23 Trendy Nail Colors You Have To Look Out for in 2022

23 Trendy Nail Colors You Have To Look Out for in 2022

Nail art is one of the most unique and versatile ways to express your personal style and change up the looks you love for the season or holiday. There are many different ways to get individual and gorgeous nail styles that really represent who you are. 

Consider switching up your type of nail, like trying out the nail dip kits available here at Nailboo. Shape is another essential feature you can pick when you design your next manicure, and you have lots of different shape options to choose between, like almond, square, and stiletto. 

But when it comes to boldness and beauty, nothing is more important than the colors you pick. 2022 is just around the corner and exciting and innovative new color ideas are already hitting the shelf. If you want to be ahead of the trend and start testing out the best new styles of the new year, Nailboo has you covered. 

Not only do we make it easy to try out the nail dip process so you can get a smooth, healthy, and long-lasting manicure, but we also have our ear to the ground on industry trends and updates that you won’t want to miss. 

Our team of manicure and nail care professionals is sharing all we know about achieving those looks you love, and it all starts with the best new colors of the new year. 

Trendy Nail Colors for 2022 

The colors of our favorite nail styles can both be influenced by and influence art, fashion, design, and popular culture. There are many reasons a new nail style can become popular or chic, but don’t let that stop you from trying out the styles you love or creating a totally new look all on your own. 

Here are some of the upcoming trendy new colors that we expect to see hitting the streets in 2022. Don’t forget to share your favorites. 

1. Sheer 

This unique new style takes neutrals up a notch. Sheer nails combine a little of the best of neutral nail designs with the French tip styles we love for an elegant and chic design that makes a subtle statement. 

You can style sheer colors all on their own, combine them with your favorite whites and greys, or give them a little something special with splashes of metallics or gold decals. No matter how you approach the sheer nail look, it’s sure to get attention. 

2. Neon Bright 

Here at Nailboo, we never get tired of neon colors—and we don’t have to. 2022 promises to be the year of even more neon brights and bolds that can be styled down for the office or up for a weekend out on the town. 

Use neon tips on neutral nails or try out an accent style for a subtle approach or go all out and rainbow your nails with your favorite bright pinks, greens, and yellows for a manicure that can’t be missed. 

3. Gold 

Gold is a classic nail color that withstands the change of the season, and it’s not hard to see why. For 2022, we’re predicting that a deep, burnished metallic will be the way to go all year long. 

Gold isn’t traditionally used for the spring months, but this style will mix well with your favorite florals and still pair perfectly for that fall photoshoot. Find your perfect deep gold metallic shade for the new year. 

4. Dragon Fruit 

Dragon fruit fun doesn’t end at the juice shop. Dragon fruit blends your favorite shades of pinks and purples to create a style and dreamy color that parents and kids alike are sure to enjoy. 

It stands on its own with pride but can pair perfectly with neutral for a balanced and striking design. Love a little magic? Add decals or glitter for a spark of high fantasy. 

5. Sparkles

Glitter nails are versatile and exciting and there are so many different ways to do them right. For the new year, we’re seeing big glitter rounds that bring to mind birthday parties and festive celebrations. You can find them in all of your favorite color combinations and pair them with hues or neutrals or let them speak for themselves—or shimmer for themselves. 

6. Turquoise 

Turquoise is a classic nail color look and there’s a reason we all fall in love with it year after year. It’s bright, it’s bold, and it brings a whole lot of joy, but still shows up in professional settings with ease. For the new year’s best shade of turquoise, we’re seeing dark—but not muted. A rich, deep turquoise delivers looks like we’ve never seen before. 

7. Botanical Shades

Botanicals have never been more popular than they are right now. We’ve always loved the look of botanical stamps and designs, like florals and leaves, but you can go full cottage core with some of the new shades coming out for 2022. 

Elevate your earth tone looks with deep greens, burnt oranges, and mushroom grays that say something special but also leave ‘em guessing. They’re gorgeous as a set or you can add a touch of the whimsical with floral prints and mushroom decals. 

8. Apricot 

Apricot is such a versatile and fun color, and that’s one of the reasons we’re adding it to the list for 2022. If you love a bold hue, a brighter apricot may be the best color for you, but apricot can also be subdued or even close to a pastel if you prefer a gentle touch. Pick your perfect shade for the season with darker apricot for fall and a touch of sunshine in your favorite summer style. 

9. Lime 

Lime may be a classic neon shade, but this year’s contender for favorite new fantasy stands all on its own. All of the top polish companies have an unapologetic lime in their new lineup, and we’re digging what that means for new year styles. 

2022’s lime vibes keep it cool but elevate the look a notch with a deeper, more graceful shade that you can wear to the office with ease. 

Mix your lime with shades of neon or some of the other exciting green colors coming out of the new year, to get a look all your own. 

10. Light Green 

There’s something really special about a soft green. Maybe it’s because we’re dreaming of pistachio ice cream or maybe because this gentle color can be mixed and matched to showcase all the best of your styles. 

It’s beautiful and elegant all on its own, but if you add floral decals, touches of pink or blue, or even an off-white, it speaks to the summer picnics and cottage core vibes we love. 

11. Mint 

Mint is the bolder cousin of the popular light green shade we’re expecting to see on all our favorite influencers. It meets deep turquoise and lime green in the middle and the right shade could pair well with either. We love mint polish all on its own, but it’s a beautiful accent nail shade and tops your tips with ease. 

12. White Pearl 

White pearl stands out by doing what it does best. 2022 is the year we’re seeing our neutrals go to the next level, and white pearl is doing the most. This shimmery shade of neutral is perfect for an accent nail, but it also makes a great addition to either a neutral lineup or an ombre of your favorite bright colors, which balance it perfectly. 

If you love a metallic look but just can’t pick, then white pearl is the shade that is sure to match your next big event, your work wardrobe, or your date night look with ease. 

13. Mauve 

Mauve is our new favorite base shade. In fact, we’re willing to call it a neutral in the colors we’re seeing for the new year. Mauve can be dark or light, but the soft pastel tone of this gray purple is anything but boring. It’s all the best of morning sunshine colors rolled into one, and there are so many options for mixing and matching that you won’t want to miss out on. 

14. Brown Neutrals 

Brown can be a difficult nail color to work with, but it’s coming out strong for the new year. Add a brown shade to your cottage core botanical lineup to get earthy tones that are always elegant, or pick your favorite coffee shades to live out that café romance. 

Brown also makes a beautiful and chic nail tip color if you want to try out something different, and with the many different brown polish options coming out for the new year, you’re sure to find a look that you love.  

15. Bright White 

Who said that neutrals had to be boring? The bright white shade that’s causing a sensation for the new year mixes the best of neutral chicness with the boldness of modern neon, for a statement-making manicure that will really get attention. 

Bright white nails can fit any season of the year when mixed and matched with your favorite shades, and they’re also a great base for designs, decals, and stamps. 

16. Reds Are Back 

Reds never really left, but the classic red nail is having a resurgence like never before. Toss your old polish and pick up a scarlet, ruby, or fiery red shade that shows you’re not kidding around. 

Red speaks all on its own or pairs well with a deep black to pay homage to the dream shoes. No matter how you wear your red, you’re sure to feel powerful and confident in every room you own. 

17. Speckled Shades 

We love a good mix and match, and the speckled shades coming out of the new year showcase contrast and new styles in a way that’s sure to delight every time. Speckled shades can save you time and money finding the perfect balance of color, and there’s a combo for every season. 

Embrace the beauty of the robin’s egg with speckled blues and white for the spring, or lean into Thanksgiving vibes with your favorite shades of oranges and yellows. Speckled colors add a little of that fun and festive something to your next manicure. 

18. Yellow for Summer and Winter 

We all know that yellow is a classic polish color for the summer months, but this year it’s doing double duty. Embrace the sunshine all winter long with pale and soft yellow shades that really deliver on unique winter styles. For the summer months, we’re still seeing bold and bright yellows, but the winter shade is what has us really excited. 

19. Peach 

Peach and apricot go hand-in-hand, and it’s not just because they’re two of our favorite fruits. These versatile shades can be bold, muted, pastel, or even dark, and they’re sure to deliver at every hue and tone. 

We love a bright peach for spring and summer, something a little darker for the cool fall months to match our Thanksgiving vibes, and a soft, almost neutral shade of peach when it comes to the cold days of winter. 

Peach pairs well with that new winter yellow or can be part of your botanical lineup. Decorate it with florals, designs, and contrasting colors, or let this sweet, sweet shade stand out all on its own.  

20. Lavender 

Lavender is playful and elegant all at the same time. If you love a good throwback to 1990s styles, then a bold and colorful lavender mixed with white or blue is the way to go. 

Lavender can be soft and gentle for those late summer days, darker for winter, or mixed with jewel tones for the next fancy event. It’s a joyful color that will never steer you wrong and is sure to remain a manicure classic for many years to come. 

21. Cacti

If you’re more into desert core than cottage core, then the cacti color is the best one for your manicure needs. There are many different shades of cacti green and each one is sure to make you stand out from a crowd. 

This soft shade of green is elegant and dreamy all on its own, but it also makes a great match for shades of desert pinks and greens, so you can create a succulent garden with the next great manicure. 

22. Denim 

The 1990s are definitely back in style and one of our all-time favorite looks of the era is classic denim. That’s why we’re seeing shades of denim polish that evoke all the best of fashion styles past in a totally new way. Go for a totally classic jeans and tee look with denim and whites that will never go out of style. 

23. Cyan 

Aren’t we all dreaming of Greek island escapes? If you’re looking to live out your Mamma Mia fantasies, then the upcoming shades of cyan are the way to go. They pair well with the white of Santorini architecture or the blue-green of the Mediterranean Sea, and you can add a little something special with a splash of bougainvillea pink in your next manicure. 

This gorgeous shade is all about wanderlust and romance for the new year and we’re happy to book our ticket. 



In Summary

What’s more fun than picking your next favorite manicure shade? Choosing your colors and hues is an easy way to shape your personal style and when you mix and match you can create trends that last for a long time to come. 

That’s why you’re sure to love some of the best new colors coming out for 2022. We’re seeing gorgeous botanical colors that embrace the best of summer days and desert nights. Brights and bolds are always in, as well as deep shades of some of our favorite classics. There’s something special coming out for new neutrals in bright shades, shimmery shades, and a whole lot more. 

When it comes to finding your next favorite nail polish color for 2022, Nailboo has you covered. We’re dedicated to making healthy, gorgeous, and unique new nails as accessible as possible. 

Try out the dip nail style with our easy-to-use nail dip kits and look into all we know about current nail styles and the best new looks coming up in the new year. Check out trendy 2022 nail colors and share your favorites. 



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