How do you get #metime?

How do you get #metime?

What may seem like an added expense could be a boost to your well being! 

Paying for a manicure may be costly for your budget, but with the Nailboo Dip Kit you can save thousands and never go to a nail salon again! It’s three simple steps to get instant drying nails. We all deserve a little time to ourselves to indulge ourselves, without the expectation of paying a lot of money!

Treating yourself is emotionally and physically important as we are all doing more during the day and have less time to spend time with ourselves. Sometimes it's okay to just zone out - which can actually be productive and give your mind a break! Doing your nails can feel like you're in a meditative state; relaxed and calm.  

In the case of manicures, these steps can make a huge difference in your result. But with the right tools and patience salon quality nails are within reach! 

How to apply Dip Powder:

Step 1: Prepare your nails. Use our Spa Collection to Dream Hands and Cuticle Milk to soften hands and cuticles. 

Step 2: Cut and file your nails to your desired shape.

Step 3: Apply Base Liquid (can be found in the Nailboo Dip Kit)

Step 4: Dip in Build Powder and repeat for every nail (tip. Tap your finger after dipping)

Step 5: Apply base liquid again and dip into colored powder. 

Step 6: Apply a thin Activator coat layer and wait 2 minutes!

Step 7: Repeat Step 6 again!

Step 8: Apply a thin layer of top coat. 

If doing your nails helps you detach and feel a sense of peace, why not embrace it? 

Tips on how to prioritize self care in other ways:

1. Slow Down: 

Sometimes it may seem like there's not enough time in the day to get everything done. Yet, rushing through tasks doesn’t allow you to enjoy your day. Do you ever find yourself running out the door with your coffee and breakfast sandwich in hand? Or trying to beat the morning traffic? If so, you probably haven’t appreciated the coffee or food you’re indulging - even for 5 minutes. Slowing down offers physical and mental benefits as well.

2. Make yourself a priority:

We often put our personal priorities after everything else. Though this may feel tough to break this habit, it can give you freedom to make decisions based on your needs that align with your dreams and goals.

3. Treat Yourself:

Think back on a time when you treated someone else. A small cup of coffee, flowers, or even volunteering your time! Why not treat yourself to a manicure, a cup of coffee, or even a long bath. Small indulges like these can be a reminder that you’re worth it! 

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