How To Remove Press-On Nails: Three Different Ways

How To Remove Press-On Nails: Three Different Ways

One great way to get a nail look you love is with adhesive nails. When it comes to adhesive nails, you don’t need to worry about growing out your natural nails to the right shape or length. You have plenty of room to create a really unique design and style, with patterns, shapes, decals, and a whole lot more to pick from. 

There are many benefits to press-on nails, but you want to make sure you’re maintaining your nails properly. One of the important things to keep in mind is press-on nail removal. The good news is, you have a few good options for removing your press-on nails and getting the next gorgeous look. 

Nailboo has what you need for every step of the manicure process. Whether you’re picking out a beautiful spring nail style or you love, a classic French tip, or a spooky look for Halloween, we’ll help you find the right colors and styles. And, of course, we’ll ensure you’re able to remove them easily and safely. For all your nail removal needs and more, trust the Nailboo team. 

Why Is It Important To Remove Press-On Nails Properly?

You might be wondering if press-on nails really do require all the fuss. After all, they’re meant to be applied and removed easily. But the truth is, there are many benefits to removing your nails properly, and the little extra time can make all the difference. Here are just a few reasons it’s important to remove your press-on nails properly. 

It Protects the Surface of the Nail 

Removing your nails properly is essential to protecting the surface of your natural nail. If you chip away at the press-on nail without properly loosening it, it can cause scraping and damage to the nail below. Over time, that can weaken the nail and make it brittle and vulnerable to cracking or tearing. Careful removal is essential to keeping your natural nails growing strong. 

You Can Reuse the Nail Set

You want to be able to reuse your favorite nail set, which is another reason to avoid chipping at press on nails. Press-on nails are made to last, but if you try to get them off without the proper tools, they can break or crack. That means you won’t be able to enjoy your current look again in the future. Removing your nails properly can save you time and money in the long and short-term.  

It Helps Prevent Infections 

When we irritate or damage the nail or the skin around the nail, it makes it easier for germs and bacteria to get into our system. That means we’re more likely to experience irritation and inflammation around the nails and nailbeds. This can be quite painful and set your next manicure back as you allow your nails to heal. It’s why you always want to sterilize your nail tools before use and why it’s so essential to remove your press on properly when it’s time for the next set. 

It Makes the Adhesive Stronger 

If you’re planning on applying a new set of press-on nails, you’ll want to have a smooth surface to do so. When you tear or chip away at your press-on nails, it can cause damage and roughness to the surface of the skin. That can make it difficult to get the smooth connection you need to keep your nails on. Protect your current set and ensure the next manicure really sticks with proper removal.  

How Do I Remove Press-On Nails 

There are several different ways to remove your press-on nails, depending on their style and what type of adhesive was used. Here are a few of our top methods. 

1. Soak and Push

It’s essential to loosen the adhesive that holds your press-on nails in place, which is why you’ll want to begin the removal process by soaking your nails in soapy, warm water. You’ll want to begin by soaking your nails for about ten minutes and seeing how loose the press-on is. 

If it’s not quite ready to come off, you can soak it for longer, or begin by applying cuticle oil to the base of the nails to see if it helps to loosen the adhesive further. Allow the cuticle oil to sit for a few minutes before gently rocking the nail to see how loose it has become. 

Once the nails have begun to loosen and move, use your cuticle pusher to gently remove them, starting at the base of the nail. You always want to start at the base of the nail to avoid cracking or damage to the press-on or natural nail below. Once all of the nails have been removed, you can use water or your fingers to scrub away at the remaining adhesive until the nails are clean. 

2. Use a Touch of Acetone 

Most modern nail polish removers use acetone to help loosen paint and glue that attaches to the surface of the nail. If you’re struggling to remove the nail with soapy water and cuticle oil, acetone or nail polish remover may be the way to go. 

You can add a few drops of nail polish remover to your soapy water and allow the nails to soak for a few minutes. Then check to see if the glue is releasing. You may also want to apply small amounts of nail polish around the edges and base of the nails. Use your cuticle pusher to gently remove the press-on nail, taking care to add more nail polish remover if you experience resistance. 

3. Use Oil 

If you’re worried about drying out your hands with acetone, you can reach for a more natural removal product—oil. You still want to start by soaking your nails in warm water for about five minutes. After that, apply coconut oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil to the edges and bases of the nails to help dissolve the glue and release the press on. Move the nail slowly and gently to ensure the oil is working effectively, and then use the cuticle pusher to get it the rest of the way off. 


Press-on nails can be a lovely way to express your creativity and style. They’re unique, easy to maintain, and even pretty easy to remove with a few simple tools and products you already have at home. 

You can try taking them off with a simple soak in warm water and a little cuticle oil, nail polish remover, or even some of the oil already in your kitchen. The important thing is to take the process slowly and to add more product if the adhesive isn’t giving way. 

Here at Nailboo, we want to help you get the perfect manicure—and get rid of the perfect manicure. We’re sharing all you need to know about nail care and styling, and we have the tools and products that make it easy to get started. Just check out one of our nail dip kits to find out why Nailboo is the manicure team you can trust every time. 

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