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Pro Files & Buffer

Elevate your mani! The perfect duo for prepping, shaping, finishing & removing dip! Includes three durable 2-sided 180/240 grit files that shape nails to perfection & a buffer block.

Pro Buffer & Files (3 Pack)

Pro Buffer & Files (3 Pack)

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Grooming kit


Salon quality, well made tools to help you achieve shiny, perfectly shaped nails. Kit includes: 

  • Powder bush: a must have for smooth dip powder application. Use this to dust off dip powder while applying. 
  • Four way file: this advanced file comes with 40 grit file, 320 grit, 1000 grit 3000 shiner grit file. 
  • Cuticle pusher: perfect for grooming your cuticles and making sure they're looking just as great as your nails!