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How to Apply Dip Powder

with the Nailboo® Dip Kit

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What You Need

The Nailboo Dip Kit takes the guesswork out of which products you need for a dip mani. The dip kit includes everything you need to create your dip powder manicure from start to finish. Our dip kit gives you salon-quality nails in minutes and the results that last three to six weeks!

  • 4x- Essential liquids
  • 1x- Four-way nail file
  • 1x- Brush
  • 1x- Cuticle pusher
  • 1x- Build powder
  • 6x- Colored powders
  • Remover clips (for dip powder removal)

How To Apply Dip Powder Safely & Effectively

Applying your dip powder manicure in a well-ventilated area is crucial to avoid dip flu. Dip-flu is not common, but it may affect those prone to sensitive skin and watery eyes. Symptoms include sneezing and irritated eyes. Here are a few safety tips to remember:

  1. Wear a face mask and glasses when applying your dip mani to help prevent eye irritation and accidental inhalation (if one is available).
  2. Keep your hands away from your face during application.
  3. Clean your workspace thoroughly after completing the dip mani process.

Nail Prep

Before getting started, prep your nails by gently pushing your cuticles back with the cuticle pusher. Doing this exposes as much of your nail plate as possible to ensure the even placement of the dip powder.

After pushing your cuticles back, shape and file your nails to the length you prefer. Wash your hands with soap and water to remove dust and oils from your nails, then dry your hands thoroughly.

Grab your Nailboo Dip Kit, and let’s get started!

Step 1

Step one is crucial in providing your nails with a solid foundation to prevent lifting. It also helps the color adhere securely to the nails and adds a protective layer over your natural nails. It is important to work each of these steps one nail at a time.

Coat & Build

  1. Apply the base liquid to one nail.
  2. Dip the nail into the build powder.
  3. Tap and brush the nail to remove excess build powder.
  4. Repeat on each nail.

Base Coat & Color

  1. Apply base liquid again, working with one nail at a time.
  2. Dip the nail into the colored powder.
  3. Tap and brush the nail to remove excess powder.
  4. Repeat on each nail.

If needed, apply another coat of base liquid and pigmented powder to each nail until you reach the color opacity you desire. Some colors are darker than others and require only one coat, while others need two.

Step 2

Step two is all about the activation. This step cures the layers without using an LED or UV lamp. The Nailboo activator hardens the powder and seals in color.


  1. Apply a thin layer of activator liquid to each nail.
  2. Wait for two minutes.
  3. Buff the tops and edges of your nails with the four-way nail file.
  4. Apply a second thin layer of activator liquid to each nail.
  5. Wait another two minutes.

You’re almost ready to flaunt your new mani! Just one more step to completion.

Step 3

The step three Nailboo top coat adds brilliant shine for a diamond-hard finish, and it seals everything in to prevent color fading. Simply apply a thin layer of top coat to each nail, and you’re done. Brilliant!

To Wrap It Up

You are only a few steps away from obtaining the super glossy dip powder manicure of your dreams. Our dip powder kit contains everything you need to design the perfect mani. Add a layer of protection and strength to your nails while incorporating long-lasting color and shine with Nailboo.

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  1. Nailboo Dip Kit: This kit has all the essentials necessary to create your mani from start to finish.
  2. Nailboo pigmented powder in a variety of colors.

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