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Pick the Right Nail Color to Suit Your Look

Switching up your nail color can be a great way to express yourself, but it can sometimes be difficult to settle on the perfect color for your look with so many colors to choose from. That’s why we have created the ultimate guide for picking the right nail color for your look. No matter what type of aesthetic you like to rock, we’ve got the perfect colors to match for any occasion. 

The Best Type Of Manicure For Every Style

Looking for the best type of manicure for your style? No matter what your style is, the best type of manicure is always the one that looks great and lasts the longest. That’s why you need a Nailboo dip powder manicure. With a handy Nailboo Dip Kit, you can get salon-quality results in a matter of minutes with easy at-home application. 

Dip powder is the hottest nail trend for a reason. Dip manicures dry instantly and last for up to six whole weeks without chipping. You can save thousands of dollars by ditching the salon and switching to Nailboo. With 58 different colors to choose from, you will surely find the perfect color to match your look for many weeks to come. 

Simply paint on your base coat, dip your nail in the color powder, brush off the excess, apply the magic liquid activator, and seal in your color with a glossy top coat. You’ll have a new set of nails in a matter of minutes. If you're looking for the best way to rock a fresh set of nails 365 days a year, then you’ve found the right product. 

Different Colors For Different Looks

Painting your nails with colors is a practice that has been around since 3200 B.C., when Babylonian warriors would paint their nails before heading off to battle. Since then, nail adornment has been popular with cultures around the world for many centuries. Often, the color of your nails would signify your rank in society.  

Nowadays, colors still have symbolic meaning but don’t have quite as many rules. You can pick and choose your nail color freely and express yourself however you like. So, which color should you pick?

Versatile Classics For Any Look

Some nail colors are so classic that they don’t belong to any single look or aesthetic. This is the case with red nail polish. Red is a timeless nail color that can be worn with any look for any occasion. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t variations in shade. That’s why the reds section takes up half the polish rack at your nail salon. 

Cherry Red

Who doesn’t love a classic cherry red? This color is feminine, sexy and looks great with any style of outfit. Whether you like to rock a professional look or something edgier, you can never go wrong with a true red. 

Our favorite shade of cherry red is the dip powder shade Pop Star. This classic red is perfect for any look and is way easier to apply than typical red nail polish. With this rich, vibrant shade, you’ll be turning heads with your red hot nails. 

Red With A Hint Of Orange

This color is equally as versatile as cherry red but is much more current and trendy. By adding just a touch of coral, this shade has taken red into 2021. This color is perfect for vacation looks, parties, or even everyday wear. 

Our favorite dip powder red with a pinch of orange is Date Night. This flirtatious shade of red is perfect for bold personalities, trendsetters, and anyone who wants to make a statement. Pair this nail shade with a matching purse or phone case to take your look to the next level. This orangey-red is hot hot hot!

Great Colors For A Classy Professional Look

It’s a common idea that you should dress for the job you want. Whether you are trying to create a look that says hire me, promote me, or I’m the boss, you can’t go wrong with a deep red or tasteful muted nude. These colors look both powerful and professional to complete your boss lady look. 

Deep Berry Red

If you are looking for a shade of color that will have you looking professional but will still transition seamlessly for a date night, then try Cloudberry. This shade is work-friendly and projects confidence but still has a hint of femininity to pair with sexy looks on a night out. 

This is the perfect working girl shade. No time to change your nail color on the weekends? No problem! This shade will work wonders for your busy life. 

Muted Nude

Is your look sleek and professional without a lot of bold colors? Then try the dip powder shade Chestnut Chills. This nude looks great on all skin tones and is the perfect shade for any sleek, professional look. Pair this color with a luxury handbag, and you will be looking like an absolute boss. 

Bold Shades For Trend Setting Babes

Do you like to make a statement with your fashion? If you want to turn heads with your looks and make a statement, then these are the colors for you. Vibrant neons, deep rich colors, and a touch of sparkle are all great pairs for an outgoing look. 


Neons are making a huge comeback in 2021. They scream, “look at me!” If your style is bold and colorful, then you have got to hop on this trend. 

Channel your inner Beyoncé with a coat of Lemonade. This hot color is happy, vibrant, and as bold as your wildest looks. Want something more feminine? Add some pink to your lemonade with Pink Lemonade

We also love Lucky Lime, Violet Vanity, and Sunset Star. Try using a different neon shade on each finger for a multi-color look that is bold and fierce. Any one of these vibrant neons will be the perfect accessory to an already bold look. 


If you are a trendsetter with a very go with the flow attitude, you should try out a calming pastel shade. A chic pastel looks good on any length of nail and is an excellent accessory for any look. Try pairing this color with a floral spring look or contrast it with an edgy all-black look. It’s up to you.

We love any shade of pastel blue ranging from an icy blue to a cotton candy blue. If you are trying to match a formal look, go for something subtle and soft like Blues Clues. If you are matching a fun summer look or a going-out look, then opt for a brighter pastel blue like Baby Blues or Mint Kiss.

For a more romantic look, go for a pastel purple like Lavender Mist or Lilac Attack. Both of these colors are super trendy and perfect for a flirty spring look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match multiple shades of the same pastel color contrasting with lighter and darker shades. A two-tone pastel design will also take your look to the next level. 

Best Colors To Complete Any Outdoorsy Look

If you are a frequent hiker or yogi, or you just have a lot of clothes in earth tones, then these are the perfect nail colors to compliment your look. These colors are a great way to stay grounded and also make for a stunning manicure. You can use earth tones to stay neutral or to make a statement.

Leafy Greens

To make a statement with an earth tone, you can’t go wrong with a leafy green. Our favorite leafy green dip powder shade is Magic Matcha. This dreamy shade of mute green is gorgeous and looks great with all skin tones. This color is also surprisingly versatile and will go with almost any look while still looking bold and fresh. 

Rich Brown

For a more neutral earth tone, try a rich brown like Latte Lady. This creamy neutral earth tone is the perfect shade for all of your outdoorsy looks. It's gorgeous on all skin tones and makes for a really subtle nail glow-up. Match this nail look to your favorite hiking boots to complete your natural look. 

Wrap Up

Now you know the ins and outs of finding the perfect nail color to suit your look. Remember that you can always make your own rules and experiment with unexpected shades and combinations. Who knows? You may just create the next hot trend. 



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