How To Apply Magnetic Gel Polish

In this lesson, we'll guide you step-by-step on how to achieve stunning, velvet and cat-eye nail designs using our Magnetic Gels collection.

Gel Polish

Apply Gel Base Coat & Cure

Start by applying a thin layer of Nailboo’s Forever Glaze Base Coat to your prepared nail surface. Apply in rubbing motion for best adhesion. Cure for 30 seconds in Pro Cure LED Lamp.

Apply Background Color & Cure

Optional - Apply one to two coats of the background color. Here we are using Dark Dreams Gel Polish to achieve the strongest effect. Cure for 60 seconds in between layers.

Each magnetic shade is unique and offers multiple possibilities for experimentation. For some shades, like our Gorgeous Garnet, Mystic Ruby, Sapphire Vice, and Teal Treasure, it's best to use a dark base color. For other shades such as Amethyst, Moonstone, and Pink Quartz you'll be fine without a background color.
Diamond Dust consists of pure super reflective silver magnetic particles. It is versatile and works great as a topper over any other dip or gel polish.

Apply Magnetic Gel, Magnetize & Cure

Roll the bottle between your hands to ensure it is well mixed and to bring up the magnetic particles. Apply one layer of your preferred shade from Nailboo's Magnetic Gel Collection to each nail individually.

Hold the magnet wand in the desired position for the magnetic effect. Once you've
achieved the desired effect, cure under Nailboo's Pro Cure LED Lamp for 10 seconds to freeze the design in place.

  • To create a swoosh pattern, quickly swipe the wand up and down on one side of the nail.
  • For a Velvet effect, hover the magnet at the bottom, top, and both sides of your nail for a few seconds.
  • To achieve a line effect, position the wand over your nail and lift it up quickly.
  • For a French design, start by magnetizing the velvet and then slide the wand upright.
  • For a firework effect, sweep from all sides to push the particles toward the center.

Check if you are satisfied with the opacity. You can apply an additional coat of magnetic sparkles to achieve the desired coverage or layer different colors on top of each other.

Apply Gel Top Coat & Cure

Apply thin and even layer of Nailboo’s No Wipe Top Coat. Cure for 60 seconds in Pro Cure LED Lamp.