nail, they allow for the manicure to last longer. 

When we first tried dip nails, we were blown away by how long they lasted and how much money we saved. That’s why we made our at-home Nailboo kits. Now, everyone can save money and a trip to the salon and do their own manicures without dropping hundreds of dollars a month. 

Don’t waste any more time or money visiting a nail salon for an expensive dip powder manicure. We promise our Nailboo DIY kit is simple to use and makes having a salon-quality manicure affordable. Time to take a dip into the world of dip powder manicures. What are you waiting for? 

Simple And Quick Application

Did we mention that dip powder nails get better? Well, they do. With the simplest and quickest application of any manicure method, dip powder manicures with our Nailboo kits are done in three simple steps. After prepping and cleaning your nails, all you have to do is...

  1. Coat your nails in the base coat.
  2. Dip your nails in color powder.
  3. Wait seconds for activation and brush off excess powder.

Yes, it’s actually that simple. It only takes minutes. You don’t have to be a nail professional or even good at doing nails to be successful at dip powder. Remember when you were young, and you tried to paint your nails and not get the polish on your fingers? Well, this is the kind of process we all wish we had when we were pre-teens. You don’t have to be good at ‘staying in the lines’ with dip powder, because the magic happens for you. 

The dip powder process is actually as easy as ‘one, two, three.’ It’s almost frustrating that we found dip powder so late in life. This process could have saved us from a lot of embarrassing manicures we had on movie dates when we were thirteen. Like the odd White-Out or black Sharpie nail phases that we all experimented with? Who let us out of the house? 

No UV Required

Another benefit we love about dip powder nails is that our nails dry in seconds without hazardous UV light. Basically, the base coat and powder have an instant reaction and activate into a perfectly dry, smooth finish. It’s like gel nails without the UV light, and we love it.

Why should you avoid UV light? Here are a few facts about UV light that no one talks about in salons:

  1. UV light is so strong that you’re actually supposed to wear sunscreen on your hands when getting a gel manicure.
  2. UV light can cause premature aging on your skin, making your hands age more quickly.
  3. UV light damages the DNA in your skin and can cause skin spots.
  4. UV lamps and LED lamps emit UVA radiation which is also harmful to your skin.

Exposing yourself to UV light is not worth your gel manicure. Why risk your skin's health when you could stay home and dip into our Nailboo powders? Time to choose the option without hazardous radiation in the equation.   

Powder Is Super Pigmented And Vibrant

Dip powders are more pigmented than any other colors available for any manicure method: the vibrancy of the color surpasses gel and acrylic processes. 

The colors we have at Nailboo are bright, exciting, and definitely lend themselves to a manicure that turns heads. Here are our favorite Nailboo colors that pop: 

  1. Lucky Lime
  2. Lemonade
  3. Violet Vanity
  4. Pop Star

We also have more subtle color options at Nailboo that still bring an already killer manicure method to life: 

  1. Monarch Pines
  2. Ocean Blue
  3. Cabana Crush
  4. Tuscan Tea
  5. Cutecumber

All of these colors compliment the wearer and take at-home manicures to a whole new level. All we’re saying is that a little goes a long way with our dip powder, and there's more than enough in every container to create 30 beautiful manicures.

Perfect For Nail Designs

Dip powder and nail design go hand in hand. It’s so easy to get creative with powder because you can either dip, sprinkle, or specifically place the powder for intentional application. Here are some ways you can have fun and get super inspired to create designs with dip powder:

  1. Tie-Dye Nails
  2. Galaxy Nails
  3. Cloud Nails
  4. Sparkle Ombre

All of these designs are simple and quick to do and require very little artistic skill. What’s amazing about dip powder is that the process of painting your nails is removed. You don’t have to be a nail artist anymore to have well-designed nails. All you have to do is dip!

At Nailboo, our team loves experimenting with nail designs, and we’ve found that the process is more simple than any gel and acrylic design techniques. It’s more than exciting how creative you can get with dip powder designs, and it’s all thanks to the simplicity of the dip powder method.  

Odor-Free And No Mess

There’s no toxic odor wafting through the air or terrible chemical smell you get when you walk into a salon. Dip powder is an alternative that doesn’t rub you the wrong way—or give you a headache. 

It’s simple to adjust to a bad smell once you’re around it for a while. But have you ever gotten light-headed in a nail salon or had a headache while you were there or after you left? Do you know what chemicals you’re breathing in when you enter a nail salon? Let’s just say they’re not good for your respiratory system. 

There are so many chemicals found in nail salons, including glues, polishes, polish removers, and emollients, that coming into contact with all of them for one manicure is not worth it. That’s where dip powder comes in. 

The dip powder process also results in little to no mess. There are no messy polishes, no polish remover spills, and no polish stuck to the skin around your nail. 

No mess and no odor? It’s not too good to be true—it’s just that good. 


The Benefits Of Dip Nails Surpass All Other Manicure Methods

It’s not every day that a solution comes around that changes people's minds forever, but when dip powder was introduced to the world, it went viral. Here’s a recap of dip powder benefits—yes, we want to hear them again because we’re blown away every time:

  1. It lasts longer than gel and acrylic
  2. Simple and quick application
  3. No UV required
  4. The powder is super pigmented and vibrant
  5. Perfect for nail designs
  6. Odor-free and no mess

The dip powder nail community is growing for a reason—this is a trend that will keep on trending.  



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