How to Apply Gel Top Coat on Dip Powder

Learn the precise techniques for achieving a flawless finish using Gel Top Coat on your Dip Powder in this comprehensive Nailboo lesson.

Dip Powder

Apply Dip Base Coat & Dip Into Powder

Complete dipping steps as usual. Apply a thin layer of Base. Dip into
powder. Repeat on all the nails. Brush away excess powder. Repeat the
process to build up opacity.

Apply Dip Activator

Apply Activator and wait for the powder to harden completely.

Shape Nails, But Skip Buffing

Shape the nails with a file. Leave a scratched surface. Skip buffing and the typical second Activator Coat.

Wipe Nails With Alcohol

Brush away any filing dust. For best results wipe the nails with isopropyl

Apply Gel Top Coat

Apply Forever Glaze No Wipe Top Coat. Cap the free edge.

Cure for 60 Seconds

Cure for 60 seconds in Pro Cure LED Lamp.