How To Do French Tips Using Magic Dip Powder Pen

Learn the secrets of flawless French tips with our tutorial on using the Magic Dip Powder Pen, a revolutionary tool that guarantees precise, clean lines and perfect powder application every time.

Dip Powder
Est. 35-45 mins

Prepare the Magic Dip Powder Pen

To prepare the Magic Dip Powder Pen, start with the sheer pink powder to fill the main chamber. Carefully unscrew the brush from the top of the pen. Pour the powder into the tray and transfer it to the pen while keeping the pen upright. The tray features a special notch to prevent accidental spills. The pen can hold two trays' worth of powder. Securely screw the brush back in place.

Tap the tray to even out the surface of the powder and repeat the same steps on the rest of the nails. Wait for the base to absorb the powder and set, then use the included brush to dust off any excess powder.

Add French Tip Color to Tray

Add your desired french tip powder shade to the tray. Tap the side to level out the powder.

Apply Dip Base, Dip, Dispense

Apply a layer of dip powder base to the 3/4 of the nail. Ease your nail into the powder tray. There is a notch to help keep your finger centered. Lightly tap the nail to remove excess powder, holding the finger vertically so the powder doesn't transfer to the rest of the nail. Place your finger over the Necessary Pink jar. Hold the pen with the brush side facing down and press down the button. Turn the pen upside down, holding the dispenser side above the nail.

Apply Second Coat of Powder

Now it’s time for the second layer. Apply a thin coat of dipping base to the full nail. Dip just the end into the white powder tray, making sure to align the smile line with the previous coat. Tap off excess and immediately pour Necessary Pink Powder using a powder dispenser. You have to work quite fast, otherwise the base might dry and the powder won't stick to the whole nail. Repeat on all nails.

Apply Activator

After you are happy with the opacity, it's time to apply the activator to all nails and allow the powder to fully harden. Use the activator liberally to saturate all layers.

File and Buff

Check if the powder is hardened and use a nail file to shape the nails. Perfect the free edge of the nail and smooth out the surface for a salon-quality look. Use a nail buffer to get rid of any scratch marks left by the file.

Once you are happy with the shape and surface of your dip, brush off filing dust and apply Activator again, only this time apply a minimal amount, only on the surface level.

Apply 2 layer of Top Coat

Apply the first layer of Top Coat using only three quick strokes and avoiding pressing the brush too hard onto the nail. Allow the first layer to dry for about 2 minutes.

Follow up with a second Top Coat layer, applying it more precisely. Don’t forget to seal the end of the nail with Top Coat.

Hydrate Cuticles

Once the top coat has completely dried, feel free to wash your hands with warm water and soap. Afterward, apply skincare products like Blissful Blooms Cuticle Oil to hydrate and nourish your cuticles.