13 Nail Ideas for Almond Nails

13 Nail Ideas for Almond Nails

There are many different ways to get a gorgeous manicure look that you love, and one of the options for customizing your nail design is to pick a unique and stylish nail shape. If you’re looking for a shape that falls between the simple, shorter styles and the more stylish, maintenance-heavy long looks, the almond shape is the way to go. It’s unique and elegant and there are many different ways to pair it to show off your personal style. 

For all the tools you need to create lasting and beautiful manicures, and to find tutorials for proper nail care and maintenance, trust the team here at Nailboo. We make it easy to try out dip polish manicure kits for a salon-quality manicure available at home, and we’re sharing all our favorite manicure styles and designs for almond nails. 

Almond Nail Styles 

Almond nails are elongating and chic and can be dressed up for elegant events or made into playful and fun accessories for trendy outfits. Here are a few unique and stylish almond nail styles that you can try out today. 

1. Neutrals 

Almond nails are one of the most elegant and chic styles that you can try out, which is why they look so lovely in neutral shades. Apply your favorite color across the whole set or try mixing and matching your favorite neutral colors to get a style and elevated final look. Shades of taupe and light browns can be unique and beautiful and pay homage to the shape name—almond! 

2. Pastels 

In addition to neutral colors, the almond nail style looks lovely in pastels, as well. Pastels can be used for many different occasions and styles, and the final look is feminine and lovely. Pastels are also a wonderful option for dressing your almond nail style up for different seasons, and perfect for all the warmest days of spring and summer. 

3. Double French Tips

French tips are a classic style for a reason, but if you want to take the French tip look to the next level, then double French tips are a great style to try out. Double French tips take the style from regular French tips and add a little twist with a second, much thinner line below the first. 

This helps to follow the natural shape and style of the almond nail shape and gives it a more contemporary manicure feel. You can try out the double French tips in the classic white and pink combination, or go for bold and bright colors to match your favorite outfits. 

4. Squiggles 

Almond nails have a very organic shape, and that lends well to the flower power and hippie vibes of 1970s vintage fashion. That’s where cute and classy squiggles can be such a cool design for your next almond nail style. 

Try out a squiggle pattern in a few different colors, use squiggles on your accent nail, or send a long, looping squiggle across the whole set for a really dramatic look. 

5. Tip and Base Colors

There are many different ways to decorate the tip of your nails, and recently base decoration has come into style, as well, so why not combine them? 

The curved shape of the nail tips means you can get complementing and reflecting half-moon designs at the tip and base, for a truly unique finished look. Try them out in matching colors, or mix up your favorite hues and palettes. 

6. Metallic Designs 

When it comes to elegant and chic designs, nothing delivers like metallic paint—and you have many different options for adding a little shimmer to your next manicure. Metallics stand out on their own, but you can try metallic tips, add metallic designs and decals, or embrace the accent nail in gold, silver, or bronze. We’re especially fond of the metallic brush effect, which gives the nail a vintage and fluid appearance. 

7. Florals 

There are so many wonderful ways to do floral nails and the almond nail shape really delivers on fan favorites. Almond nails provide beautiful curves and elongation, which gives them a more natural, organic aesthetic and final design, and that’s where the florals come in. You have so many different flower and botany-inspired designs to pick from, the only limit is your imagination. 

For cute and fun nails, add daisies and sunflowers that match the summer season. Or maybe you’re looking for more elegant designs, in which case decals of herbs and dark florals may be the best fit. Explore your many floral almond nail options to find your favorites. 

8. Curved Tips 

We know, we know. This sounds like just another version of the French tip—and it is. Nail tip décor is always classy, especially on almond-shaped nails which already have such a beautiful shape, but the curved tip design takes it a step further. 

Rather than applying the lines directly below the natural tip of the nail, this style offsets them to one side, for a bold and contemporary look. It takes the best part of vintage French tip styles and combines it with a modern manicure that is sure to impress. 

9. Color Block Nails 

And speaking of modern—nothing stands out like contemporary-art-inspired almond nails. They take the best of inspiration from artists like Mondrian and give it motion and life right on your manicure. 

Start with simple, moving lines that follow the natural shape of the nail, and then apply your favorite colors in organic shapes and patterns to balance and offset. Head to the contemporary wing of your favorite art museum for a little inspiration. 

10. Gradient 

The almond nail shape is great for giving the appearance of an elongated nail and if you love a style in motion, then the almond shape is the way to go. That’s why we love gradient patterns on almond-shaped nails. Gradient patterns move through color and hue to tell a story, and there’s plenty of canvas on almond nails to do so. 

11. Fruits

Yes, almond nails are known for being classy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with them, too. If you love decals and cute designs, then consider adding fruits to your almond nail manicure next. 

Lemons and oranges make for adorable decals and cherries are fun and easy to freehand if you want to give it a go. These are great options for the summer months, but you’re sure to find something cute and festive to fit every season of the year. 

12. Cascading Stars 

Take advantage of the length of the almond nail shape to create a beautiful, cascading design that either starts at the base or the tip and flows gently up or downward. You can use realistic-looking stars or go for a more abstract style and glitter always makes a gorgeous addition to your next manicure. 

13. Marble

Marble is a chic and lovely pattern that you can achieve right at home with just a few simple tools. Try out marble in neutral colors, add in a few of your favorite shades, or mix in a little metallic for a shine that really stands out. Marble looks great as a set but can be lovely as an accent nail for a more subtle style, as well.  


Almond Nails for the Win

When deciding on your next manicure you have a few important choices to make, and picking the perfect shape is one of them. If you’re on the search for a sleek and elegant design that doesn’t require much upkeep, almond is the way to go. 

There are many unique and beautiful ways to make the most of your almond-shaped nails. Try out modern art styles with linework and color blocking, give it a metallic and shiny vibe with marble or metal flake detailing, and make the most of tip décor with double French tips and offset tips. You can also try out cool and vintage vibes that throwback to the 1970s flower power era. 

To try out these unique styles for yourself and to learn more about the dip polish process, turn to the team here at Nailboo. We have the tools and resources you need to keep your nails healthy, strong, and stylish, and to begin trying out all your favorite new manicure looks. Don’t forget to share your favorite almond nail designs and patterns! 



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