How to Apply Floral Dip Powders

In this lesson, we'll guide you through the application process of our spring floral dip powders, "Boo-Quet" and "Flower Power", to achieve the perfect spring manicure.

Dip Powder
Est. 40-45 mins

Apply Base Color

Start by applying a background color. Apply a thin layer of Dip Base Liquid and immediately dip into the powder. This step is optional but will affect the final look of the manicure. Here, we are using two coats of Pretty Petal. Pretty Petal is a buildable milky pink color that looks soft and chic.

Apply Flower Dip Powder

Shake the dip jar from side to side to allow more flowers to come up to the top. Apply dip powder base liquid to the whole nail and lay the nail flat into the powder. This will give you the most glitter coverage in one step.

Flatten Flowers

Flatten any flowers using a toothpick. You can also adjust the position of the flowers while the base is still wet. If there are any gaps in your application, add a small amount of base and place a missing flower. Once the base has dried, brush away any excess powder.

Encapsulate With Build Powder

As a last step, you can also encapsulate the flowers with Build Powder to protect them from filing and buffing. Apply base to the whole nail and dip into the Build Powder. Brush away excess powder.

Apply Activator (2x)

Next, apply the Activator and wait for the powder to fully harden. File and buff the surface until completely smooth. Brush away any filing dust.

Apply the activator again and wait 3-5 minutes.

Apply Top Coat (2x)

Follow up with 2 coats of Top Coat. Wait 2-3 minutes in between coats.

Hydrate Cuticles

After nails have completely dried, apply Blissful Blooms Cuticle Oil for deep nourishment for natural nails and dry cuticles.