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Most Popular Dip Gel Nail Colors

If you're familiar with dip powder manicures, then you already know that it’s the number one option for long-lasting, durable, salon-quality nails. This hot nail trend can be easily applied at home in a matter of minutes and will last up to six whole weeks! The only choice left to make is what color you’ll be sporting next. 

NailBoo Dip Kits come with everything you need to get started with dip manicures. Simply pick the kit that comes with your desired number of colors, and you’ll be rockin’ some shiny new nails in no time. 

Whether you're a fan of classic colors like red and beige, or you like to spice things up with vibrant neons and pastels, Nailboo has got you covered with all your color needs. With 58 dip powder colors and counting, we have the perfect shade to fit any mood. 

Today we will cover some of our most popular shades and how to pair them with your favorite outfits. You’ll be up to date on all the latest color trends in no time. Just sit back, relax, and get ready for the compliments to come pouring in—cause your nails are gonna look fab!


Nude shades are here to stay. In 2020 we saw the rise in popularity of nude shades everywhere—shoes, bags, dresses, nails. You name it, and it probably came in a glossy nude shade. This trend is holding strong for 2021, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

A classy nude shade is perfect for any outfit or occasion. You can pair it with a sexy dress for a romantic night out or your favorite power suit for a professional vibe. Nudes are versatile and go well with almost anything. 

One of our most popular nude shades is Tuscan Tea. This shade is creamy, classic, and looks great with all skin tones. It’s the perfect basic nude for any time of year. 

Another great shade is Pale Pink. This nude pink is excellent for creating a French manicure. If you are looking for something soft and feminine but still neutral, this is the color for you. 

Want a nude that is a bit bolder? Try Nude Attitude—it's all in the name. This rich nude shade is the perfect statement nude. If you're looking for a fashion-forward nude color, then this is your best option. 


Over the last year, we've all been taking time off from our daily makeup routines during quarantine. This time has renewed our skin and reminded us to love our natural beauty. If you are looking to embrace your natural, healthy nails, why not treat yourself to a manicure without the color? 

Simple, clear nail color is back in a big way. This chic nail trend will leave you looking natural but with a polished glow. Just because you're sporting your natural nails doesn’t mean that you should forego polish altogether. With a clear coat of dip powder, your nails will be looking fresh while the dip powder strengthens your nails and keeps them from breaking.  

If you want to elevate your clear coat manicure for a special event, try applying a subtle sparkle. Nail-Stalgic is the perfect subtle shade that will keep your natural look but with a touch of glam. 

The 2021 Red

Red is widely known as the most classic shade of polish. This classic color has been around as long as nail polish itself—since 3000 B.C. Originally popular with royalty, this color has become a timeless favorite of everyone. There’s a reason there are so many shades of red at the salon. 

Take your classic cherry red, add a pinch of coral, and you have the 2021 red. This vibrant shade of red is bold and hot. If you want to wear this trendy color, then try Date Night. This slightly coral shade of red is perfect for adding a bold touch to any look!

Not a fan of bright reds? Don’t worry. This year deep reds are just as fashionable. Try a deep berry-colored red like Cloudberry for a sophisticated, elegant look. Sunset Fog is also an excellent option for a fancy date or night out on the town. This sultry color is a deep orangy red that finishes with a glossy shine—you’ve got to try it!


A fresh manicure is a great opportunity to express yourself with bold colors. Neons had their moment in the 80s and are coming back in a big way. Neon shades are perfect for anyone with an outgoing personality—young or old. Be bold, unapologetic, and sport a set of nails that scream, “Look at me!”

Go screamin’ green with Lucky Lime, or channel your inner Beyoncé with Lemonade. Every one of our neon shades is rich, vibrant, and will apply in 2-3 coats. Can’t decide which neon shade to pick? Why not get the whole set and change your color with each outfit? You can change your color as often as you want—that’s the perks of doing your nails at home. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to live life to its fullest. In 2021 bold neons are back to remind us what it's like to be happy and live life all-out! Cheer yourself up with a bright pink shade like Pink Lemonade. Every time you look down at this cheery shade, you won’t be able to keep from smiling. 

Earthy Tones

2021 is all about connecting with yourself and the earth. That's why earthy tones are a new hot color. These bold, rich colors create a sense of tranquility and calm. Go for an earthy brown or green to balance your mind and switch up your usual go-to colors. 

One of our favorite earthy tones is a serene green. Try Matcha Magic for a nail color that is equally bold and yet still earthbound. This shade is the perfect alternative for someone who favors nudes and pinks. It looks great with all skin tones and is surprisingly versatile outfit-wise. 

If you want to try out a rich brown, then Latte Lady should be your go-to. This shade is rich and can be dressed up or down. It looks great with contrasting lighter skin tones as well as complimentary darker skin tones. You simply can’t go wrong with this earthy, elegant shade. 


Pastels are the perfect nail color for spring, summer, or any time of the year. Pastel polish is chic and cute. The most popular pastel shades this year are creamy mint green and pastel purple. 

Freshen up your nails with Cutecumber. This gorgeous shade is the perfect pastel shade for your spring fantasy. This shade is the ideal pair for a matching mint sweatsuit and clean white sneakers. Say hello to spring with this perfect shade of pastel green. 

Pastel purples are equally as popular this year. The only problem is we can’t choose which shade we like best, Lilac Attack or Purple Prestige. Both of these pastel shades are a total vibe. If you want to be extra trendy, put your dip powder skills to the test by combining both shades into one harmonious design. You could also paint one on each hand or every other nail. 

Mix It Up

Nail trends this year are all about creativity. Don’t be afraid to show your style by combining lots of different colors. Choose complementary colors, contrasting colors, or different shades of the same color. You can use two colors, five colors, or even ten different colors—it’s up to you! 

Embrace every shade of blue to create a gradient manicure. Start with a dark shade of blue on one side, then work your way to lighter shades ending on your thumb. This hot nail trend is easy to achieve with these shades in this order:

  1. Pinky- Start with a deep Ocean Blue.
  2. Ring Finger- Next, go slightly lighter with Boo Blue.
  3. Middle Finger- Then go for a medium blue with Baby Blues.
  4. Pointer Finger- Go pastel with Mint Kiss.
  5. Thumb- Finish with your lightest blue, Blues Clues.  

These gorgeous colors look great on their own, but if you combine them strategically, you will end up with a fashion-forward look perfect for any trendsetter. You can achieve this gradient look with any color of your choice. So get creative!


Wrap Up

Use Nailboo Dip Kits to up your nail game with 58 amazing shades to choose from and salon-quality results that will have your nails looking fab for up to six weeks.

No matter which shade of color you choose, be sure to always express yourself unapologetically. All of these colors are on-trend, but what really brings them to life is you. If you love your nails, then compliments are sure to follow. 



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