8 Easy Christmas Nail Design Ideas You Should Try

8 Easy Christmas Nail Design Ideas You Should Try

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why not flaunt a set of nails that are just as fabulous?

We will share some holiday nail designs that will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree all season long.

Why Choose Dip Powder for Your Holiday Nails?

There are many options for creating the perfect nail set, so why choose dip powder? Dip powder is fun and easy to apply at home and it doesn’t require the use of a UV or LED lamp. 

The dip powder manicure process involves a base coat, a pigmented fine acrylic powder, and an activator liquid. Each step, when working with the other, results in a beautiful, glossy manicure. This type of mani is the longest-lasting manicure available, outlasting gel manicures by three weeks. Dip powder nail sets last five to six weeks on average.

Seasonal Nail Designs

We all want cute, sparkly nails for the holiday season. These Christmas nail designs are easy to create for anyone from a beginner to a nail art pro. Grab your Nailboo dip kit, and let’s get started!

1. Christmas Finial

Nothing shines brighter than a sparkly finial on top of your Christmas tree. Top your nails with the look of a glistening finial in this glittery nail design. 

As with any manicure, before you begin, safely apply the products by following the instructions. Always nail prep by pushing the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick. 

After applying the Nailboo base coat and builder powder, sprinkle sections of your nails in thirds with Nailboo powders in the colors Monarch Pines, Left on Red, and Big Nail Energy. The green, red, and gold sparkles will light up your mani beautifully, giving you that Christmassy glow.

2. Candy Cane Stripes

Candy cane peppermint flavors remind us all of sweet Christmas times. Apply the Nailboo base coat and builder powder to every nail. Then, follow with another layer of base coat. Dip the nails into the Nailboo Sweater Weather powder and top with base coat again. 

Sprinkle the nails in rotating lines of Nailboo Superstar Shine and Royal Rose, followed by a coat of activator. After activating, top twice with the glossy top coat twice for a candy hard shine.

3. Sugared Gingerbread

Warm gingerbread cookies are on everyone’s treat list this season. Flaunt nails that are sugary enough to give you a sweet tooth with this design. It’s easy enough for anyone to make.

Apply the Nailboo base coat and builder powder, then dip every nail except the ring fingers into Nailboo Latte Lady. Dip the ring fingers into Nailboo Glam Queen. Apply the activator to all nails and finish with the special Nailboo topcoat. 

This design works well as a glitter ombre too! Use Nailboo Almond Allure as your base color and Daydreamer sprinkled on the tips. This creamy ombre looks heavenly!

4. Golden Sparkle

Let’s face it, most of us love to give and receive gifts. Shiny gold wrapping paper and golden Christmas stars adorn the store shelves every December. Create your golden mani with a few dips of Nailboo Big Nail Energy, and your nails will shine bright like a diamond! 

5. Frosted Pine

The smell of fresh winter pine is a reminder that colder months lie ahead. Create this fresh pine vibe on your nails with a frosted pine marble design. Since this design is more complex, we’ve listed the steps below. You can also check out our marble nails tutorial here for extra inspiration.

  1. Apply the Nailboo base coat and builder powder to each nail. 
  2. Apply a second layer of base coat and dip each nail in Nailboo Forest Flex powder. Remove the powder from each nail with a brush. 
  3. Scoop a small amount of builder powder into a plastic spoon. Sprinkle a small amount of Nailboo Here’s A Tip powder into the builder powder and mix it around in the spoon to create a marbled effect.
  4. Apply a layer of base coat to the nail, then carefully press it into the marbled powder in the spoon. Brush off excess powder. Add more Here’s A Tip powder to the spoon and mix it in. Repeat this step on all nails.
  5. Apply base coat again to each nail, dip in builder powder, and brush away the excess.
  6. Apply activator to all nails and allow it to dry, then file and buff the nails. Add another coat of activator.
  7. Apply two coats of top coat, allowing each layer to dry for five minutes.

6. Festive Fizz

Let’s toast to the holidays with a festive nail design you’ll love! Wrap your digits in a fizzy fresh strawberry mani with a simple nail dip into Nailboo Soda Glam. Apply the base coat, builder powder, and two to three dips of the sparkly Soda Glam powder, and your mani will be the envy of Christmas.

7. Blue Ice

This ice blue mani will make Frosty the Snowman jelly. Send the flurries to your fingers with icy blue sparkles fading into silver ice. This cool effect is sure to send Christmas vibes your way. 

  1. Start with the Nailboo base coat and builder powder. 
  2. Apply a second layer of base coat, followed by a dip into Nailboo Stardust powder. Brush off excess powder and repeat this step for full coverage.
  3. Apply another layer of base coat. 
  4. Sprinkle Nailboo Tiffany Dreams onto the tips of each nail.
  5. Apply the activator and allow it to dry.
  6. File and buff the nails. Apply another coat of activator.
  7. Apply the top coat and allow it to dry.

8. Classic Holiday Red and Green

For a quick and easy peasy powder mani, opt for the red and green nail design. Alternate between red and green dip powder on every other finger with Nailboo Date Night and Exotic Emerald. When these two classic Christmas colors come together in a glossy finish, it looks super sleek and classy. 

This design looks hip when applied using one nail as the accent nail, too. Think all red digits with a green accent. Super chic!

Wrapping It Up

Christmas is the time of year that brings lots of fun and festive trends your way. Dip powder nails are a fantastic way to create a Christmas nail design you want to flaunt. Dip powder is safe and easy to apply at home, and each mani lasts up to six weeks. When it’s time for removal, the manicure is easy to remove, too.

There’s no limit to the manicures you create with Nailboo dip powders. From candy canes to gingerbread, bring your Christmas creativity to life. Nailboo will do the rest. Snag your Nailboo dip powder kit today.

Get the Look

Christmas is around the corner. Here are a few of our holiday shades you need RN. Create these looks and even more holiday styles with Nailboo dip powder. Our nail tutorials will help guide you along the way. 



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