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600,000+ Nailboo Customers

#1 Selling Gel Mani Kit

Salon perfect
Gel nails from home

Say goodbye to flimsy, quick-chip manis & hello to glossy, plump & long-lasting manis from home!

Super Strength Formula Lasts Weeks

Self Leveling & Streak-free

Odorless & Clean

CosmopolitanEntire Gel Polish Kit

The holy grail
of gel polish

  • Super strength formula

    Forever Glaze withstands everyday tasks for gorgeous nails that lasts weeks without chipping.

  • More coverage, fewer coats

    Highly concentrated pigments & glitters give you way more coverage with fewer coats!

  • Perfect coats every time

    Featuring a curved paddle brush giving you smooth & precise applications with crisp cuticle lines.

  • Self-leveling & streak-free

    Our self leveling formula brings you even & streak-free coats making it even easier to apply.

Fast Curing

Odorless & 100% Clean

Glossy & Plump

Fast Curing

Odorless & 100% Clean

Glossy & Plump

See the High Gloss
Mani Magic

  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Royal Rose
  • Dip Powder on Nail
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Be Grapeful
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Big Blush
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Dark Dreams
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Baby Blue
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Lavender Mist
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Cupcake Cutie
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Diamond Daze
  • Dip Powder on Nail
  • Dip Powder on Nail
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Princess Pink
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Velvet Lust
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Date Night
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Modern Mint
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Day Glam
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Solar Shimmer
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Gala Gal
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Chestnut Chills
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Exotic Emerald
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Bikini Blush
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Stormy Daze
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Glam Queen
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Ocean Blue
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Soda Glam
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Sunday Brunch
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Heres A Tip
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Nailflex & Chill
  • Dip Powder on Nail
    Pink Lemonade

Smooth application

Step 01 - Base & Cure

On clean, dry, & prepped nails, apply thin layer of Base. Cure for 30-60 seconds under LED light.

Step 02 - Color & Cure

Apply thin layer over cured base coat. Cure for 30-60 seconds. Apply a second coat & cure.

Step 03 - Top & Cure

Apply thin layer of No-Wipe Top Coat to the nail. Cure for 60 seconds.

“#1 choice...everything needed for a quick & professional mani.”

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Hand holding gel polish bottleHand holding gel polish bottle
  • CosmopolitanKit Breakdown
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  • 600,000+ Happy Customers

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  • High gloss salon quality nails that last weeks!

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  • Odorless & 100% clean formula

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  • Auto-cure LED Lamp included

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600,000+ Nailboo Customers

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Super strength formula lasts weeks

Self leveling & streak-free application

Incredibly glossy & plump

Odorless & 100% clean formula

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Customers upgrading their mani game

  • "Newfound mani confidence"

    "Having the ability to give myself my own manis has actually given me a newfound confidence! I can change it up when I want without waiting weeks."

    Tiffany R.

  • "My #1 choice"

    "Fantastic gel! I've been an at-home mani DYI'r for a long time so I've tried a variety of gel. As you can see, this has become my #1 choice simply because of the quality that you get!"

    Les F.

  • "My new favorite hobby!"

    "I was very hesitant to give at-home manis a try since I'm so used to the salon. Happy I tried it out! The nailboo kit + tutorials made it easier than I thought!"


  • "Great alternative to the salon"

    “LOVE! Great alternative to the many salon myself a mani has become my new Sunday relaxation activity.”


  • "Love the paddle rounded brush!"

    “Game changer! Very HQ formula which makes it easier to apply and last longer. Love the paddle rounded brush! Now I dont get polish all over my cuticles <3"


  • "It doesn't smell bad"

    "My favorite thing about this gel is that it doesnt smell bad! That's a big one for me (and my husband).”


  • "Consistently the best"

    "I've done a lot of at-home manis and I have to say the manis I get with this gel consistently turn out the best.

    Michelle H.

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