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Everything You Need To Know About Dip Powder: Makeup Guide

At this point, you’ve probably heard about the trend of dip powder nails. Dip powder nails are popular on multiple social media platforms, and it’s for a good reason. At Nailboo, we are experts in everything dip powder, and we’re here to share our knowledge about this magical manicure method.

If you haven’t heard about dip powder nails yet, we’re excited to introduce you to a trend that keeps on trending. Dip powder nails have not only changed the manicure market but also helped individuals become more DIY and creative with their manicure process. With our Nailboo at-home dip powder manicure kits, we’ve adapted the dip powder salon process and transformed it into a manicure that anyone can do at home. Dip powder nails changed our lives, and we hope they change yours too. 

From our team at Nailboo, here is everything you need to know about dip powder 

What Is Dip Powder?

Dip powder is an acrylic powder that reacts with our base coat polish and immediately hardens. Our dip powders come in several vibrant colors, and they are easy to dip your nails in and out of. After applying the base coat, all you have to do is dip your nails into the colored powder, and the quick hardening reaction occurs. Dip powder manicures last up to six weeks without maintenance, they compliment your nail’s natural shape, and they are highly durable. 

Here is a list of other facts that has everyone raving about dip powder:

  1. Dip powder manicures take less than ten minutes
  2. Dip powder nails are DIY friendly
  3. Dip powder nails are mess-free
  4. Dip nails last longer than acrylic and gel
  5. Dip nails are affordable and save you money
  6. Dip nails harden immediately, without UV light

How Long Do Dip Powder Manicures Last?

Dip manicures last up to six weeks, which makes this manicure method money-saving and time-saving. 

Compared to gel and acrylic manicure methods, both are more expensive and don’t last as long. A gel manicure requires a salon, UV, or LED light and starts to chip around week two. Gel manicures can last up to two weeks, but they tend to start chipping, fading, or growing out with your nails by day 10. Acrylics can last up to six weeks, but they, unfortunately, need to be filled and maintained every two weeks. The trips to the salon aren’t worth your time and money anymore. 

Here’s a pros and cons list of the three methods and why dip powder is worth the switch:

The Pros and Cons of Dip Nails


  • Lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Done In less than 10 minutes
  • No UV lights
  • More affordable than other manicure methods


  • Sorry, we couldn’t think of any! 

The Pros and Cons of Gel Nails


  • Quicker process than acrylic nails
  • No odor
  • No toxic chemicals 


  • Requires UV light
  • Expensive
  • Harmful removal process to nails

The Pros and Cons of Acrylic Nails


  • Lasts up to six weeks
  • Can be repaired at home
  • Less expensive than gel nails


  • Harsh application process with toxic chemicals
  • The removal process can be harmful to nails
  • Needs biweekly tending 

Compared to gel and acrylic nails, the dip powder manicure lasts the longest, without any required upkeep or extra machinery for application or removal. Dip powder nails are easy to do, require no prior manicure expertise, and save money and time. The switch to dip powder nails is a no-brainer.

Can You Do Your Own Dip Powder Nails At Home?

Dip powder nails are actually better to do at home. With our Nailboo at-home kits, you can still get salon-quality nails that look extremely professional without visiting a salon at all. The at-home manicure is back and better than ever, and in three simple steps, you can give yourself a vibrant manicure that lasts up to six weeks, with no harsh chemicals, and follows an easy removal process.

Our at-home method is simple, and with our Nailboo Kits, we suggest the following for application:

  1. Coat: Paint nails with a base coat 
  2. Dip:  Place nails into color powder of choice 
  3. Activate: Wait for nails to quickly harden 

With our at-home Nailboo dip nail kits, there’s no UV light needed or even multiple coats needed: one simple dip will do! Now, everyone has the chance to take matters into their own hands and master the art of manicures. 

Dip powder nails also provide instant satisfaction, making the manicure process convenient. Applying dip powder at home is the fastest and easiest manicure method available, and with our at-home Nailboo dip powder kits, our method is also safe and DIY friendly. With the option to BYOK (build your own kit), there's a chance for everyone to add and mix and match powder colors for a salon-quality manicure that is completely customizable. 

What Are The Benefits Of Dip Powder?

Dip powder nails last longer than any other manicure method, they require a simple and quick application, and they look professional no matter your skill level. With our Nailboo kits, the dip powder does the work for you. There’s no need to perfectly stay inside the lines anymore. Dip powder stays inside the lines for you.

Dip powder is also odor-free and mess-free! There isn’t a lot of clean-up involved in the dip powder process, which is another reason why we love it so much. No more polish all over your fingers, and no more polish on your rug. Here are ten other benefits that we love about dip powder nails: 

  1. Dip powder protects nails against external factors
  2. The removal process is safe and gentle
  3. The dip powder process requires no hazardous UV light
  4. Dip powder keeps nails looking consistent
  5. The dip powder method requires no previous manicure experience
  6. In one dip, dip powder does the job for you
  7. Zero dry time 
  8. Vibrant colors that are perfect for design work
  9. Done in three simple steps
  10. Saves trips to the salon

Can You Do Nail Designs With Dip Powder?

Dip powder is one of the best manicure methods for nail design work. With the ability to be dipped, sprinkled, and dusted, dip powder compliments any creative design. The vibrancy of the colors also lends itself to creating nail masterpieces that are consistently bold and beautiful. Every day, we’re blown away by the design possibilities that occur with our dip powder kits and powders, and it’s amazing how creative our community gets with it. 

To view these magically designed manicures and see more inspiring pieces, scroll through our customer reviews at the bottom of any product page. Here are some more manicure designs that are fun to try at home:

  1. Tie-Dye Nails
  2. Galaxy Nails
  3. Sparkle Ombre
  4. Marble Nails

Is Dip Powder Safe?

Dip powder is the safest manicure method on the market. Especially with our at-home kits, there’s no need to worry about safety. 

Here are five reasons dip powder is the safest for your nails:

  1. It requires no hazardous UV light
  2. The powder doesn’t stick to your skin or irritate it
  3. It’s an odorless process and mess-free
  4. Dip powder adds an extra protective layer and prevents nail breakage
  5. At-home dip powder manicures are safer than any salon process

    Dip Powder Is Here To Stay

    So far, there’s no other manicure method that outdoes dip powder. Gel and acrylic have their pros and cons, but dip powder makes the process so simple and has so many benefits of its own that there's really no comparison. 

    The dip p owder method will help you take back your manicure, one nail at a time. With dip powder, the DIY process is simple and exciting, and now anyone can take a shot at giving themselves a manicure. 

    With our Nailboo at-home kits, the experience of a dip powder manicure is refreshing. The dip powder method is also a nice moment to pamper yourself for an occasion or for the fun of it. Dip powder is a magical manicure method that everyone should try at home. 

    Dip powder is a manicure process that answers the age-old question: “Do I know how to paint my own nails…?”

    With dip powder, now you do. 



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