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Beautiful Long Nail Designs To Take Your Manicure To The Next Level

If you love long nails, you’ve probably either grown them aú natural or you have nail tips on right now. Some people love acrylic, while others lean toward gel, but dip powder is really the best method for long nail designs. 

The nail dip powder method is the only manicure method that can achieve specific design looks that are trending today. We know this from our experience creating Nailboo

With the instant-drying dip powder process, it’s simple to go from a blank canvas to a nail masterpiece in around ten minutes. It’s really incredible what you can now create in your own bathroom with dip powder! Without any trips to the salon or mid-week touch-ups, you can finally get the professional-looking long nail designs you want that will take your manicure from average to trend-setting.

We’re here to tell you how your long nails can go from ‘ok’ to ‘okurrrr’ today. Guess what? You’re the nail professional now. Don’t believe us? Ask anyone from our Nailboo community. Here is a simple dip powder ‘how to’ for long nails and some of our favorite long nail designs and why they stand out.  

How To Do Dip Powder With Long Nails

The dip powder process is the same with naturally long nails as it is with fake nails. Along with one of our dip kits, all you need is our Pro-Touch Nail Tips and Glue Bundle for the long nail look and design. 

What comes in our Pro Nail Dip Kit:

  1. Six colored dip powders
  2. Liquid Essentials and Oil
  3. Accessories 
  4. Remover Clips
  5. Build Powder

What comes in our Pro-Touch Nail Tips And Glue Bundle:

  1. Oval, Ballerina, OR French shape (depending on preference). The Oval shape offers full coverage, and the Ballerina and French are half-cover tips. All of the tips are pro-grade and high quality.
  2. Ten sizes of your chosen shape, 50 of each of the ten sizes, 500 total nail tips in each kit!
  3. Glue 

To use dip powder with our long nail tips, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Glue on your desired nail tips.
  2. Apply the base coat to tips.
  3. Dip nails into desired powders.
  4. Start designing!

Sparkle Tip Nails

To achieve a precise sparkle tip look, first, dip your long natural nails or your nails with their applied tips into the powder you want as a base color. Then dip the tips into a second dip color. Lastly, re-dip your nails into a sparkle color powder that complements the base and second dip color layer. 

For this design, we suggest Sunday Brunch as a base coat, Bikini Blush for the second tip dip layer, and Solar Shimmer for the sparkle tip! 

These colors freshen up a manicure and give a summer shine design that doesn’t go unnoticed. This process is simple for anyone to do and takes a total of fifteen minutes. There is also no toxic odor and no mess to clean up at the end.  

Gradient Nails 

For the gradient nail look, you want to have five colors—one for each nail. Start with your thumb or pink and choose colors that gradually get lighter or darker as you go from nail to nail. This look is so cute with long nails and sends out a fun and flirty design vibe. 

For a fun and bold ten-nail gradient look, we suggest this order: 

  1. Popstar
  2. Sunset Star
  3. Lemonade
  4. Lucky Lime
  5. Boo Blue
  6. Be Grapeful
  7. Pink Lemonade
  8. Princess Pink
  9. Cotton Candy
  10. Pale Pink

For a moody five-nail gradient look, we suggest this order:

  1. Here's A Tip
  2. Sweater Weather
  3. Stormy Daze
  4. Superstar Shine
  5. Hollywood Hills

For a cool gradient look, we suggest this order: 

  1. Ocean Blue
  2. Boo Blue
  3. Ocean Glitz
  4. Blues Blues
  5. Barely Blue

For a subtle gradient look, we suggest this order: 

  1. Tuscan Tea
  2. Nude Attitude
  3. Latte Lady
  4. Chestnut Chills
  5. Espresso Elegance

For a warm gradient look, we suggest in this order:

  1. Orange Sherbert
  2. Sunset Fog
  3. Wine Time
  4. Royal Rose
  5. Left On Red

Marble Dip Design For Long Nails

This process is great for an at-home look, and it’s one that anyone can do for their long nails! For this process, you can marble with any color, but for a traditional marble look, we’re using our Dark Dreams color: 

  1. Apply base coat. 
  2. Dip into build powder.
  3. Brush off excess build powder.
  4. Scoop build powder into a spoon.
  5. Mix in our Dark Dreams powder, but make sure you don’t fully mix the powder. Brush it around so that it creates a marble effect and doesn’t turn the base powder into a grey color.
  6. Apply another layer of base coat.
  7. Press into the marble powder mixture.
  8. Brush off nails.
  9. Add two layers of top coat with a five-minute interval.

Gold and Silver Ombre Nails

For this long-nail design look, select our Nail-Stalgic and Superstar Shine color powders to achieve this ombre fade. The gold and silver ombre dip look is perfect for long nails and is one of our favorite designs. 

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Dip nails fully into the Superstar Shine color powder. 
  3. Lightly dip the tips of your nails into the Nail-Stalgic color. 
  4. Dust the middle of your nail with either Nail-Stalgic or Superstar Shine to give the ombre fade a more gradual and natural feel.

You can easily switch the color process for this look, starting with the Nail-Stalgic color as a base—it depends if you want a more gold or silver look!

Raindrop Dew

This look is why we love our Nailboo dip powder so much! It allows us to branch out into design possibilities we’re finally brave enough to try. Since the process is so simple with dip powder, the nail designs we achieve are surprising every time. It’s amazing how much control we now have over our perfect manicure! 

This design is so creative and definitely looks more complicated than it is:

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Dip into a blue or grey-toned powder—we suggest Ocean Glitz, Boo Blue, Stormy Daze, or Baby Blue.
  3. Pour a very small amount of top coat into a spoon.
  4. Grab a small nail tool and dip its tip into the top coat.
  5. Drop the top coat onto your blue nails.
  6. Apply top coat drips until you satisfy your raindrop needs.

French Gradient

This look is the opposite of the one above and one of our favorite elegant designs! Our Nailboo French gradient design is still creative, but it follows a more straightforward process and is great for an everyday look. Time to turn a normal French manicure into a modern french manicure with these steps:

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Choose all the white and pink colors that are in a traditional French manicure and apply them separately across all of your nails. 
  3. The order can be unique, but what matters here are the color choices—pale pinks and whites are good for this look—our Base powder, Bikini Blush, Big Blush, and Pale Pink colors are perfect for this look.
  4. The results will look like a French manicure that’s separated and spread out amongst your nails, giving you a modern, unique, and clean french manicure that celebrates creativity. 

Sweet And Simple Sparkle Dusting Design 

This simple sparkle dusting technique is one of the easiest ways to take an everyday manicure to a going-out manicure. This process is beautiful for a party, a hint of pizazz, or a magical manicure moment. 

You can either dust one accent nail, the tips of all your nails, or every nail for a hint of shine. All you have to do is pick your base color and then pick a sparkle dip that will do well with your first dip layer. This is our step by step suggestion:

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Dip your nails into Here’s A Tip for a first powder layer.
  3. Lightly dust every nail with Superstar Shine.
  4. Add a final dusting of Gala Gal to the base of your nails.

You don’t have to dust with two sparkle powders, but it’s fun to try! This look is elegant for long nails, sophisticated for a holiday party, and still allows you to be creative at home.  


At-Home Designs For Long Nails Are Now Possible

There are endless dip design ideas that are possible with our Nailboo at-home kits. If you think of your own or love getting creative with your long nail designs, send pics to us in the reviews! Our community thinks of the most creative nail design ideas, and the long nail designs are always so fresh. 



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