How To Remove Your Mani

This lesson will guide you through the process of efficiently removing nail product ensuring a swift, gentle process that prepares your nails for their next stunning look while emphasizing the importance of skin and cuticle care.

Nail Care

File Off

To begin, use a gritty nail file to remove the top layers of the product. File back and forth across the nail until you reach a thin layer. It's recommended to use a fresh, sharp nail file to make the process more efficient. By doing this, the acetone will be able to penetrate the product faster, reducing the soaking off time.

Protect Cuticles

Apply Cuticle Milk or any cream on the skin around the nails. This prevents residue from sticking to your skin and keeps cuticles from drying out.

Soak Off

Next, grab the Pro Soak Tray. Fill the Pro Soak Tray with warm water and fasten the top lid.

Pour Pro Soak Acetone Remover into all the sections. Any other 100% cosmetic acetone will also work. There should be enough remover to cover the length of your nails. Make sure the remover is not too hot and place your fingers inside the sections. The heat of the water will react with the acetone and speed up the removal process. Put a towel over your hand to keep in any vapors and keep the warmth in.

Wipe Dissolved Product

To minimize the cleanup, simply grab a cotton pad, apply pressure on the nail bed, and push the cotton pad toward the tip. The softened product should come off easily.

Buff To Shine

Use a Buffer Block or keep soaking a little longer if there is any leftover residue. To make the nail shiny again, use the white side of the 4-way buffer. If you plan to do a new manicure later skip this step.

Clean And Rehydrate

Wash your hands with soap and water and apply Cuticle Milk or Oil.