Nail Tech Gifts: 12 Gifts To Give Your Nail Tech

Nail Tech Gifts: 12 Gifts To Give Your Nail Tech

Manicure lovers know that proper nail care can make all the difference. It can keep your nails strong and healthy and give you the confidence to tackle whatever the day might bring. While there are many great ways for applying manicures at home, you may also have a nail technician that you rely on for all the latest and great nail looks, and you want to show them that they’re appreciated. 

Nailboo has you covered. Not only do we carry easy-to-use nail dip kits and manicure supplies, but we love sharing tips and guides for navigating every stage of the manicure and nail care business. And that means taking the best possible care of your nail technicians. 

Gifts for Your Nail Tech 

Your nail tech helps you to achieve lovely and creative nail ideas and designs for any season and any outfit. They have you covered from short nails to ballet styles, to squovals, and more. Here are a few gift ideas to share when you want to show your thanks. 

1. Themed Shirt or Sweatshirt 

What’s more fun than a shirt that totally fits the theme? When it comes to cute manicures and beautician-inspired clothes, you have lots of great options to pick from. Consider tee shirts, tank tops, or sweatshirts, depending on the season, and pick out a themed image or phrase that really fits their personality. 

2. Something for the Office 

Your tech is running their own business, whether they work a chair, run the salon, or they’re on the go. Consider sharing a gift that can help them to grow their business or make their day a little bit easier. It can be hard to pick out the perfect present for another person’s office, but cute storage containers or fun planners are always a good choice. 

If you’re really stumped consider a credit to a print or stock business, so they can purchase materials, business cards, or whatever else they may need to grow their craft. 

3. A Cute Ornament 

You can’t go wrong when it comes to fun Christmas ornaments. Even if it’s early in the year or your tech doesn’t celebrate the holiday, ornaments can still hang around the house or the office. Find a cute ornament of nail polish or other beauty products, and share your combined love of manicures. 

4. A Traveling Coffee Cup 

Your nail technician is busy. After all, we rely on our techs to provide us with beautiful new looks all the time. A cute traveling coffee mug, especially one that’s themed around nail polish and beauty can really do the trick. Not only is it fun and thoughtful, but traveling coffee mugs are a useful tool that they’re sure to use again and again. 

5. Facemasks and Tea 

We rely on our beauticians to take care of us, but who takes care of them? Consider putting together a nice care package for a spa night at home, with facemasks, lotions, scrubs, and more. 

Relaxing teas can also be a great option for them to wind down and enjoy some peace and calm while they recharge. You may also want to consider a gift card to a spa or for a massage if it feels appropriate.  

6. Personalized Apron 

Nail technicians rely on their aprons to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness with every manicure. You can find lots of fun and exciting aprons styles and designs, so consider sharing this essential tool with your tech for the holiday or their birthday. 

You can find aprons with personalized looks and styles, cute pictures and images, or even nail tech-specific aprons with the designs to match. Explore your options and find the perfect one to fit their style. 

7. Salon Décor 

If you know what kind of décor and styles your technician will like, consider gifting them something special for their office space. It could be themed after the patterns and colors they most often pick for their own manicure or to fit the overall theme of the salon

Check out welcome mats, wall décor, lounge pillows, and more. You’re sure to find something they’ll love and appreciate.  

8. Traveling Jewelry Box

Nail techs are often on the go, but they still want to look their best for clients and colleagues. If you know your nail tech likes to travel a lot, especially if they attend regular conferences for beauticians and stylists, consider a traveling jewelry box. It’s a safe and efficient way to keep their jewelry from tangling or getting lost, and you have lots of lovely styles and designs to pick from. 

9. Chocolates and Sweets 

When your tech gets home at the end of a long day, they’ll want to indulge in something sweet—and you can never go wrong with chocolates. Consider picking up chocolate or treats from another local business, to really make the gift special and meaningful. If you know they have a breakroom at the salon, add in some treats that they can enjoy throughout the day. A cute box or mug is a great way to deliver sweet treats. 

10. A Seat Cushion 

Those of us who are in our chairs for work all day long know that an uncomfortable chair can really take a toll. That’s why you’ll want to consider sharing a seat cushion, which can mold to their form and help to provide extra support. 

It’s a thoughtful gift that can give them relief from discomfort and make it easier to focus on creating their next great design. Find options designed specifically for beauticians. 

11. Back Massagers 

In addition to a seat cushion, you may want to consider gifting your nail tech a back or neck massager. After a long day of creating beautiful art, techs often feel strain in their backs, necks, and shoulders, and a massager can help to work out the knots, so they can start fresh again in the morning. 

12. A Coffee Gift Card 

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a gift card for coffee. Try to pick a coffee shop you know they like to visit or one that’s close to the salon so it’s convenient, and make it festive with a nice card or envelope. 

Coffee is a great choice because it’s a chance for them to treat themselves, especially on long, busy days. And when coffee just isn’t hitting the spot, there’s always chocolate chip cookies. 



We rely on our beauticians for a lot, which is why we want to find the perfect gift for the nail techs we love. The good news is that you have lots of great options to pick from, including salon décor, personalized shirts, and aprons, or coffee mugs and gift cards. You know your nail tech best, and it’s easy to find the perfect gift for their needs with this Nailboo guide. 

We’re also here to help you find the best tools for when you want to apply that manicure at home. Explore our catalog of dip polish kits to try out a unique style of manicure yourself, and check out our guides and resources for design inspiration. Trust Nailboo for all your nail care needs, including the best gifts for your favorite nail techs. 

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