How To Use Brush Saver

Learn how to effectively clean and maintain your dip powder brushes for optimal performance with Nailboo's comprehensive Brush Saver lesson

Essential Dip Liquids
Est. 5-10 mins

Remove Excess Product

Gently wipe each brush to remove excess product. Avoid pulling on the bristles to prevent damage.

Swap Brushes

Place the dip liquid brush in the Brush Saver bottler & put the brush saver brush in the dip liquid bottle. Soak until free of residue. The longer it soaks, the better the result.

Dry Both Brushes

Before changing the brushes back, ensure they are completely dry to prevent mixing of products.

Return to Original Bottles

As you become more experienced with dip powder application, you'll need the Brush Saver less often. However, it's always good to have it on hand for when it's needed.

Regularly cleaning your brushes helps prevent build-up and hardening, ensuring you can continue to use dip liquids for many more manicures to come.

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