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6 Unique Nail Designs To Try Using Nail Dip

When it comes to creating unique and beautiful manicure looks at home, you have lots of great options to pick from. Each different style and design will come with its own finished product, and there are many benefits to exploring the different materials and styles to ensure you have the best one to fit your next occasion, event, or outfit. 

Here at Nailboo, we’re all about the nail dip. You can perform salon-quality nail dip manicures right from the comfort of home with an easy-to-use kit. With so many different style possibilities to pick from, you’re sure to find a look you want to wear again and again. Here are a few unique nail designs you’ll want to try out when you’re ready for a new dip powder manicure. 

What Is Nail Dip Powder?

Nail dip powder is one of the several choices you have when it comes to a long-lasting and durable manicure. Dip powder shares similarities with manicures that use acrylics and gels, but there are many benefits that make it stand out from other styles. 

With dip powder, you can actually apply a professional-quality manicure at home, which can save you time and money in the long run. Dip uses a combination of polishes and powders for a smooth finish that protects your nails and keeps them in great shape for weeks at a time. 

Unlike acrylics and gels, nail dip powder doesn’t require professional removal. You can take it off right at home with acetone in just a few short minutes, which means dip powder is a lot less aggressive on the nail. It also dries hard and lasts for several weeks, so your nail is protected against damage, chipping, and scraping.

Unique Nail Designs To Try Using Nail Dip

Dip powder is also a great option if you’re looking to expand your nail art and manicure design experience. There are so many different ways to make your next dip manicure all your own. Here are just a few ideas to try. 

1. Modern French Tip

It’s hard not to love a French tip nail. After all, it’s a classic for a reason. But when you try out a dip manicure style, you can add your own spin to this iconic look. French tips are traditionally applied in shades of whites and neutrals, but with so many different color options to pick from when it comes to your next nail powder, you can make a French tip design that’s all your own. 

There are many different options when it comes to customizing your French tip, but you can try giving each finger a different shade, matching the tip to the nail base decal, or adding a few thin layers of your favorite colors to the tip for a unique combination of styles and designs. However you want to tackle your modern French tip, it’s sure to stand out. 

2. Unicorn Colors 

There are so many different color combinations when it comes to your next nail dip powder style, the only limit is your imagination. One of our favorite color palettes is the unicorn combination

Mix blues, pinks, and purples with a little bit of yellow for a cotton candy vibe that’s oh-so-chic. Want to take your unicorn polish to the next level? Consider an ombre design or take advantage of glitter and gold accessories and colors for a unicorn vibe that really shines. 

3. Falling Stars 

Here at Nailboo, we love a good glitter moment. Glitter is an excellent way to make your manicure bold and beautiful, and there are so many different options for adding it to your nail art design in a way that really matches your personal style. 

One of the looks we really love is another take on the classic French tip. Start with your favorite base color, then pick a glitter powder that contrasts nicely. Apply the glitter in a cascading pattern, either from the tip down or the base up, for a feeling of movement and celestial beauty that just can’t be beaten. You can make the stars shine for summer in lighter colors like white and yellow, or embrace the chilly days with navy and gold designs. 

4. Mixing Metallic 

Another reason to love dip nail polish is that there are so many shiny styles to pick from. Not only do you have great glitter nail options, but you also have metallic powders and many different ways to style and fashion them for your next manicure. 

Consider an ombre design of metallics across your entire hand or each individual finger. Mix and match metallic colors with flat or matte colors for a gorgeous combination, or pick a color and embrace it in metallic gold, pink, or silver. 

5. Diamond Decal Base 

Applying decals and stickers to your next manicure may feel a little intimidating, but it’s such a fun and easy way to get a unique final product. There are many different ways to incorporate decals, stamps, and stickers into your manicure, depending on your next event and the aesthetic of your wardrobe. 

One of the subtler but still stylish options is a diamond base, either as an accent nail or across your entire set. Using tweezers or the nail tool you feel most comfortable with, apply a thin line of diamonds along the base of your nails once your favorite color dip powder has dried. Mix and match with all the great color options and check out how the little gems dance in the sunshine! 

6. Summer Sunset 

Speaking of sunshine, we can’t help but love a summer sunshine look that embraces warm nights and adventures—and great drinks, of course. You can ombre across your set or on each individual nail with shades of pinks, oranges, and yellows. 

Leave the look bold and abstract, or consider adding island details, like palm trees and surfboards. This style also looks great in a matte powder, so explore your different options to find the summertime dip manicure that you like most. 


Are you ready to try out a dip nail powder for your next manicure? Nailboo can help. Not only do we have easy-to-use dip kits that can bring a salon-quality manicure right to your door, but we’re also sharing all we’ve learned and loved about unique and exciting nail dip styles. 



The possibilities are endless, and when it comes to creating a totally personal style that matches your wardrobe, event, or mood, you can try out color combinations, decal additions, and unique patterns until you’re pleased with the final product! 

Dip polish is an excellent manicure choice for protecting your nails from damage, maintaining a high-quality, long-lasting look, and saving money. It’s also a great option for experimenting with new designs and styles that will give you confidence and boost any outfit. The only question is—which dip powder design will you try out first? 



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