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10 Tips To Set Up The Perfect Relaxing Home Manicure

There’s nothing more satisfying than a relaxing at-home manicure, but until now, have you ever had one before? Usually, a manicure consists of messy polish that never dries, attempting to stay on your nails and off your skin, and a process that comes out mediocre. 

Even though we’ve tried for hours on end, not everyone is good with polish. Sometimes, we’re not even good at staying between the lines when we drive. The point is, no one's perfect, and you don’t have to be with this manicure method that is actually so relaxing you don’t have to think about what you’re doing. 

In three simple steps and in under ten minutes, our Nailboo dip powder kit is the perfect manicure for an at-home experience. Our manicure takes you out of the salon and into the comfort of your own home, where you can take control and DIY your manicure with no professional experience. 

1. Get Your Own At-Home Dip Powder Kit

At Nailboo, there are three at-home dip powder nail kits to choose from based on your familiarity with dip powder:

  1. The Nailboo Starter Nail Dip Kit —liquid essentials and cleaner, build powder, one colored dip powder, accessories, and remover clips. 
  2. The Nailboo Essential Nail Dip Kit —liquid essentials and cleaner, build powder, four colored dip powders, accessories, and remover clips.
  3. The Nailboo Pro Nail Dip Kit —liquid essentials and cleaner, build powder, six colored dip powders, accessories, and remover clips.

At Nailboo, we also offer a ‘build your own kit’ option that allows for you to take control of your dip powder manicure and choose what’s right for your at-home kit. Maybe you want to start with more powders? Maybe you only want powders that are blue? Whatever it is, we’ll make it possible so that your dip powder manicure is simple.   

2. Plan Out What You Want To Do

Even though there’s not much planning necessary with our dip powder kit, it’s nice to have everything laid out and organized for your manicure. Before you start dipping, think about what colors you want, if you want designs, if you want multiple layers, or if you want to stay with one color. 

It also helps to know exactly where everything is and what everything does before you start your dip powder manicure. If you’re new to the process, make sure you read the very simple directions and make sure you’re using the right powders and the right liquid essentials during the process. 

We made our kits very user-friendly, leaving little to no room for mess-ups, but it always helps to know what you’re doing in order to have a relaxing manicure. Dip powder is a fairly new process for many people, especially at home, and we want to make sure you have the most exciting, empowering, and successful manicure possible. You deserve to have the DIY dream manicure you’ve always wanted.  

3. Pick Colors That Compliment You

When choosing colors that you want for your dip powder manicure, you want to make sure that you choose powders that will compliment you for weeks. Considering our Nailboo dip powder manicures last up to six weeks, you want to choose colors that you love!

With no chipping, cracking, or scratching, our Nailboo dip powder manicures are durable and last longer than any other manicure on the market. Even though they’re quick to finish and dry instantly without UV, our Nailboo powder method lasts over a month.  

So, pick a color that compliments you, like: 

  1. Bikini Blush with Solar Shimmer as an accent nail
  2. Cutecumber for a refreshing summer feel
  3. Ocean glitz for a pool party
  4. Latte Lady to match your coffee in the mornings
  5. Tuscan Tea for a subtle hint at summer travel

4. Keep The Process Simple

It’s hard to make our Nailboo process difficult, but in order to have a relaxing at-home manicure, make sure to take it slow. If this is your first time doing an at-home manicure with our Nailboo dip powder, you can follow our tutorial videos to help guide you. 

You can keep it simple by working at your own pace. If you’re done with one hand and need to take a break, it’s no problem. Since there's no dry time with dip powder nails, there's no timing that you have to work out in your head, no rush to finish your nails, and no need for you to paint one hand while the other is drying. 

Since the dip powder process is simple, you can finally keep it simple and give yourself the best manicure you’ve ever had. The best part is, the dip powder process does all of the work for you.

5. Clean And File Your Nails Before You Start

Within our at-home dip powder kits, our four-way file and cuticle pusher help to maintain healthy nails and healthy skin before your manicure. It’s helpful to file, clean, and make space for your nails to breathe and grow before a manicure because it boosts nail health and keeps your nail beds intact. For a relaxing manicure, make sure to use cuticle oil to soothe, prep, and loosen up your nails before you use a cuticle pusher. 

Here are other ways to care for your nails before you deep dive into a dip powder manicure:

  1. Buff your nails
  2. Moisturize your hands
  3. Clip your nails, if needed
  4. Do a milk and honey soak
  5. Exfoliate your hands

6. Put Some Relaxing Music On

The key to a relaxing manicure? Relaxing tunes. That’s what’s amazing about an at-home manicure with Nailboo—you can finally pick what you listen to. 

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting in a nail salon, and the music is slightly exhausting, it feels like you’re listening to the same song on repeat, and you have no idea how you forgot your headphones. It’s not terrible music, but it’s not the best, and it also doesn’t relax you. Well, now you have total control over the music, and you can pick exactly what relaxes you. 

That’s the best part about at-home manicures—you have complete control over your surroundings. You can run and grab a snack, take a break and facetime a friend, or you can even leave to walk your dog and finish your other hand after. But, maybe don’t go too far with that half-finished mani. 

7. Know That You’re A Nail Expert

With our at-home Nailboo kits, you are the master of your own manicure. You don’t have to think twice anymore—the process is that simple. 

It’s actually liberating how many people have reached out to our company and thanked us for bringing the simplicity and a little bit of magic back to their manicure. It’s really amazing what nail beginners can master with our Nailboo kits because, with Nailboo, no one is a novice. 

In fact, with our kits, you’re more of an expert than you think. The salon-quality results you can get from dip powder manicures is a surprise we all wish we saw a long time ago—as far back as middle school when we thought markers were nail polish. 

8. Know What Your Products Do

The key to a relaxing manicure is knowing how your products work. In the past, you checked to see if the polish in your bottles was too dry or too runny and needed a good shake. With dip powder, none of that is necessary. However, if this is your first time with dip powder, you want to make sure you’re aware of how it works. 

After you prep your nails for a soothing manicure and apply your base coat, you’ll dip your nails into the powder of your choice. Next, you’ll want to use your little brush to brush off the excess dip powder around your nail. 

When you first apply your base coat, you also want to make sure you keep on your nail as much as possible, but if you don’t, you can simply wipe it off. The dip powder sticks to the base coat, so if there’s some on your skin, it will stick there. No stress here though, removing it is simple and not a problem. You just want to make sure you wipe off any extra powder so you can have a happy dipping experience!

9. Have Fun With It

Have fun with it and get creative! If you feel ready to experiment with a couple of colors or designs, go for it. Part of relaxing is having fun, and now you can with our at-home dip powder kits. 

10. Celebrate Your Manicure Success

Show them off and be proud that you can do your own professional manicure, from your home, without anyone's help. It’s amazing how many doors the dip powder manicure opens. With our at-home Nailboo kits, the possibilities are endless, and DIY manicures are inspiring again!



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