Ombre Nails: 12 Beautiful Ombre Nail Designs To Try Right Now

Ombre Nails: 12 Beautiful Ombre Nail Designs To Try Right Now

Ombre nails have been growing in popularity in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. There are so many different styles and options to pick from when it comes to an ombre nail design, and there’s a look for any occasion, whether you’re headed into the office or out for a night on the town. 

Nailboo is here to help you find that perfect look every time. We’re dedicated to bringing salon-quality manicures home, which is why we carry a wide collection of manicure tools and resources for everyone, from the first-timer to the expert. It’s easy to care for your nails, cuticles, nailbeds, and more with Nailboo. 

And while we’re all about the nail dip process, we’re also sharing the best manicure tips and tricks for achieving your favorite styles every time, including gorgeous ombre styles. 

Ombre Nail Designs 

Ombre refers to a pattern where like colors fade into one another. It creates a beautiful, cascading effect and gives the viewer a sense of motion. It’s easy to achieve ombre looks at home, and you have many different styles and designs to pick from. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

1. Neutral Ombre 

A neutral ombre design can be versatile and appropriate for many different occasions and activities. If you’re looking for a style you can wear into the office, the neutral ombre won’t steer you wrong. Use your favorite neutral or nude shades to create that cascading effect from tip to base. Go as strong or as subtle as you like, depending on your wardrobe and the colors you like. 

2. French Tip Ombre 

Another chic and elegant look that will serve you well for many different events and occasions is the French tip ombre style. It’s inspired by the classic French tip design, which is typically made up of a soft pink polish and white tip. With the ombre variation, the white tip will gradually fade into the pink of the nail. French tips are classics for a reason, and the ombre style is no exception. 

3. Ombre Set 

You can change up the traditional ombre design if you want, as well. Instead of applying an ombre pattern on each individual nail, consider an ombre style that moves across the whole hand. Apply a slightly lighter, brighter, or darker shade to each nail in order to create a beautiful, moving style that’s sure to stand out. 

4. Shades of Gray 

One truly unique ombre style you won’t want to miss is the all-gray palette. Gray naturally blends and changes easily and the effects of the grayscale ombre are chic and very beautiful. It matches well with many different outfits and styles, and you can add a touch of metallic silver or glitter to really make your grayscale style stand out. 

5. Pastel Ombre

And if you’re all about the colors, pastel ombre can still be a great look for you. Pastels fade and change easily from one to the next and they’re a creative design that you can still wear into work. Mix and match your favorite pastel shades in a sweet and springy style with shades of blues, greens, yellows, pinks, and a whole lot more. No matter what pastels you pick, the final look will be lovely every time. 

6. Sunset Ombre 

You can also take your pastel nail inspiration from nature. Just look at the sunset! Sunsets are bold and beautiful, and they have a natural ombre style that you can capture right on your next manicure. Blend shades of bright oranges, pinks, yellows, and purples for a truly dynamic and beautiful design. 

7. Neon Ombre

The bright color options don’t stop there. If you love making a statement with your manicure, a neon ombre design might just be the way to go. You can stick to one shade for the whole set, or enjoy a different neon color in ombre on every nail. This style is bold and unapologetic and delivers every time. Explore the wide range of neon ombre nail looks and find your favorites. 

8. Ombre to Black

Typically, ombre nails move between similar colors, but you’re sure to make a statement with black. Pick a color you want to blend to black and apply it either at the tip or the base of the nail, then slowly move toward a solid black color. If you pick dark colors, like darker reds and purples, you can move straight into black. For lighter or brighter colors, consider moving through the grayscale to achieve your finished look. 

9. Ocean Ombre 

Like the sunset, the ocean has a natural movement of color and light, which makes it a great option for your next ombre design. Different oceanic regions are different colors, so explore your palette options, like turquoises and aqua for island vibes, or dark greens and blues for the wild open oceans. You can even bring the seas to the shores with sandy-colored tips. 

10. Mermaid Ombre 

The love of the open ocean doesn’t end there. If you want to add a touch of high fantasy to your next ombre nail design, consider the classic mermaid colors. Rippling shades of blues, greens, and purples can add a magical effect to your ombre design and shimmer like the scales of a mermaid’s tail. You don’t even have to give up your voice for this stunning manicure style. 

11. Glitter Ombre 

Here at Nailboo, we’re all about the glitter. You can add touches and accents of glitter to all your favorite ombre designs, but you can also create glitter ombre styles that stand out all on their own. It’s easy to get that cascading, movement effect with glitter, and you can apply your glitter over changing colors of paint or even change the different colors of glitter. When it comes to shiny nail styles, the possibilities are endless. 

12. Ombre with Decals

Are you looking for even more bling and shine on your next manicure? Consider adding in gemstones, decals, stamps, and more. You can take a unique and style ombre manicure to the next level with everything from rhinestones to glitter accents. Design the set around your favorite decals and charms, or add on that little something extra once the manicure is complete. Either way, the look is sure to stand out. 


Ombre is a unique and stylish nail design that can be customized to fit your personal style and wardrobe. There are many looks to pick from, whether you like subtle and neutral manicures or you’ll all about the bright and bold colors. 

When you’re ready to apply the next ombre manicure, try stand-out styles like natural sunsets and oceans, bold neons, sweet pastels, and fresh takes on French tips. You can even add a little something extra with glitter ombre looks and your favorite gems and decals. 

No matter what your next ombre manicure might be, turn to the team at Nailboo to help you find the right tools for the job. We’re bringing the salon to you, with easy-to-use nail dip kits and great guides to all your favorite nail styles, patterns, shapes, and more. Create an ombre look you love with Nailboo today. 

Get the Look 

Love the sunset ombre style mentioned above? You can find the perfect colors for the job right here at Nailboo, including some of the following: 

  1. Magenta: Be Grapeful
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  3. Bright Pink: Pink Lemonade
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  7. Light Yellow: Thunderstanding
  8. Neon Yellow: Lemonade        



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