Top Coat Tips and Tricks

In this lesson, we’ll go over useful tips and trick to get the most out of the Nailboo Dip Powder Top Coat.

Essential Dip Liquids
Est. 5-10 mins

Use thin layer of Base Coat

Apply a thin base layer to prevent excessive product buildup, which saves time on filing and buffing. With practice, you'll master this technique.

Buff Nails Before Top Coat

Use all sides of a 4-way file, starting from the coarsest to the finest side, to achieve a super smooth surface. The smoother the nails, the shinier and glossier the top coat will appear.

Don't Touch or Wash Your Hands

At this stage, refrain from touching the nail surface to prevent oil residue, which can result in a matte or dull finish. In addition, avoid washing hands after buffing, as moisture can disrupt the drying process of the top coat. Instead, gently remove filing dust with a fluffy brush.

Don't Skip Second Coat of Activator

Apply a second coat of activator to ensure quick drying of the nails. Apply a minimal amount, focusing on the surface level.

Wait 2-5 mins Between Activator & Top Coat

The timing between Activator and top coat is crucial. The suggested waiting time is 2-5 minutes but keep in mind that you may need to adjust the timing based on your environment.

Apply Top Coat in Quick Strokes

Apply the first of Top Coat using only three quick strokes and avoiding pressing the brush too hard onto the nail. Allow the first layer to dry for about 2 minutes.

As the first layer dries, you will notice a change in shine. Follow up with a second Top Coat layer, applying it more precisely. Don’t forget to seal the end of the nail with Top Coat.

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