How To Do The Apex Method

Learn how to build the perfect Apex using our Nailboo Dip Powders for a more durable and long-lasting mani!

Dip Powder

Apply a Thin Strip of Build Powder

Take your Base Coat liquid and apply a thin strip to your prepared nail. Dip into Build Powder. Tap off and brush off excess powder.

Apply Build Powder to 3/4 of the Nail.

Apply another layer of Base Coat, this time covering three-quarters of the nail, leaving a margin around the cuticle and sides. Dip the nail into Build Powder. Let the base absorb the powder and brush away excess.

Apply Color To The Small Margin Around The Nail.

When applying a third coat of powder, get slightly closer to the cuticle. Dip into color powder of your choice.

Apply Color To The Entire Nail.

For the last step, apply a base coat to the entire nail. Immediately dip it into the powder and remove any excess. We recommend applying 2 coats of build powder and 2-3 coats of color powder. This method is more effective than applying 4 coats of color alone. Build powder does not contain any added pigments or glitters, making it stronger. It also hardens faster when activated, helping you avoid gumminess inside if you file too early.

Complete Dipping Steps

The remaining steps of the dip application are the same. Complete the process by activating, shaping your nails, activating again, and applying the top coat twice.