How To Apply Chunky Glitter

In this lesson, we'll show you how to apply chunky glitters in our dip powders with precision.

Dip Powder

Apply Base Color (Optional)

Some chunky glitters will contain a transparent background, if you wish, apply a base color before using the chunky glitter. In this lesson, we're using two layers of Here's A Tip Dip Powder. Start by applying base coat and dip finger immediately into powder. Then remove any excess powder using your Grooming brush.

Shake Glitters

Shake powder jar from side to side to allow more glitter pieces to come up to the top.

Apply Base & Dip Nail Flat

Apply base coat and lay the nail flat into the powder. This will give you the most glitter coverage in one step.

Flatten Glitters

Wrap your finger in a small piece of cling wrap and lightly pat the glitter down to lay it flat against the nail. You can also use a zip lock bag or a tool to lightly pat the glitter down. Brush away any excess powder after the base has dried. Use a toothpick to clean cuticle area.

Fill In Gaps

If you have any gaps in your application, simply add a little bit of base and add a missing piece of glitter.

Encapsulate in Build Powder

Encapsulate the nail with Build Powder to protect the glitter from filing and buffing. Apply base to the whole nail and dip into the Build Powder.

Apply Activator

Apply the Activator and wait for the powder to fully harden.

File and Shape

File and buff the surface using a four-way file.

Apply Activator (2x)

Apply the second layer of Activator and wait for the powder to fully harden.

Apply Top Coat

Wait 3-5 minutes after applying activator to apply your first coat of Top Coat. Wait 2-3 minutes and follow up with a second coats of Top Coat.