12 Fall Nail Styles for This Fall Season

12 Fall Nail Styles for This Fall Season

Every season has unique and exciting nail designs and patterns to pick from, and fall is no exception. Whether you’re all about the witchy vibes or you love a dark academia look for the new school year, there’s a fall nail pattern that’s sure to fit your style. 

And Nailboo is here to help you find it! We’re the experts on all things nails, from easy-to-use nail dip kits to information on the latest nail trends and styles. Nailboo has what you need to get the looks you love every time, and it doesn’t even have to break the bank. Don’t forget to share your favorite fall nail looks. 

Fall Nail Styles 

Fall is a great season for new nail styles and designs. The deep colors and cute holidays mean you have lots of inspiration for patterns, palettes, and decals. The only question is, which of these exciting new fall nail designs will you try out first? 

1. Halloween 

Of course, when it comes to fall nail patterns and designs, nothing beats Halloween. You can try out chic and stylish nail designs with blacks and reds, or recreate your favorite Halloween classics like spiders and monsters right on the surface of the nail. Play around with fun Halloween colors like greens and purples, or match your Halloween manicure to that costume contest-winning outfit. 

2. Fall Color Palette 

Halloween colors aren’t your only options when it comes to embracing a fall palette. If you’re on the search for something professional and elegant that still speaks to the spirit of the season, a beautiful collection of fall colors is the way to go. You can mix and match reds, oranges, and browns, or bring in burgundy and olive colors to really achieve an elevated autumn style. 

3. Checkered Nails 

We loved a checkered pattern, especially in the fall. Pick your favorite colors from the seasonal palette and create a pattern of intersecting lines inspired by your favorite plaid skirt. There’s no better way to achieve that classic dark academia manicure look. 

4. Pumpkin Nails 

One of the most iconic elements of fall is the pumpkin, and you can create it right on the surface of your nail. Go for a pumpkin pattern, with large, thick lines in a darker shade of orange than the base, or illustrate full pumpkins, ready for carving. If you’re worried about drawing freehand, stamps and decals can help you to achieve those final looks. 

5. Leaf Nails 

What’s better than the crunch of the leaves under your shoes? Not much! We’re embracing the falling leaves this season with lots of gorgeous leaf designs. You can apply the illustration to the tip or base of your nail, so the leaf looks like it’s falling, draw on the intricate webbing of the leaf, or even create a tree blowing across the entire manicure set. However you want to represent this season staple, it’s sure to come across as adorable and cozy. 

6. Witchy Nails 

Or maybe you’re more into the spooky vibes of fall. There are many great ways to create a witchy manicure. Check out celestial manicure decals and styles and add your favorite moon and star designs to your set, or go for a dark and mysterious look with shades of blacks, greens, and reds. The chilly fall months are perfect for that classic witchy look.  

7. Gold Leaf Nails 

If you love an organic nail design, then gold leaf tips are the way to go. You can apply them in a beautiful cascading pattern, with large and small blocks that add a touch of movement to your manicure. Most of the classic fall colors look lovely when paired with gold, which is also commonly used in the chilly months. 

Mix and match your gold leaf tips with your favorite base colors, like deep oranges and bold reds. The final look has a natural feel, while still being polished enough for work and school. 

8. Tortoise Nail

The tortoise pattern is a fashion staple, and it’s another beautiful look inspired by the nature all around. The name gets its inspiration from the incredible patterns on the back of tortoise shells, and the brown and black colors and patterns make it a great addition to your fall manicure lineup. 

You can apply a tortoise pattern to the whole set, use it for tips or bases, or even try it out as an accent nail. Tortoise patterns always look chic, but they’re also a great way to celebrate the season. 

9. Character Nails 

Adorable characters aren’t reserved for Halloween. You can also add your favorite woodland creatures like foxes and owls, to really make your fall nail scene extra special. Consider mini mushrooms with cute caps or dancing leaf characters, or even try painting some of your favorite fall characters from books and films. You can create a whole seasonal story with your next manicure. 

10. Accent Nails 

Want to add something special to your next manicure but don’t want it to be overwhelming? Accent nails are the way to go. You can add cute designs like pumpkins, leaves, or Halloween characters to one or two of your nails, at the tip, base, or corner. You’ll still achieve that adorable fall vibe, with a more subtle and elegant manicure. 

11. Fall Glitter 

We love a glitter pattern all year long, and with so many gorgeous colors to pick from, fall glitter is guaranteed to look lovely every time. You can combine fall glitter paints with some of your other favorite designs easily. Use glitter for an accent nail or make your glitter cascade behind the illustration of fall leaves for a lovely seasonal effect. Glitter is always a good idea. 

12. Fall Speckle

You can also achieve a slightly more organic fall look with a beautiful speckle design. Speckles are fun and easy to create, which makes them perfect for beginner nail enthusiasts. Simply paint your favorite fall color on as the background, then flick the brush tip on contrasting fall colors to achieve a speckled design you’re sure to love. 


When it comes to seasonal nail styles, you just can’t beat fall looks. You even have a wide range of holiday styles to pick from, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Explore beautiful fall colors, add a touch of glitter, or even speckle on your favorite shades. You can also try out patterns like checkerboards and tortoises, or draw on your favorite fall designs, like pumpkins and leaves. 

No matter what kind of fall design you try out first, Nailboo is here to help. We make it easy to get salon-quality looks at home without the salon-quality costs. We’re sharing the nail dip kits and guides that help you to achieve your favorite manicure styles. Pick your top fall colors and designs and create your own seasonal look with the support of Nailboo today. 

Get the Look 

You can mix and match your favorite fall colors to achieve the perfect fall palette manicure this season. Here are some of the best fall colors available at Nailboo. 

  1. Light Brown: Latte Lady
  2. Light Yellow: Thunderstanding
  3. Purple Brown: Chestnut Chills
  4. Dark Purple Brown: Wine Time
  5. Bright Orange: Sunset Star
  6. Burnt Orange: Sunset Fog
  7. Bright Red: Racer Red
  8. Glitter Brown: Day Dreamer
  9. Glitter Red: Left on Red
  10. Soft Orange: Mimosa Bloom
  11. Glitter Orange: Southern Peach


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