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Average Manicure and Pedicure Prices and How to Avoid Breaking the Bank

We go to pay for our manicure and pedicure at a nail salon, we obviously give a tip, and the prices are way higher than we thought. The prices are so high that we almost don’t know if it’s worth it. However, we think to ourselves, “What is my other option?” 

“How can I possibly get a manicure and pedicure that are salon-quality without spending a fortune?” 

The solution is so simple that it’s almost too good to be true, except it’s not. Our team at Nailboo was equally as shocked with the results of this method when we were in the same predicament. There is a reason that this mani and pedi process is trending: it’s because people can finally afford everything they want from a salon without spending too much. 

With no tip needed (unless we’re talking nail tips), you can finally be in charge of your own professional manicure and pedicure. Yes, we’re talking about a full salon experience in your bathroom or bedroom without breaking the bank every other week. 

The dip powder method is the only process on the manicure market that is affordable, DIY, and still maintains that salon-quality look we’re all striving for. It’s time to save hundreds a month and try a simple method that gets you from point A to point B way quicker. With zero drying time and no mess to clean, our at-home dip powder kits make for the quickest manicures and pedicures, too.  

Fast, less expensive, and still delivering on professional quality? We’ll take it. 

Get Yourself A Nailboo Dip Powder Kit

We have three at-home dip powder nail kits to choose from—the only difference is the number of powders included in the kit: 

  1. The Nailboo Dip Kit Starter—one colored dip powder
  2. The Nailboo Dip Kit Essential —four colored dip powders
  3. The Nailboo Dip Kit Pro—six colored dip powders

Besides saving money monthly, here are 14 other reasons why our at-home Nailboo dip powder kit surpasses all other manicure methods: 

  1. Dip powder nails last longer than any other manicure method
  2. The dip powder process requires no hazardous UV light
  3. They require a simple and quick application
  4. They look professional no matter your skill level
  5. Dip powder keeps nails looking consistent
  6. The dip powder method requires no previous manicure experience
  7. In one dip, dip powder does the job for you
  8. Zero dry time 
  9. Vibrant colors that are perfect for design work
  10. Done in three simple steps
  11. Saves trips to the salon
  12.  Dip powder does the work for you
  13. Odor-free and mess-free with no clean-up involved 
  14. Dip powder protects nails against external factors

Stop Settling For Gel And Acrylic Methods

One of the big reasons why gel and acrylic aren’t worth the trip to the salon is the price. Gel and acrylic also don’t last as long, which requires more returns to the salon for touch-ups and more money spent. Gel manicures tend to last up to two weeks, and acrylics last up to six weeks, but they need retouching every two weeks. 

If you’re familiar with gel and acrylic, and that’s why you’re choosing to do them, or if you believe in a salon-quality process more than DIY at home, we promise you’re settling for manicures and pedicures that are not worth your time or money. 

In three simple steps and within minutes, you now have a chance to have a professional manicure with dip powder from the comfort of your home. There’s no reason to go to the salon for a professional manicure that costs way more, takes up a lot of time, and ruins your nails in the process. At Nailboo, we know there’s nothing more satisfying than a salon-quality manicure and pedicure that saves you time and money. 

With dip powder, there’s no need to get fake acrylics anymore and risk infection or expose yourself to UV light that is hazardous. Gel and acrylic manicure methods are simply old news, cost too much, and take up a lot of time. We’re a society that likes instant satisfaction, and if you want to stop waiting for your nails to dry with air or UV light, then dip powder is your solution.     

Keep It Simple

Before we found the dip powder manicure method, we thought we had to pay for luxurious manicures and pedicures at fancy salons in order to get the look we wanted. We thought design work needed to cost extra and that we had to put money aside every two weeks so that our manis and pedis could be salon-quality. 

Now, with a Nailboo dip powder kit, we know that there’s no place like home. The process is no longer a million steps long because all we have to do now is:

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Dip nails
  3. Use activator

In three simple steps, your nails can go from blah to beautiful, and the cost is at a jaw-dropping affordable price. If you want to get creative, you can experiment with different patterns and designs, but even with an extra flair, the process is still simple. With our Nailboo dip powder kits, the work is done for you. You dip and the powder sticks. That’s your whole manicure. 

And the results? Better than salon-quality, because they look unreal and you didn’t drop as much money. 

Believe In Your Mani and Pedi Skills

With the dip powder process, you’re a professional without even trying. That’s why this method is loved by so many in our community. 

The DIY mani and pedi process used to be difficult. We’ve all been there: you have your polish in hand, and you’re trying to decide how to apply it without getting it on your skin. Unfortunately, you make a bit of a mess, and you wind up spending more time rubbing nail polish remover on your skin than applying nail polish to your nails. It’s a real and frustrating experience that we’ve all been through more than once, and it’s something you never have to go through again.

Save Money With The Dip Powder Manicure

You’ll save hundreds with our dip powder process, and it’s proven. If you calculate the amount of money you spend in a salon per month and how many visits you make, the cost of our kits is nothing close. The best part is, you get to keep the kits, the colors, build a collection, and give yourself your own professional manicure in the process. 

  • You don’t need heavy machinery to apply the nails, like acrylics.
  • You don’t need to worry about a mess
  • You get to make your own manicure choices
  • You don’t have to worry about a harmful application or removal process
  • You have the freedom to get creative with your nail designs

And the best part is, you don’t have to pay too much or tip too high or wonder if all of it was worth it. With our Nailboo dip powder method, it’s always worth it. Take control of your own manicure and do it DIY style from the comfort of your home. We promise the prices will drop, and you’ll be surprised by the manicure and pedicure you can accomplish. This is the manicure and pedicure miracle you and your nails were waiting for. 

Hello, solutions and goodbye, wait times, dry times, and all those chemicals you’re breathing in at the nail salon.  



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