Tips And Tricks On Dipping Dominant Hand

In this lesson, we'll share some of our most popular tips and tricks to dip with your non-dominant hand.

Dip Powder

Practice Using A Dry Brush

Ensure that your hands are stable by placing them on a flat surface. Take the time to practice your hand movements using a dry brush. This will help you become more comfortable with the pressure and stability required.

Use A Forgiving Color

Experiment with using a forgiving color, such as glitter dip, which requires less accuracy.

Don't Load Your Base Brush

When picking up base liquid, make sure to only load it onto one side of the brush. This will help with applying thin layers.

Clean Borders With Toothpick

Clean up any mistakes with a toothpick or cuticle pusher when the base is still wet. Run the toothpick around the cuticle for a clean look.

File and Buff After Activator

After activating, file away any mistakes. With enough smoothing, you can truly turn around even a lumpy application.