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10 Trendy Fall Nail Ideas You'll Love in 2021

One of the best ways to represent your style and share your love of the cozy season is through unique and individual manicures and nail designs. Nail art has been used as a platform for personality, creativity, and individuality for centuries, and while the materials and styles have changed, the opportunity to share your favorite looks and artistic visions remains strong and true. 

We can customize our nails for the holiday, for our birthdays, and just because we want to. Designing unique nail options for fall is just one great way to explore our creativity and embrace the season. There are so many wonderful ways to get autumn-inspired looks you love that match your favorite fall fashions and still represent you, and Nailboo is here to help every step of the way. 

We believe that salon-quality manicures should be available to everyone. That’s why we’re dedicated to sharing the tools and resources you need to perfect the at-home nail dip polish process for smooth, long-lasting nail designs that have a low impact on your nail but a high impact on everyone who sees them. 

When you’re ready to get gorgeous fall-inspired nails and to try out a nail dip polish manicure at home, explore our nail dip powder kits and growing library of resources and guides. Here are just a few of our favorite looks for the fall season. 

What To Customize for Fall 

There are a few basic elements to any nail design, and when it comes to customizing or creating your own design for the season, understanding these elements can help you get a look you really love. Whether you’re following your favorite mood board look or you’ve come up with a design all your own, here are a few things to consider for your next fall manicure. 


Fall is known for its color and you can bring all those lovely, rich hues into your next manicure design. There are so many reasons to love fall colors. They can be playful and chic, professional and fun. With so many different options to pick from, from oranges, reds, and yellows, to greens and navy shades, there’s a fall color that’s just perfect for whatever your next manicure might bring.  


Nail shape is another one of those easy-to-adjust elements that can make all the difference when it comes to your next manicure. With the cooler days ahead and less time in the garden or at the beach, you can leave shorter nail styles behind and embrace sleek and elegant shapes like ballerina and stiletto. 


You have many different style options to pick from, but here at Nailboo, we’re all about the dip nail polish process. It’s long-lasting and doesn’t require the use of harmful UV light, like other nail options. Consider your choices, like gels, Shellac, and nail dip before getting started on your next fall manicure. 

Trendy Fall Nail Ideas You’ll Love in 2021

With so many holidays to pick from and such a rich and beautiful color palette, the fall season feels like it was just meant for nail art and creativity. Here’s a glance at some of our favorite nail ideas for autumn 2021. 

1. Pumpkins 

Pumpkins are a fall classic—and they make for an excellent nail accent, as well. You can use pumpkin decals or craft a pumpkin of your own with a little hint of golden glitter for that extra splash of style. Don’t forget your pumpkin vines! 

There are so many different approaches to the pumpkin nail look, which makes it perfect for students, parents, and working professionals alike. Go for a chic and sophisticated pumpkin design with a minimalist or micro-pumpkin, or deck out the whole hand in piles of pumpkins. Give your pumpkins that little spooky flavor with Jack-o-Lantern faces for a holiday delight. 

2. Fall Palette

The fall palette can be used for base coats and accent nails, but it stands on its own as well. One way to make your fall colors look really chic and sophisticated is to embrace the matte style. No matter how you mix and match your favorite fall colors, you’re sure to get a final product that you really love. 

The best part about making the most of the fall palette is that there’s something for everyone. Try out bold, muted, or even pastel versions of iconic fall colors to match your wardrobe and your back-to-school looks. 

3. Plaid

Fall is for flannel—and why does that have to end with clothing? Plaid nails are gorgeous and easy to achieve at home with a few pieces of nail tape. You can try out the classic buffalo print with shades of black and red or pick your favorite fall colors like oranges and reds, then accent with light cream, for a unique plaid design that embraces the fall season. 

4. Leaves and Acorns 

It’s called fall for a reason, right? After all, what’s more iconic in the chilly weather than that crunch of dried leaves beneath your shoes? Leaves and acorns are two of the more recognizable features of the season, and there are so many ways to bring these styles to life in your next manicure. 

One unique and sophisticated approach is through the use of foil decals or metallic acrylic designs. These make your leaves or acorns look shimmery and chic, and can be overlayed on top of your favorite fall colors. 

You can also seek out decals or try maple leaves and acorns as an accent nail or tip design. No matter how you try out your leaf and acorn look, it’s sure to be unique and totally your own. 

5. Back to School 

Are you headed back to the hallowed halls of higher learning this fall? Bring a little creative spirit with you in a back-to-school nail design that’s sure to impress. Apples do double-duty as a fall favorite and iconic back-to-school treat, but you can sketch up crayons, notebooks, pencils, and a whole lot more, all as a part of your school style. 

6. Witchy Nails 

What feels more witchy than a full moon on a chilly fall night? The great thing about witchy nails is that you can get them all year long to match the season and your personal style of magic. But with Halloween just around the corner, they make an excellent choice for fall nails that really stand out. 

Witchy nails can have moon and star symbols, Tarot designs, spooky sigils, or your favorite witchy herbs and flowers. Pick out dark purples and blues for a classic witchy vibe or embrace lavenders and creams for a softer touch. A dash of gold always goes great with a fall witch design. 

7. Halloween

When it comes to Halloween nails, the opportunities are endless. Of course, we’re all about dressing up and embracing the spooky season, so always consider your nails when planning the next big Halloween party! But before the main event, add a little ghoulish fun to your manicure design with some Halloween specialties that are all treat and none of the trick. 

Use decals to get designs like black cats and ghostly spirits, or practice a steady hand when drawing on your enticing spider web. A decal or silver jewel makes for a truly unique spider! Other Halloween nail options include Frankenstein nails with patchwork stitches, blood splatter for an easy and messy design, and bats just waiting to turn into devilish vampires. 

You can achieve a really unique zombie look with neon green nail polish on black nails, or drip fake blood from your tips into an illustrated apple to tell a spooky and iconic Halloween tale. If you just can’t decide which direction to go, alternate between purple, green, orange, and black for a look that captures a little of everything. Halloween nails are full of possibilities, so try out your favorites—if you dare! 

8. Candy Corn

We confess, we have a little bit of a sweet tooth. While candy corn fits into the Halloween nail category, we thought it deserved a mention all its own. That’s because candy corn is one of the most recognizable images of the fall season—and also a very easy nail design you can begin practicing right at home today. All you need is a little bit of nail tape to achieve those even lines, and you can make a candy corn accent nail or go for the whole set. 

Candy corn nails also make for spirited holiday tips and can be mixed with your other favorite holiday designs like spiders, bats, and ghosts, for a look that celebrates all that the season has to offer. 

9. Fall Flowers 

If you’re not into scary movies, don’t worry. There are gorgeous seasonal looks designed just for you, and they’ll be autumn-appropriate even after the last costume has been put away. One of the most elegant and versatile designs for the fall season is the fall flower

Fall flowers can be dark and striking, often with accents of lighter and brighter colors that truly serve to make them unique. You can use fall flowers for your accent nails, apply decals to the bases or tips of your nails, or create a story that extends across the entire set. Pick your favorite fall colors for that initial base coat, and then apply winding vines in beautiful shades of dark green to celebrate the natural changes of the season. 

Stumped for a design? Pick up some of your favorite fall flowers like yellow mums at the farm and add some brightness to your home and your nails all in one move. 

10. Thanksgiving 

There are just so many fall holidays to pick from, but if you’re a fan of good eats and celebrations with loved ones, consider a set just for Turkey Day. Thanksgiving nails can be subtle, like a set designed with your favorite colors and adorned in golden glitter or sparkling nail jewels. 

You can really lean into the theme of the day and pick your favorite decals, like miniature turkeys, corn on the cob, and even a loaded cornucopia. Don’t forget to paint a piece of pumpkin pie! 

If you’re using a design for an accent nail or looking for a truly unique approach to a full Thanksgiving nail set, consider dot art. Simply dip the tip of a toothpick into your favorite fall colors and apply randomly starting at the base or tip of your nail for a cascading and dramatic holiday effect. Pair it with decals and stamps or let it stand all on its own. 


Fall is a time filled with many joyful events, holidays, and activities. There are rich colors and foods to enjoy. With so many wonderful celebrations to be shared with friends and family, there’s no shortage of nail designs and styles to pick from.

When you’re deciding on your next autumn nail style, your options are endless. Embrace minimalism with your favorite fall colors and an accent nail of a pumpkin or tiny bat. Go all-out for Halloween and Thanksgiving with spooky ghosts, sweet candy corn tips, and a brightly feathered turkey.  


Whatever you decide for your next fall manicure, Nailboo is here to help you get that look you love every time. Not only do we carry the tools, kits, and resources you need for salon-quality nail designs right at home, but we’re also sharing guides and information on keeping your nails healthy, strong, and safe. Explore our growing library and start planning out your next fall-themed manicure today. 



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