Salon mani's from home.

Say goodbye to salons!

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A beautiful mani applied in minutes

Replace your nail salon and save thousands!


Prep nails & apply our base coat.


Dip into colored powder.


File & buff nails then apply activator & top coats.

Save thousands

Replace your nail salon

Everything needed for salon quality nails from home!

A complete pro set

Our kits come with everything you need for the perfect application start to finish.

Up to 30 sets per jar

At $50 per salon visit thats $1,200+ saved!

90+ premium colors

A new shade for every occasion!

Why 550k+ customers love Nailboo

Salon quality manicures at home for a fraction of the cost!

5 star review

"Now my nails can last up to 6 weeks without any chipping!"

5 star review

"The process was super easy. I did it in minutes & I'm in love..."

5 star review

"I love Nailboo! So easy I'm never going to the salon again!"

5 star review

"It dries super fast and you dont even need a UV lamp!"

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When you grab the Nailboo Dip Kit you’re joining an online community of 550,000+ nail enthusiasts. You’ll get access to our exclusive Facebook group with tips, tricks & special deals!

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Watch it in action

Watch a Nailboo customer apply!

Remove your dip with ease

Use the Pro Soak Removal Acetone & Bowl to soak off your mani’s! Acetone & soak bowl sold separately.

Add acetone to bowl

Soak your mani

Remove with cuticle tool & wipe

Buff until fully removed

How customers are dippin'

See how Nail Boo's are applying their dip!

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Glitter Mix


Nude Mix



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