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3 Best Nail Dip Kits To Make Your Nails Shine

You might have heard of the dip nail powder trend. You also might have found dip powder in salons or seen dip powder kits before. However, the truth is, nail dip is often not done correctly at salons. Luckily, though, it’s way easier to do at home than you ever thought. 

With the Nailboo method, there is no risk of sanitary hazards, and the process is simple. The nail dip powder process can be solved by a simple kit, like our Nailboo dip nail kit. 

With our three Nailboo dip powder kits, there’s no more fifteen-step process or nails that take hours to complete. We created a three-step process that takes approximately ten minutes to complete. For your nails to transform from mediocre to a magical manicure, these are the kits you want to use. Keep it simple with us at Nailboo. 

What Is Nail Dip?

Nail dip is basically a magical acrylic powder that reacts with the base coat adhesive instantly. At Nailboo, we have eliminated the dreaded manicure-drying process entirely, and we’ve completely changed the way people experience at-home manicures. Nail dip is the easiest, most affordable, and quickest DIY at-home manicure to perform because it mostly does the work for you. No more polishing perfectly inside the lines, and no more worry about how your nails will come out. With Nailboo, they always will look amazing. 

This is how our Nailboo manicures work (and this is the long version): 

  1. Prep Nails —wash  hands, oil and push back cuticles, clean dirt from under nail, file and buff nails
  2. Apply Base Coat—Paint nails with the provided base coat for powder bonding
  3. 1st Dip—Place nails into color powder of choice 
  4. Brush— Remove the excess powder with our essential brush
  5. 2nd Dip—If needed, re-dip nails for a solidifying second layer
  6. Apply Activator essential—Activates powder, brightens color, and helps process quicken 
  7. Apply Top Coat—Seal color with a final top coat 

If your nails are already looking healthy and clean, here’s the quick version:

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Dip nails
  3. Activate

It’s a three-step process that requires no clean-up and is odor-free. Yes, that’s right. With Nailboo, it only takes three steps. All we know is that we’re in 2021, and it’s about time someone made an instantly dry manicure without the need for hazardous UV light. So, we decided to take the matter into our own hands, literally, and find a ‘nail-biting’ solution. 

We were on the edge of our seats when we figured out what we needed to make our at-home manicure kit quick and salon-quality while still making the process simple for our Nailboo community.

What Are The Benefits Of Nail Dip?

For starters, our kits sell the fastest drying manicure ever made. Imagine a manicure with instant drying, and then stop imagining it and start believing that it exists!

Want to know the other benefits of Nailboo nail dip kits? Not that you really need more than that—but here are fifteen other reasons why our Nailboo kits are the best at-home nail powder kits available. 

  1. The total manicure application takes less than ten minutes
  2. The process achieves a salon-quality manicure, with professional training
  3. Our nail dip manicure lasts longer than any other manicure method ever invented, including acrylic and gel
  4. Our Nailboo method is safer than acrylic and gel
  5. Our manicures last up to six weeks, with no touch-ups needed
  6. The process helps achieve super pigmented colors
  7. The nail dip process doesn’t cost as much as a salon
  8. Dip nails harden immediately, without UV
  9. Our process is odor-free and mess-free
  10. Great for design work
  11. The removal process is safe and better for your nails than any other removal process
  12. Zero dry time is required
  13. It’s the simplest method for DIY 
  14. Requires no machines or drying systems
  15. The safest process available 

Kit #1: Nailboo Starter Kit

Here’s what’s in our Nailboo Dip Kit Starter: liquid essentials and cleaner, build powder, one colored dip powder, accessories, and remover clips. 

Here's a breakdown of what Liquid Essentials and Build Powder do:

Liquid Essentials

  1. Base: first step in the process and used before applying colored powders
  2. Activator: used after applying the base coat and Build Powder / Color Powdered coats are applied. It’s used to harden powder and seal in color.
  3. Top: finishing touch that secures everything together, protects nails from UV to keep them long-lasting, and delivers that glossy manicure shine.
  4. Cleaner: cleans and dissolves unwanted residue that hardens bristles during application. This cleaner is for your brush only, not for your nails.  

Build Powder

This is a 1oz product that applies as a clear powder. It’s applied before using colored powder for a strong foundation to prevent lifting and cracking. This powder also protects your nail when you file it.

One Colored Dip Powder

This color powder is similar to that of the build powder, except it’s the color your nails will be for your manicure! Our color dip powder is custom-made for the most vivid nail color. Our collection is highly pigmented because our powders have an ultra-fine consistency. Our color powders strengthen nails and help keep your natural nails safe during the powder dip manicure process. 

Within each color powder bottle are up to 30 sets of nails waiting to be dipped. This powder guarantees no chipping for up to six weeks, requires no UV/LED light, and can be easily removed in under 15 minutes. 


  • Powder Brush: For a smooth nail dip application, this brush is perfect for dusting off excess dip powder that gets around your nails. 
  • Four-Way File: With grit counts of 40, 320, 1000, and 3000, this file is an essential accessory for perfect nail shaping
  • Cuticle Pusher: A nail accessory kit wouldn’t be complete without a cuticle pusher to help keep your nail beds healthy, your nails growing strong, and your nails full groomed for your perfect at-home manicure 
  • Remover Clips: This accessory is essential for after your Nailboo dip manicure has seen its better days and you’re ready to remove it. With these reusable nail clips, the removal process is safe for your nails, safe for the environment, and simple for soaking off your polish. 
    The removal process takes a maximum of 15 minutes and consists of a couple of steps—buffing nails, applying acetone to cotton and placing on the nail, attaching the Remover Clips over the acetone, and letting it sit for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes are up, remove the Remover Clips and use your cuticle pusher to remove access dip powder residue. The final step is to buff and smooth out nails for your next at-home nail dip manicure!

What Are In Kits #2 And #3?

Kit #2 and #3 are similar to our Nailboo kit  #1, except they get better…

The Nailboo Dip Kit Essential gives you the option to grab up to four colors for your first manicure. This gives you the opportunity to mix and match, start some design work, or simply have four colors you can use in rotation!

The Nailboo Dip Kit Pro gives you a total of six powders! The possibilities with this amount of colors are endless and can last you for years of experimenting. Of course, you’ll want to get more colors at some point because it’s really exciting to have the full collection!

Nailboo Kits Are The Best For The Nail Dip Process

If you can’t decide whether our Nailboo kits are for you, think about what kind of person you are. Here’s a quick question test:

Do you like waiting in long lines or shorter lines? If you answered ‘shorter’ than our Nailboo kits are for you. This question is relevant because our kits are the quickest of any at-home nail dip kits, and if you like shorter lines, you’ll like our quick process.

Do you like when things you buy last a while or break a couple of weeks after purchase? If you answered ‘last a while,’ then our Nailboo kits are for you. This question is relevant because our nail dip kits produce the longest-lasting manicures.

Do you like avoiding potentially dangerous situations? If you answered ‘yes,’ then our Nailboo kits are for you. This question is also relevant because the UV lights used in other kinds of manicures can be harmful, and Nailboo doesn’t need UV to dry.

We just want you to have the best manicure experience possible, and we want you to enjoy it from the comfort of your home, and we want you to have a safe process that actually makes sense. 

No more nail nonsense. Welcome to the Nailboo community. 



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