Nail Shapes: An Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Nails

Nail Shapes: An Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Nails

There are many different ways to go about achieving a unique and personal manicure that really showcases your style. You can try out different manicure methods, like acrylics, gels, or the dip polish kits available here at Nailboo. You can mix and match colors and patterns to fit the season, holiday, or next big event, or you can find a new nail shape and show it off in all your favorite colors. 

Here at Nailboo, we go beyond providing the resources and tools you need to get a gorgeous dip polish manicure. We also want to share information on the latest trends and styles in nail art and the best ways to keep your nails healthy and strong for years to come. Here’s a look at what you’ll want to know about some of the most popular and exciting new nail shape designs. 

Why Do Nail Shapes Matter? 

You might be wondering if the shape of the nail is really all that important. After all, the colors, patterns, and decals are bright and exciting and may take away from the shape of the nail. 

The truth is, however, that the shape of your nail plays several important roles and there are many reasons you’ll want to consider shape carefully before your next manicure. Here are just a few. 

It Can Influence Nail Health 

If your nails are brittle or not very strong, it’s important to start with a nail style that will protect them and allow them to grow back. The shape and size of your nails can affect the health of the cuticle and nail bed and may help to prevent cuticle damage or irritation that comes along with it. Finding the right shape is one of the first steps you can take in protecting the health and wellness of your nails. 

It Can Determine Your Routine 

Some nail shapes require more time and patience than others. If you love a quick nail routine so you can head out the door, then that can help you pick which of the following shapes is best for your personal needs. 

If you’re more interested in displaying your creativity and making a bold statement, then you can find a shape that matches. Your type of routine and your access to nail care resources can all play an important role in determining your proper nail shape. 

They’re a Great Way To Express Yourself 

Nail art has been used as a means of self-expression and creativity for thousands of years, and there are even more great options and opportunities to create your own beautiful look now. You can experiment with patterns and designs, add decals, gems, and stamps, or try out new colors for every season. The shape of your nail will help you create a beautiful look that fits your fingers and inspires new styles and ideas. Nail shapes can spark creativity and allow you to showcase your personality.  

A Guide to Nail Shapes 

With so many different nail shapes, it can be difficult to know where to start, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you learn about the options for your nail shapes and to provide the information you need to make the right choice every time. Here are some of the most common nail shapes and upkeep routines that you can try out for your next manicure. 

Round Nails 

Round nails are one of the most classic and common shaped nails for a reason. They’re a great option for anyone who wants to avoid the fuss of upkeep but still wants gorgeous, creative nails that look great for a long time. Round nails tend to be shorter than other styles, but you still have lots of great options for customizing and styling your round nails. 

Square Nails 

Square nails are another one of the most low-key nail shapes when it comes to the upkeep and care process. They stand out from the rest due to their corners and square shape and tend to be a favorite for people who have longer nail beds. Square nails are a great option because you can have them longer or shorter, depending on your personal style. 

Oval Nails 

Oval nails take the classic style of round nails and add a little something special all their own. While they do require a little more upkeep than round nails, simply by virtue of their length, they’re a very romantic style with lots of great options for customizing. Oval nails look gorgeous in a single color, but you can try any of your favorite nail art styles, decals, or stamps to showcase your style. 

Squoval Nails 

Can’t pick between oval and square nails? You don’t have to. Enjoy all the length and chicness of oval nails with the fun of square nails when you try out this trendy new look, squoval nails. 


They’re a little bit longer than traditional square nails and are characterized by a combination of the classic square corners and oval curves. They’re incredibly flattering on many different nail and finger shapes and you never have to worry about catching or snagging with squoval nails. 

Almond Nails 

Almond nails really make a statement. As the name indicates, almond nails are shaped like almonds, so they’re similar to oval nails but with a more pointed tip. 

This does mean they have a little more upkeep, but not much. Almond nails still fall in the middle when it comes to nail care, but they offer so much when it comes to beautiful designs and romantic styles. 

Ballerina Nails 

Ballerina nails are inspired by the shape of a ballet slipper. Like ballet, they are chic and elegant and add a high-quality luxury style to any manicure. Because of their smooth, in-motion design, they look gorgeous in a single color. Ballerina nails tend to be very large and long, which means they’re also a good choice for individuals who like nail art and unique designs. 

Ballerina nails do require more upkeep and care than some of the smaller nails, so it’s important to consider your daily activity and work needs to make sure you’re picking the best nail shape for your job. 

Coffin Nails 

Coffin nails are very similar in shape to ballerina nails, but with a few extra lines. They’re shaped like coffins, which is why they’re often a favorite around the spooky season, and tend to be a little more fun and silly than some of the other long and large nail types.

Like ballerina nails, coffin nails require a lot of work and care to maintain, so it’s important to consider how often you’ll need to type or open containers before getting coffin nails applied. 

Stiletto Nails 

Stiletto nails are named after the stiletto shoe and they’ve earned the distinction. They’re long and very sharp at the end, which means lots of possibilities for unique nail designs and ideas. 

Stiletto nails narrow to a sharp point, which means they do require a lot of upkeep and can be difficult to manage if you’re not used to long or sharp nails, but they’re bold, beautiful, and chic and sure to impress every time, 

Edge Nails 

If you love the look of the stiletto but you’re looking for a nail that’s a little more practical, then the edge shape might be the right fit for you. 

The edge shape has a flatter and wider point, which means it’s easier to use your nails for daily activities while still maintaining a sleek design. If you like chevron patterns, this is a great nail option to fit your needs. 

Arrow Nails 

Arrow nails are the easy to maintain option for people who love a sharp point but don’t want to have to worry about upkeep and care. Like edge and stiletto nails, arrow nails come to a point in the middle, but they’re much shorter and flatter than other pointed nail options. 

This gives you more opportunity to move around throughout the day without worrying about your nails but still allows you to serve chic and modern designs with ease. 

Lipstick Nails 

Lipstick nails get their name from the shape of lipstick coming out of the tube. They are raised and pointed on one end and offer plenty of canvas space for style and designs. They have a little of the square nail aesthetic but can be styled up to or down to fit your preferred design and level of subtly. Lipstick nails are bold and trendy and there are many ways to make this shape all your own. 

Flare Nails 

Flare nails are another great option for showcasing your style when you step into a room and they’re definitely not for the faint of heart. 

If you’re looking for a nail style that’s sure to make you stand out, flare nails are the way to go, and you have a couple of different options you can take when it comes to your flare nails. 

Flare nails are also called fan nails sometimes and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike stiletto and edge nails, which start thick and get thinner, flare nails start thin and fan out to a larger tip. This gives you a lot of canvas to decorate on if you like complex nail art and design. It also creates a sense of movement and beauty that puts your nail art into motion. 

Mountain Peak and Rock Peak Nails 

These are two different nail shapes, mainly because they are two different sizes. The mountain peak shaped nail falls somewhere between almond and stiletto styles, in terms of its shape and difficulty protecting and managing. 

It’s a nice way to get a pointed nail without worrying. The rock peak nail is a flat and square pointed nail that looks similar to an edge nail or an arrowhead but without the length. You have several different pointed nail options to pick from, depending on your lifestyle. 


Shape can play an enormous role in the final style of your nails, and so much more. Picking the right nail shape is essential for keeping your nail safe and healthy and for preventing complications like irritation. 

It’s also important to know how much movement or access you’ll need throughout the day before you pick your next manicure. Certain tasks, like typing, can be more challenging with very long nails, and you may want to consider one of the smaller alternatives. 

No matter what your needs might be, you have many different nail shape options to pick from. Enjoy pointed edges, rounded edges, nails designed to last, and more. Nailboo is here to help you every step of the way. 

We make it easy to find the right tools for the job and to ensure that your nails remain strong, healthy, and happy for many years to come. To start, we offer easy to use dip kits for nail polish dip manicures that you can try out from the comfort of home. And that’s not all; explore our growing library of nail care and support and begin picking out your next nail shape, design, and style. 



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