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TIP: To avoid powder becoming dense and causing uneven dipping results shake the powder with the lid closed.

Get to Know Your Kit

Simple breakdown of what's included in your Nailboo® Dip Kit.

How to Easily Apply your Dip Powder

Quick walkthrough of a mani from home using your Nailboo® Dip Kit!

POWDER(S) USED: Date Night

How to Create a Marble Effect on Nails

Here's a quick tutorial showing how to create a marble effect on your nails using the Nailboo® Dip Kit.

POWDER(S) USED: Here's A Tip, Dark Dreams

How to Safely Remove Dip Powder

Glad to see that you’ve applied Nailboo Dip to your nails want to change your colors! No problem, follow these simple steps to remove your Dip Powder.

To get started, you will need the following items: Acetone, Course grit buffer or file (180/100 grit), Cuticle pusher, Cotton, Tin Foil, Nailboo Nail Clips (optional)

Step 1: Buff the top layer of each nail with a coarse nail file evenly and thoroughly. Buff until there is a thin layer of product left over on the nail. Be mindful not to over-buff to the natural nail.

Step 2: Prepare aluminum foil squares big enough to wrap each nail with a cotton ball. If you have Nailboo Nail Clips you don’t need foil. 

Step 3: Soak cotton balls in pure acetone or nail remover alternatives.

Step 4: Place soaked cotton ball on each nail and secure in place by wrapping aluminum foil around the nails. If you have Nailboo Nail Clips you don’t need foil and can simply clamp the cotton ball onto your nails.

Step 5: Without disrupting the foil wrap or nail clips, wait 15-20 minutes for nails to soak.

Step 6: In a twisting motion, gently remove foil wraps. Apply pressure & twist foil wrap to remove the product from the nail surface.

Step 7: Gently use a file or cuticle pusher to remove additional residue. If after the initial 15-20 minutes the nail product does not come off, soak nails for an extra five minutes.