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How to Dry Nails Fast

We’ve all been there, you're dressing up for a fun night out, but your nails need some serious love. After doing your hair and makeup, you choose the perfect look and then speedily try to paint your nails before it’s time to go. Even if you manage to do an okay job, you still run the risk of accidentally smudging them as you try to close the door or buckle your seatbelt. But there is a solution. 

Dip powder manicures are the perfect type of polish for when you need salon-quality nails in a pinch. These manicures are very easy to apply and dry instantly so that you can have ready-to-wear nails in no time. Simply coat, dip, and activate! 

What Are Dip Powder Nails?

A dip powder manicure is the longest-lasting type of manicure available. These sturdy manis will last anywhere from three to six weeks without ever chipping. You can apply them easily at home in a matter of minutes, and the results are so gorgeous, you’ll look like you just came from the salon. 

This versatile type of color can be used for a manicure or pedicure and can be applied to your natural nails (or fake nail tips for added length). No matter what type of look you are trying to achieve, dip powder will get the job done. 

But what exactly is dip powder? With a dip powder manicure, the nail is painted with a base coat and then dipped into an acrylic powder. After your nail has two coats of color, a special liquid activator is painted onto the nail, which hardens the manicure instantly. The manicure is topped off with a glossy layer of top coat, and voila! You’ve got a shiny new set of nails. 

If you have ever gotten a gel manicure, then the instant drying effect of a dip powder manicure probably sounds familiar. However, with a gel manicure, the polish is painted on like regular nail polish, and then it is cured with a UV light in between each layer. Dip powder manicures cure without the use of potentially harmful UV lights. Making dip nails a safer option that you can easily apply at home. 

What You Need To Get Started

All you need to apply this quick-drying mani is a Nailboo Dip Kit. Nailboo’s amazing kits come with all the supplies you need for this fast at-home nail hack. You’ll be amazed by how quick and easy it is to apply these gorgeous manicures. 

There are three kits to choose from depending on the amount of color powder you would like to pick. Each jar of color powder lasts for 30 sets of nails. So, with each jar of color, you can skip 30 trips to the salon. Just imagine how much money you can save by switching to this speedy at-home nail system. Plus, the more color powders you choose for your starter kit, the better the value! 

Here is a breakdown of the different kit options:

  • Starter Kit: The Starter Kit comes with your pick of one color powder and is perfect if you want to try out dip powder for the first time without committing to buying a bunch of color powders. 
  • Essentials Kit: The Essentials Kit comes with four color powder jars and is the most popular starter kit that we sell. If you're someone that wants a few different colors to play around with, then this kit will be perfect for you.
  • Pro Kit: The Pro Kit comes with your pick of six different colors. If you like to switch your up color all the time, then you will love the options with this kit. It’s also the kit with the best overall value. 

No matter which kit you decide to buy, you will receive all the supplies you need for dip nail application and removal, including the complete liquid kit and a cleaner for fixing mistakes. You’ll also get some build powder, a jar of color powder, a soft brush, a plastic cuticle pusher, a four-way file, and ten removal clips to safely remove the polish once you are ready. This fantastic kit is super convenient; it’s like a nail salon packed into one compact box!

How To Apply A Dip Powder Manicure

Once you have your kit, you’ll have everything you need to apply a fast-drying manicure in just a couple of minutes. Okay, it might take you a little bit longer on your first try, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to apply a full set in just a few minutes. 

Before you start your manicure, you will need to prep your nails. File your nails into your desired shape, then buff your nails with the gentle side of your four-way file. Next, wash your hands, and use the cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles. If you are in a rush, just push back your cuticles, wash your hands, and dive right into the manicure. 

To apply this gorgeous manicure, start by painting one of your nails with a layer of Base 1. This clear coat will help the powder stick to your nails. Then dip your nail into your Build Powder. Once you have done this on all of your nails, use the brush to get rid of any extra powder that is on your fingers.  

Next, paint a nail with the Base 1 liquid again. Now dip your nail into the color powder that you want to use. Repeat this until all of your nails have one coat of color. Then, paint on Base 1 one more time and then add a second layer of color powder. 

When you are satisfied with the color, use Activator 2 from your Nailboo kit to paint each nail. This layer will take two minutes to dry. Once it is dry, use the coarse grade of the four-way file to buff the tops of all of your nails. Then apply a second layer of Activator 1 and buff your nails a second time. 

Finish off your polish with a coat of Top 3. This shiny top coat will bring the whole manicure together. After a few minutes, the top coat will dry, and you will have a beautiful set of nails. 

Although this process is super different from traditional polish, the results will last longer, look better, and dry instantly. If you're in a rush, there is simply no faster way to get a perfect set of nails. 

Time Saving Tips

Once you have a Nailboo Dip Kit, you will have everything you need to apply a fresh set yourself. This means that you can do your nails wherever it’s convenient for you. 

If you can, try and plan ahead a bit. If you know you are going out, then try applying your manicure the night before while you're getting ready for bed. Since this manicure dries instantly, you don’t have to worry about smudging in your sleep. 

Another great way to save time is to do your nails while you're watching TV. When you’re watching TV, you are already sitting down for at least 30 minutes. Why not use this time to pop on a fresh set of nails? With your speedy dip nail kit, you’ll likely be done before the episode is even over. 

Once you get a little bit of practice with dip powder nails, you will be able to do this manicure in mere minutes. That means you can squeeze a manicure in whenever you have a couple of minutes to spare. This method is much less messy than traditional polish, so you can apply it almost anywhere. 



Wrap Up

Dip powder nails are the number one way to get a quick-drying manicure in just a few easy steps. Simply coat, dip, and activate. This handy manicure dries instantly, so you can have your hands back as soon as you’re done. If you need fresh nails on the go, there is simply no better way. 

Dip powder is not only fast-drying, but it’s also the longest-lasting type of polish available. Once this manicure is applied, you won’t need to change your color for three to six weeks. You can even use it for a long-lasting pedicure. A dip powder pedicure is perfect for summer beach days. For once, the sand won’t ruin your shiny new toes. You’ll have a gorgeous vacation pedicure for weeks!

Switching to this amazing at-home dip kit will save you tons of time and money. Plus, it’s super easy to use and produces salon-quality results every single time. So, say goodbye to the time and cost of the salon and hello to fabulous nails whenever you want. Trust us. You’re gonna fall in love with dip powder nails! 



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