How To Use Gel Polish With Dip Powder

Did you know that you can combine our two favorite products? In this lesson, we will guide you through the best method of applying Forever Glaze Gel Polish on top of dipped nails!

Dip Powder

Complete Your Dipping Steps As Usual

Complete your dipping steps as usual. Apply a thin layer of Base. Dip into powder of your choice. Repeat on all the nails. Brush away excess powder. Repeat the process to build up opacity.

Apply the Activator and wait for the powder to fully harden.

File and Shape (Don't Buff)

Shape your nails with a 180 coarse side of the nail file. Go over the entire surface to even out any imperfections. Don’t buff the surface of the nail. Instead, leave the surface slightly rough with visible texture from filing.

Cleanse With Alcohol

Skip the second Activator step. Do not wash your hands at this stage, as moisture and oils from hand soap can hinder adhesion and cause the gel polish to peel. Instead, wipe the nails with alcohol or brush away the filing dust.

Paint Any Design

Explore the potential of your creativity by painting a custom design on your nails!
You can cure one finger or even one line at a time to freeze the gel in place and prevent it from running.

Cure for 60 Seconds

Fully cure for 60 seconds in Pro Cure LED Lamp.

Apply Forever Glaze No Wipe Top Coat

Apply Forever Glaze Top Coat to all the nails. Gently swipe the brush along the free edge of your nail (the nail tip) to wrap the tips.

Cure for 60 Seconds

Cure for 60 seconds in Pro Cure LED Lamp. Position the nails so that the light hits all sides. Lift the thumb or cure separately for best results. Once cured, wait for Nailboo’s No Wipe Gel Top Coat to cool off. Touching the top coat when still warm can dull the shine.