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Shellac Nails: A Beginner's Guide

There are so many different ways to style and care for your nails that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Shellac nails are just one great option if you’re on the search for an innovative approach to glossy, long-lasting nail styles with plenty of unique and exciting colors for any time of year. They can stand up to the tough stuff and last longer than many other manicure options, and you’ll notice fewer peels when you use a shellac nail style. 

When it comes to designing the perfect manicure process for your nails, Nailboo has you covered. We believe that a long-lasting, nail-healthy manicure shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing the best in nail care straight to your home, with instant-dry dip kits and tons of great resources on performing a professional job right from the comfort of home. 

Whether you’re an old hat at the left-handed manicure or you’re just starting out, Nailboo has the tools and resources that will ensure you get the healthy, personalized manicure you deserve every time. Here’s what you’ll want to know about getting started with your own set of shellac nails today. 

What Are Shellac Nails? 

Before you can begin designing and perfecting your own shellac nails at home, it’s important to understand what they really are—and what sets them apart from similar types of manicures. 

Shellac nails are actually a specific brand of polish created by a company called Creative Nail Design. Not only will you find over one hundred unique and beautiful colors of shellac nail polish, but they can actually go a long way to protecting your nails, as well, with the unique two-layer process. 

You’ll enjoy all of the benefits of gel and nail polish in a single manicure when you use shellac nail polishes, which last a long time and keep your nails safe from outside damage and damage from the manicure process itself. Shellac nails are also designed to last—at least fourteen days, in fact, which makes them a great option for busy folks who don’t have a lot of time for the retouch. 

Why Use Shellac Nail Polish?

You have a lot of different options when it comes to your next manicure, many of which are very similar to shellac. So, what makes shellac nail polish a great option for your needs when it’s time for the next spa day? Here are a couple of reasons you’ll want to try out shellac nails at home today. 

They Protect 

It’s really important to take care of your nails. Hangnails and irritations around the cuticles can cause infections or inflammation, and there are many other reasons why proper nail care is beneficial to your overall health and wellness. Shellac nails are designed to protect your nails against the damage we often experience during our busy day, thanks to the gel coat. It helps us to avoid tears or breaks that can be painful and frustrating to manage.  

They Won’t Damage Your Nails 

Not only will shellac nail polish keep your nails protected from outside threats, but the polish is also low-impact and supportive for your nails from the inside, as well. 

It’s important to note that shellac nail polish, like many manicures, is best on nails that are already healthy. If you’re worried about a gel-based application, give your nails the chance to grow strong and healthy with proper diet, serums, and moisturizers, before applying your shellac polish. This will ensure that they come off properly and that your nails don’t lose any strength or durability during the process.

Removal is important, as well. While it can be very tempting to peel away at gel-based polishes, this is where damage to the nails can accrue. Make sure you remove or have your shellac nail polished removed properly, so you can begin picking out the next great look with ease.

They Last 

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking down at your brand-new manicure, only to notice chips in the corners or at the edges. Shellac nails can help to keep your nails protected from breaks or tears, but they’re also a good option if you often experience smudging or your manicure doesn’t last very long, thanks to your work or hobbies. 

Shellac nails are a great combination of nail polish and gel, which means they’re designed to last. If you do them or have them done properly, they’ll look great for fourteen days on average, which means you don’t have to be afraid to get your hands dirty. You can even find an extender coat, which means they can look like new for up to three weeks. 

They Look Natural 

There are so many great nail options to pick from, but if you like something that looks a little more natural while still providing that long-term durability, shellac nails are a great choice. While the gel layer will ensure that your shellac nails last for a good while, the layer of traditional nail polish means that you get that natural look you love. It’s the best of all worlds for nail enthusiasts. 

There Are Lots of Options

Here at Nailboo, we know that you love to flex your creative muscles when it comes to your nails—and we don’t blame you! There are so many beautiful ways to express your style and originality, and you deserve the tools to do so. 

Shellac nails are a great option. You have more than one hundred different color options to pick from, with bolds, pastels, glitters, and jewel tones in a wide range of hues and shades, perfect for every occasion and time of year. 

What to Know About Shellac Nails 

There are many great reasons to consider shellac nail polish for your next manicure, but you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting your nails and performing the process right. Here are a few things to know about how to get shellac nails at home and maintain them with ease. 

You Can Get Them At Home

With the right tools, you can get shellac nails at home, but there are reasons you’ll want to consider getting them done professionally. Picking up the tools you need can be expensive, and it’s important to make sure that they’re removed properly to avoid damage to your nails. 

If you’re looking to get that perfect at-home manicure, dip powder is actually the move for you. It dries almost instantly, looks smooth and beautiful, and lasts just as long. 

They’re Different Than Gels 

Gel nails and shellac nails have a lot in common, especially in that you should have them removed properly to keep your nails healthy no matter what. Gel nails are less prone to chipping than shellac, but there are a few other key differences that set the two apart. It’s important to consider your lifestyle and the aesthetic you’re looking for when deciding the best option for your needs. 

They’re Easy to Remove

One of the things that sets shellac nails apart from gel nails is that they’re relatively easy to remove. While you’ll still want to make sure that it’s done right, preferably by a certified technician, the process is only a few minutes, thanks to a special removal serum designed just for that. Gel nails can be a lot more complex and lead to damage when not properly cared for. 

But guess what? Dip powder removal is even easier—because our nail kits come with everything that you need to remove your manicure like a pro. 



Here at Nailboo, we believe in the dip nail process, which means a salon-style manicure in just a few minutes, all from the comfort of home. But there are many great ways to approach your next nail style, and shellac nails are just one of the choices you have. 

They can be a long-lasting, low-impact approach to your next nail look, and you have lots of great options to pick from, including pastels, glitter, and a whole lot more. They’re also easy to have removed, and you can even do them right at home if you have the right tools. 

When you’re ready to find the best method for nail application, trust the team here at Nailboo. We’re not just dedicated to providing you with great nail dip kits that give a smooth and lasting coat every time. We also want to ensure you have the information and resources you need to find the best method of application to fit your nail needs. Explore our growing inventory and library to get started on your next perfect manicure today.



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