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Our 15 Favorite Spring Nail Designs You Should Try in 2022

While there are many health benefits to proper nail care and routine nail maintenance, one of the most fun parts of any manicure is picking out your next color or design. There are so many great ways to customize your look, based on the next event, your favorite colors, or even a new book or movie coming out. One of the easiest and most versatile options is the seasonal theme—and what’s more fun than designing a new manicure to celebrate the bright, bold, and beautiful spring season?

Whether you’ve been practicing your polish or acrylic nail skills for years or you’re on the search for a brand new way to express your style and fashion sense, Nailboo has what you need to get started. 

We’re here to share all we’ve learned about proper nail care and maintenance and to make it easy to try out the nail dipping process at home today. We’re also dedicated to providing guides, ideas, and inspiration on exciting new nail polish colors and decals so you can start creating seasonal spring designs you really love.  

Spring Nail Designs To Try in 2022 

There are so many different ways to embrace the style of the season, especially when it comes to spring. You can take advantage of the great color palette and combinations, lean into the holidays and themes, or try out abstract styles in bold hues. Here are just a few of our favorite spring manicure ideas and designs. 

1. Spring Sunset 

What’s more beautiful than a spring sunset? Not only does the spring sunset manicure blend all the loveliest shades of purples, oranges, pinks, and yellows, but it’s a super easy style to try out no matter how much nail painting experience you have. 

One great way to get a summer sunset for your next manicure is with the ombre design, but you can also try painting a more realistic sunset if you want! Let the colors speak for themselves, or add decals of cacti and trees for a beautiful sunset story. 

2. Cherry Blossoms 

You can’t have a list of the best spring nail designs without a few flowers! After all—beautiful nail art is definitely in bloom this season. We’re huge fans of the cherry blossom nail style because they incorporate the tree as well as the flower, though there are many different approaches that you can try out to find your favorites. Cherry blossoms are delicate and beautiful and make for great accent nails or an entire seasonal set. 

3. Spring Holidays

We love holiday nails, but we often think of the big, themed holidays like Christmas and Halloween when it comes to nail art. The truth is, spring delivers on some great holiday styles and nail ideas and you can try out all of your favorites. 

Easter is perfect for bunny lovers—and if all you can draw is an oval, then you’re in luck! Are you a fan of Mother Nature? Earth Day nails are fun and festive in shades of blue and green. Try out a little illustration of the earth as an accent nail or paint a tree in its honor. 

4. Spring Fruits

Who said summer fruits get to have all the fun? We love a good watermelon nail, but you also have some great choices when it comes to the best fruits of spring. The fruits in season are going to vary depending on where in the world you are, but don’t forget the citrus fruits, stone fruits like apricots, or early blooming berries. 

If you want to take your spring celebration to the next level, consider adding in some of the harvesting vegetables, as well! 

5. Daisies 

You can’t go wrong with the classics. One look at a daisy manicure tells us all we need to know about why this is such a popular and beloved nail style for sunny days. To start, daisies are the perfect way to celebrate spring, with bright colors and fun, festive styles. They’re also super easy to paint, so even if you don’t have a lot of experience with nail art or decals, daisies have you covered. 

All you need is a bobby pin. Dip the rounded head of the pin in the yellow paint for the center and place it onto the dried base color of your nail. Then clean it off and repeat the process with the white paint for the petals until you have a completed flower. Use daisies across your entire nail set or as a great accent to springtime blues or greens. 

6. Spring Leopard Print 

Add a little something wild to your spring style with spring-inspired leopard print. Leopard print is such a fun pattern and style to try out at any time of the year. When you mix and match shades of blue, pink, or yellow, you can create a final product that really fits the season. They look great as tips, accent nails, or across the whole set, and match really well with pastels. Try out your spring leopard style and share your favorites! 

7. Groovy Flower Power 

There are so many different approaches to flowers for spring (Cue Miranda Priestly—groundbreaking) but one of our favorite looks is the Flower Power-inspired groovy style of the 1970s. 

Use bright and colorful polishes like oranges, greens, and yellows for a joyful and festive style, and mix and match your flowers with peace signs, colorful abstract shapes, waves, and more. No matter how you style your Flower Power nails this spring, it’s sure to turn out groovy. 

8. Geometric Pastels 

Geometric nails are chic and professional, but you can make them all your own this spring when you style them with pastels in your favorite spring colors. There are so many different ways you can get gorgeous geometric nails, with bold lines or very thin work. 

One of the best parts of the geometric style is that it’s so easy to try out yourself, no matter how much experience you have. All you need is a little bit of nail tape and your favorite spring colors, and you’ll have a chic spring look that’s great for the office, classroom, or picnic by the lake. 

9. Botanicals 

Do you love spring flowers, but want something a little more elevated? Try out a unique Beatrix Potter-inspired botanical look that comes straight out of the field guide. Botanicals are a ton of fun, but the illustrations are classy and chic. There are so many gorgeous decal options to pick from, such as a mushroom, leaf, or pressed flower to fit your wardrobe. 

Botanical decals are also a great option for anyone who loves a cottage core vibe, so stock up on your root vegetable decals and lantern dresses today. 

10. Shades of Green 

We can also take inspiration from the garden without too many details. If you love the bright colors of spring, but you’re all about the minimalist look, then try out shades of green, or even an ombre if you like the style. 

This is a great way to embrace the season in a super easy manicure that doesn’t require any extra tools or accessories. Go for a single green shade or mix and match your lights and darks to get a final product that any hummingbird would love. 

11. Spring Marble

Marble designs are traditionally done in shades of whites, greys, and blacks, but why limit this lovely style to neutrals? Not only is marble fun and totally easy to try out at home—all you need is a cup of water!—but it turns out differently every single time, which means you’re guaranteed to have a look that no one has ever seen before. 

To make a springtime marble design, fill your water cup and add a few drops of your first spring color, then your next, adding as many as you want. It’s a good idea to paint the outside of your nail with liquid latex before dipping it into your marble design. Seal with a top coat and enjoy the finished product. 

12. Bees and Butterflies 

Flowers aren’t the only thing you’ll find in a spring garden. It’s also the perfect time of year to celebrate the critters and pollinators that enjoy our flora, like bees and butterflies! They’re so much fun to paint, you’ll want to add them to your manicure all year long. 

Bees are a versatile and festive addition to any manicure. You can create a beautiful bee story, with honeycomb, flowers, and a whole bee family on your next sunny set. Or maybe use a bee as a tiny decal for a brightly colored accent nail, instead. Bee nails can be metallic, three-dimensional, or chic and subtle, all depending on your personal style. 

When it comes to butterflies, the opportunities are endless. Try out gorgeous metallic butterflies, add a butterfly accent nail to your set, or spread your butterfly’s wings across several blue or orange nails for a dramatic and stunning design. 

13. Sunflowers 

Every spring manicure list should include sunflowers—they’re practically the staple of the season. You can add gorgeous sunflowers to the base or tip of your nails, and they mix and match well with yellow, black, and white polka dots if you’re looking to try them out as an accent design. Add a little bit of glitz and glitter with shiny gem decals for the center of the flower or at the tip of every petal. 

14. Sunshine and Clouds 

What’s really making all of those flowers grow? It’s the springtime showers! You can create beautiful and subtle clouds against pink or purple backgrounds in matte, or design a whole scene for the season with rainbows, clouds, and a smiling sun. One of our favorite additions to any sunshine story is the brightly-colored umbrella and matching rain boots—who’s up for a rainy day adventure? 

15. Polka Dots 

Polka dots aren’t just the perfect addition to your floral spring nail sets. They stand out on their own as festive seasonal styles, and they’re so easy to try out and change that you’ll want to add polka dots to every seasonal manicure throughout the year. 

You can use polka dots in your favorite colors across the set, dot them along the tips of your nails, or have them cascading up from the nail base. They’re fun, festive, and perfect for the time of year most known for rainbows. 


When it comes to spring, the manicure styles that you can try out are endless. There’s a bold, beautiful, and exciting color palette to pick from, and you can tone your hues up or down, depending on your professional needs or the next big event you’re attending. 

It wouldn’t be spring without florals, and you have lots of different floral options to pick from. Go with sunflowers, daisies, and cherry blossoms, or you can embrace the garden with botanical prints or shades of green, as well. We love a bee or butterfly design, and abstract marbles or geometric patterns are bound to deliver on the spring theme with your own personal touch. 



However you like to celebrate the spring season, Nailboo is here to help you get started. We carry a wide range of dip powder colors and easy-to-use dip powder kits, as well as guides to unique and beautiful manicure styles for any time of the year. Try out all of your favorite spring designs and share the best ones for 2022! 



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