Bridal Nails: How To Get Your Nails Ready for Your Wedding

Bridal Nails: How To Get Your Nails Ready for Your Wedding

There are so many ways to express your personality and creativity on your special day, and when it comes to wedding manicures, the only limit is your imagination. Whether you’re looking for simple and classy, love a glamorous design, or you want to mix things up with bold and brilliant styles, there’s a bridal manicure designed to fit your needs, so you feel confident and beautiful for this wonderful celebration of love and togetherness. 

Nailboo is here to help you find the tools and resources you need every time. We believe high-quality, long-lasting nails should be accessible to everyone, which is why we carry easy-to-use nail dip polish kits for a clean and polished manicure every time. 

And if you want to take your look to the next level, then the easy-to-apply nail tip kits we carry are the way to go. Whether you love gels, acrylics, gems, or dip polish manicures, we also carry the guides and tutorials to help you achieve that perfect look for the perfect occasion, and there’s no better place to express your style than on your wedding day. 

What To Consider When Picking Your Wedding Nails

There are so many different wedding styles and designs to pick from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you’re looking for a subtle, stylish, or bright look for your wedding manicure, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you pick your perfect wedding day look. 

Nail Care in Advance

You have a lot of things to remember when planning for and preparing your wedding, but it’s important to add proper nail and hand care to the list. Take a few minutes each day to moisturize and care for your hands and nails in preparation for your wedding manicure. This will ensure that your nails are healthy and strong and that there’s no risk of damage or cracking on the day. 

Test Out Your Look 

It’s a good idea to try out your wedding day look in advance, to make sure you know what you like and how long the process is going to take. The days before your wedding are filled with enough tasks and responsibilities, and you’ll breathe a little easier knowing that your wedding day manicure is all taken care of. 

Consider Your Theme

A classic wedding manicure is just that for a reason, but if you want to make your manicure stand out, consider matching it to your theme or your dress. The color scheme, location, and style of your wedding really represent who you and your partner are and the journey you’re on together, and you can add that extra specialness to your manicure, as well. 

You may also want to consider matching your nails to any jewelry or statement pieces you might be wearing throughout the day. 

Think About Your Lifestyle 

It’s especially important to test out your wedding day manicure if you’re trying a style you’ve never had before. That’s because different nail shapes and styles can have different needs, and you may not be accustomed to longer or applied nails. 

If you’re planning an active wedding or rehearsal dinner with events and activities, then you may want to consider a shape that is less likely to break or crack during use. It’s also important to think about the dress, as you want to avoid any snagging or catching on decals and gems, so you can focus on having the time of your life. 

Schedule Your Manicure the Week of the Wedding

Of course, you want your manicure to be as fresh and clean on the day of the wedding as possible, but it’s still best to schedule your style a few days before the actual wedding. To start, this will ensure you have clean and polished nails for any rehearsal dinner or special events before the wedding. 

It will also allow your nails to set properly, so you know they’re in no danger of smudging or moving on the day. And, of course, it will save you plenty of time and stress on the actual morning of your wedding, so you can focus on having a really wonderful time with the people you love. 

It’s important to note that different types of manicures have different settings and style needs, so do your research and speak to your manicurist when deciding how early to book your wedding day appointment. 

Keep Your Touch-Up Kit Close 

Accidents happen, but you don’t have to worry. It’s a good idea to have a small touch-up kit for your makeup and nails nearby or with a bridesmaid. That way if you chip your polish or crack a nail during the day, it’s an easy fix that will put you back out on the dancefloor in just a few minutes. One less thing to worry about on your special day! 

Classic Wedding Manicures 

Every bride is going to have her own personal style when it comes to the next great manicure, but here are a few of our favorite classic wedding looks to try out or mix and match on your wedding day. 

Subtle and Stylish 

One of the most timeless wedding manicure looks is nude and neutral. You can match the color to your dress or simply pick a neutral, white, or off-white color that you really love. Light pinks make for a wonderful wedding nail color, and the subtle looks pair very well with rounded or square nails that are comfortable and easy to maintain. 

French Tips 

French tips are a classic for a reason and they’re a timeless and chic style for any wedding manicure. Consider swapping out the traditional French tip colors for your own favorites or layering a double French tip for a unique twist on a fan favorite. You can also add tips with ease, for a little more length and classic style with your wedding manicure. 


If you don’t want to worry about your nail color competing with your dress or décor, then a nude look is the way to go. It helps to give your nails a classy and finished shine, but you’ll know it’s the smile on your face that really pops out in every photo. 


Metallics are glamorous and cool without taking away from the complete look. They give off a neutral but elevated vibe, and you can pick from the cool or warm palette to fit your personal style and the theme of the day. Consider adding neutral decals or accents if you want a touch of shine to complement your manicure. 

Brights and Bolds 

With all the white and neutral colors associated with a wedding, some brides like to opt for bright and bold manicures that add a touch of color to their classy complete look. If you’re having a fall wedding, oranges and yellows can be gorgeous and on theme, whereas pinks and purples look lovely in spring and summer. 

Blue is always a good choice since it fits the “something blue” theme, and you can always add an accent nail or design in a color you love for something a little more subtle. 

Decals and Stamps 

There are many ways to make your wedding look all your own, and adding special designs and decals can be the way to go. Gems in your favorite colors add that special something, and heart stamps or decals really fit that wedding day theme. Patterns in subtle shades or neutrals can also make your manicure stand out without stealing the show. 


Here Comes the Bride 

There are so many wonderful ways to make your wedding day your own, and the manicure is a great place to start. With different colors, shades, and styles to pick from, you can add a little something special to your overall look when you try out a wedding day manicure that you really love, like neutral shades, French tips, or a bright color to fit your wedding theme. 

It’s easy to prepare for and protect your wedding day manicure by testing out your wedding day style in advance and giving yourself plenty of time to let the manicure set. Don’t forget to keep a manicure touch-up kit close at hand on your wedding day. 

For more information on nail care and to find exciting manicure styles and designs for any occasion, turn to the team here at Nailboo. We’re dedicated to helping you find a look you love for every event big and small, and it’s easy to get started with our catalog of nail-dip kits and easy-to-apply nail tip kits, as well as our growing library of guides and tutorials. Start planning for your special day manicure with Nailboo. 



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