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Our Top 9 Winter Nail Ideas To Heat Things Up This Winter

A proper manicure isn’t just the perfect way to maintain nail health and keep your nails growing strong. It’s also an excellent opportunity for artistic expression and embracing the spirit of the season or your next upcoming holiday party! In cold weather, our nails can become more vulnerable to splitting, breaking, and dryness that can cause pain and discomfort, so it’s especially important to take the time to give yourself regular manicures. 

Here at Nailboo, we’re dedicated to finding that perfect balance between the nail art you love and the nail care that will keep your nails strong year-round. We believe affordable, accessible nail care should be available to everyone, which is why we offer salon-quality dip-kits that you can begin trying out right at home today. Check out some winter nail inspiration ideas and get ready to look fabulous all season long!

What to Consider for Your Winter Nails

There are many ways to approach your seasonal style, even before you pick out a paint color. Knowing your options can ensure that your nails look great for as long as possible. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when designing your winter manicure. 

Nail Style

Your lifestyle and how often you use your hands on a daily basis can play an important role in which nail style you choose. You have many different choices to pick from, like acrylics, gels, shellac nails, and natural looks, and some require more maintenance and care than others. Explore your choices for longevity, style, and designs in order to find the right pick for your needs. 

Nail Shape 

Along with style, you’ll want to take a moment to consider which nail shape you like best. If your nails are prone to breaking or you’re on the search for a style with less maintenance, then round or square-shaped nails might be the best fit for you. Middle-range nails can be oval or almond, and the nail shapes that require more maintenance and deliver bold and dramatic looks include stiletto and ballerina shapes. 

Winter Nail Ideas 

Now comes the fun part! Once you’ve picked out your nail style and shape, you’ll get to move on to deciding on a seasonal look you love. Here are just a few great approaches you can take to unique and stylish winter nails. 

1. Shades of Silver 

Silver nails can be incredibly chic and trendy, but don’t let their elevated, neutral tone fool you. With silver nails, you have a lot of different ways to make a gorgeous statement while still staying true to the season. 

Consider using a silver glittery accent nail contrasted with a light set, or mix and match glitter with flat colors for unique and stylish patterns that get into the spirit of the season. Silver comes in glitter, shimmer, and other gorgeous options, so find the one that you like best this winter. 

2. Winter Colors

In addition to silver, you have a lot of great holiday colors to pick from. When it comes to a winter palette, you’ll want to consider using darker jewel tones like violets, forest greens, and navy or midnight blues. 

These can be a sophisticated and beautiful approach to a winter style that is classy and unique. Go for a solid set or create a pattern of your favorite shades of greens, blues, and purples. 

3. Sweater Weather

Is there anything more wintery than a cozy sweater? Get the look you love right on your nails to add a cute and cuddly style to the season. There are so many gorgeous ways to approach the sweater style nail and you’re sure to find one that matches your aesthetic. 

Create your perfect sweater pattern set or take it to the next level with a three-dimensional sweater pattern that is sure to keep you feeling warm and cozy on even the chilliest winter day. 

4. Snowflakes 

Let it snow! Snowflake nails are an adorable approach to seasonal styles, and you have a lot of different stamps, decals, and designs to pick from. Snowflakes can make for a gorgeous accent nail or be used across the whole set for the look of that perfect snow day. 

You can make them bold, with contrasting colors like white on blue, or go for a more subtle look by using similar colors for a much lighter balance. Add a dash of glitter or shimmer to get a truly festive new manicure. 

5. Plaid 

Plaid is a winter staple for its warmth and coziness, and it translates easily to your next nail design, even for beginners. Use shades of red and black for the classic plaid look, or try mixing it up with beige, green, and maroon. The style is classy and cute while still very much perfect for those chilly winter days. 

6. Candy Stripes

If you’re looking for something a little more festive, then candy stripes are the way to go. After all, candy canes are the perfect holiday treat. Red and white stripes are the most accessible and classic candy cane look, but you can also go for a gorgeous pinwheel style, or even draw the whole candy cane if you’re up for a challenge. 

7. Matte Nails

Matte nails are always a classy and sophisticated look, and their rich, warm feel makes them a perfect option for the coldest days of winter. Try out a set in your favorite winter color, or pattern different shades to get a personal, unique design. 

Matte nails are also an excellent option for bases, so if you want to add an accent nail or other holiday designs, this can be a good way to go. They’re striking all on their own, too! 

8. Hanukkah Nails 

There are so many great options for Christmas nails, like reindeer and candy canes, but Hanukkah nails can be gorgeous as well! There’s no beating the lovely color combination of blue and silver or white, and you can add your favorite decals like candles and menorahs. Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, so shining, shimmery glitter colors are always a great choice! 

9. New Year’s Nails 

Let’s not forget about New Year’s Eve! While many winter nail styles embrace the shimmery silvers of the cold season, New Year’s nails are a great opportunity to go bold and gold.

Match your New Year’s manicure to your personal style. Fireworks can be a festive nail design, or a glitter ombre can be another gorgeous approach that really gets into the spirit of the night. 

Another trendy look is a geometric metallic pattern. Get gorgeous Great Gatsby vibes with diamond designs that will really ring in the new year. Champagne glasses or the new year number are other great ways to adorn for the holiday.  



Your winter nail design options are as unique and personal as you are. It can be helpful to narrow down some of your choices by considering the style and shape of the nails that you want before you begin. Are you looking to really impress at the next upscale party? A matte, geometric, or silver nail style can be a great way to go. 

Maybe it’s all about the holiday. Candycane stripes, menorahs, and champagne glasses are cute and festive styles for celebration. You have lots of lovely winter colors to pick from, and with patterns like plaid, sweater, and snowflake, there’s something for everyone this season. 

The next time you’re on the search for the best manicure tips and tricks, or an at-home nail dip kit that will keep your nails healthy and strong, don’t forget Nailboo has you covered! We make it easy to get the care you and your nails deserve without breaking the bank, and we’re here to share some of our favorite styles and designs.



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