How to use Powder Pro Dip Application System

The Powder Pro Dip Application System is a multitasking tool with an ultra-soft brush on one end and an innovative powder dispenser mechanism on the other. In this lesson, we'll show you everything you need to know about it to apply dip powder with effortless precision.

Dip Powder

Prepare Powder Pro Dip Application System

Start with your favorite powder to fill the main chamber. Carefully unscrew the brush from the top of the pen. Pour the powder into the tray and transfer it to the pen while keeping the pen upright. The tray features a special notch to prevent accidental spills. The pen can hold two trays' worth of powder. Securely screw the brush back in place.

Pour Over Powder From Pen

Hold the brush side facing down and press down the button. Turn the pen upside down, holding the dispenser side above the nail. This will prevent the brush from getting stuck and ensure smooth pour. You can control the speed of the stream by holding the button fully and half pressed.

Apply dipping powder base to your nails and position your finger over the tray. Dispense the powder onto the nail, wait a few seconds for the base to set, and then dust off the powder with the brush on the other side of the pen.

Re-use Excess Powder

Excess powder can be caught by the multi-use tray, making it easy to reuse.

Try a French Mani

The tray can also serve to guide your finger towards the perfect french line!

Recycle Powder

If you love sharing your hobby with friends or family and want to be extra safe, it's a good idea to invest in this tool! The pour-over method is more hygienic, as you reuse the same powder for one person and don’t have to dip directly into the jar.